Must Have One Of These

John Fawcett & Greame Manson

Like the Walking Dead before it, Orphan Black has spawned its own little cable show, about the show, that airs after the show on the cable network that shows the show. It is called After The Black and this week’s episode featured the co-creators of the show, John Fawcett & Greame Manson. Greame (on the right) is wearing a black T-shirt with a scorpion on the front. You can’t really tell from this photo but the segments of the tail is made out of letters that spell out Orphan Black. 99.9% of the clothing that is inspired by the show are too feminine (as to be expected), but this one I would buy. I want to buy. Internet, make this happen.*

While the first three minutes of Season 1 are a great hook to get you interested in watching the show, the first three minutes of Season 3 is almost a fan service as we get to see all the main clones in a dream sequence as envisioned by one of the other clones. It also introduces the subject of the T-shirt:

*at the end of this After The Black episode it is mentioned that the scorpion shirt was made specifically for the crew of the show, so that means it probably won’t make it for regular people consumption. Too bad.

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