I’ve been listening SKY.fm’s Solo Piano Channel as my background music at work recently and as the name inplies it is just piano music, no vocals, no nothing else. Most of the time it is just what I like have going, but occassionally there will be a song played that stands out, both in a bad way and in a good way. As a bad example, try Rainbow Connection played at about half the pace as Kermit singing in the first Muppet movie. For a good example try 2:30AM by Tom Grant (a 30 second snippet.)

When I first heard that song I felt I had heard it somewhere before. After burning up numerous brain cells trying to come up with it, I finally did. There was a small scene in the 1996 movie The Fabulous Baker Boys (probably most famously remebered for Michele Pfeiffer singing “Making Whoopee” atop a grand piano in a short red dress) where she comes down to the ballroom early one morning at the resort and Jeff Bridges is quietly playing a jazz tune, right there that’s the song.

At least I was sure I did. Dave Grusin was responsable for the soundtrack and there is no mention 2:30AM in anyplace I looked on the web. The Tom Grant tune came out on an album released in 2003, so was Tom influenced by the tune in the movie? Or maybe I have misremembered and the songs are nothing alike. I own the DVD of the movie, I guess I’ll have to pop it in the player and find that scene.

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