The Outcome Could Have Been Different

Ten months ago, when I bought my Smarty Pants phone Donna thought it would be a good idea to buy the insurance Cricket offered on it, just in case I dropped my unfamiliar device. So, on top of the $40 a month for 3GB of high-speed data we added another $7 to help defray the cost if something bad ever happened. Tuesday, I thought maybe it might be good if I canceled the insurance for two reasons.

First, I could save some money. In the ten months of ownership I have spent nearly half the original cost of the phone on insurance. I was definitely approaching the point of diminishing returns. And second, I hadn’t dropped it yet.

But I hesitated and didn’t pull the trigger, figuring I’d wait a couple more months. Wednesday when I was getting my coat off the back of the chair at Dunkin Donuts after finishing breakfast, the phone feel out and dropped 3′ to the tile floor below.


It made that particular sound because it landed perfectly flat on the floor with the jelly side up causing no damage at all. You can bet though, if I had canceled the insurance the day before that sucker would have hit corner edge first and broke the screen, the glass back panel, bent the case and probably breaking the motherboard.