A Walk

LamppostWell, I didn’t win that new Miata. I’m not real disappointed. As a matter of fact I’m kind of glad I didn’t use up my luck winning a silly little car, I want to save it for Wednesday. The Powerball jackpot is around a hundred million.

We went for a little hike on Saturday and had planned on getting in a short tandem ride either yesterday or today, but Saturday was quite literally a washout. The rain really didn’t even quit until after lunch today, so we settled for a small walk around our downtown late this afternoon. The sun was low in the sky and the light was incredibly warm in color so I snapped a few photos. One of them is what you see above. Speaking of photos, on Saturday’s walk the last image of the Hitchcock Woods gallery was taken.

The Wizard of Oz is still sitting unwatched on the coffee table. The other day when we were watching Fantastic Four at about 10 minutes into the movie the DVD started acting up, the movie froze, then crept along all pixelated, then froze again until I hit the next chapter button and then was fine for the rest of the movie. The same thing happened when we watched The Lake House over Christmas and if I remember right we had the same issue with The Devil Wears Prada not too long before that. Thinking maybe there might be something wrong with our DVD player Donna asked me to check it out by watching something and seeing if it would act up. I chose a movie that was in my meager collection that I had started watching part way in on the USA network yesterday and didn’t get to finish, TDPM.

Jack Sparrow: I know those cannons. It’s the Pearl.
Man in Jail: The Black Pearl? I’ve heard stories. She’s been preying on ships and settlements for near ten years. Never leaves any survivors.
Jack Sparrow: No survivors? Then where do the stories come from, I wonder? 

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Clean Sweep

No not the TLC show, but C:\. Haven’t done a good purging in about a year, so I backed up the important stuff, moved copies of files to another partition and formatted C: Loaded XP back on and then put back the essentials: web browsers, email and Ultimate MahJong.

I then checked the MS Update site to make sure my operating system is up to date. Yikes, I needed 66 updates totaling 57Meg. I did reinstall my OEM version of XP that was only service pack 1, maybe I’ll go get SP2 and that’ll put a big dent in the required updates. Download 266Meg (good thing I have cable access to the net) and a reboot later I had SP2 loaded. Rechecked the windows update site again and guess what? Right, still needed everyone of those updates…

Still have a bunch of software to reload, but I’ll do that on a as required basis.

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Wiped My Rear End Clean

When the Emperor got tapped last March the whole back end of the car had to be repainted to make sure the metallic paint blended and matched. This meant that the 5″ high vinyl sticker of Calvin & Hobbes that had been on the car since September of ’05 had to come off. I ordered a replacement and when it came in it was 6″ instead of the previous five, but I put it on rather try and deal anymore with the fellow who made it for me (let’s just say he was not the most reliable type.)

Almost ever since the day I put it on I felt it was a little too big and today I couldn’t stand it no more, so I removed it. As a consequence I updated my mod list to show it gone and added the cost of my recent dash statuette purchase. The back bumper of the car is naked again.

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

I washed the car on Sunday and it rained today. No big deal, it is going to happen sooner or later after you wash the car and even after the rain it looks better than it did on Saturday. The kicker is that when we got off work today and got a real close look at the trunk there were yellow powder footprints where the rain drops dried and a fine misting of yellow over the rest of the car.


Its pine pollen. The very mild weather has fooled the trees into thinking it is spring bout 6 weeks to early. They’re in for surprise, tomorrow’s high is supposed to be 50 which is 7º below normal. Thursday’s high only going to be 40 with a chance of freezing rain in the morning.

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Who Want’s To Be A Millionaire?

Ahhhh, me!

As part of our comprehensive retirement plan Donna and I play the Powerball Lottery every drawing. We will plop down $10 and get a quick pick set of numbers that are good for the next 5 weeks of Wednesday and Friday drawings.

Letting the machine pick the numbers for us is the best way to go. We used too play some family birthdays, but never won anything so what good are they. Besides, we had more than 6 birthdays to chose from, so we had to leave some numbers off. Then what would have happened if we were to miss the jackpot by one number and that one number was one of the omitted birthdays. How would we feel towards the person who had the birthday number that was wrong? How would we feel towards the person whose birthday we left off and would have won it for us?

When you go to a Chinese restaurant and you get a fortune cookie now a days they include a set of “lucky” numbers for the lottery. Well, a couple of years ago I got a fortune that said, “Financial prosperity is coming your way!” Seeing this as a good omen, I tucked it into my wallet with the intention of giving those numbers a try, but never got around to it.

Yesterday while chatting with a co-worker (Hi, Mark) I mentioned that seeing as the Powerball was up to 180 million that just maybe I’d go buy an extra shot at the prize. I told him about my lucky numbers and he asked to see my fortune slip. I thought he was kidding when he wrote them down and said he was going to play them. This morning he told me that he really bought a ticket using those numbers.

Tonight on the way home from getting our hair cut I stopped at a quick mart and bought a ticket using the “lucky” numbers too. Had to. Just imagine how I would have felt if he hit with those numbers that I had been carrying around in my wallet for years and never played. That’s right, the only thing left to do at that point would be Seppuku.

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Wish I Wasn’t Such an Old Dog

I’d teach myself some new tricks — like learning PHP so I culd write Word Press plug-ins.

I’d really like one for the MMC’s new WP based web site. I created 40-odd users, one for every member and member’s family members and it would be nice to see how many use the site. So far I know of 3 people besides me who have logged in. One person has actually added events (Dave is my hero) and two others have made comments (you have to be logged in to comment.) Heck if I can get 8 to 10 people to use it at least once I might consider it a success.

Another thing I’d like to have done is maybe a modification of the Event Calendar. Right now there are two options for displaying events, a) they can appear on the front page or b) they can only be viewed on the Event category archive page. I have the site set now so that the events do not appear on the front page, keeping it free for other stuff. But I would like the event to pop onto the front page (maybe as a sticky at the top) a week prior to the event and then stay there until the day after the event.

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Lazy Sunday

If not for my wife practically dragging me out of the house for the mile long walk around our neighborhood, my only foray outside would have been to the end of the driveway to pickup the Sunday paper. I spent most of the day on one end of the couch listening to RP and reading Prime Witness by Steve Martini. I have read several of his books and enjoy the whole lawyer - murder trial - twist in the end books he writes.

While poking around the authors web site I discovered a couple of his books I hadn't read that I'll keep my eye out for when poking around the used book stores. One in particular, his first published, called The Simeon Chamber in which the protagonist is someone by the name of Samuel J. Bogardus will be especially sought after.

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What Happened To Tuesday?

I missed it I guess.

Actually nothing blog worthy happened. Tonight same story, but I can’t skip two nights in a row, so you’ll just have to suffer with some sub-standard posting, sorry.

Spent yesterday updating the HHI Condo web site. Awaiting approval before actually uploading the files. Nothing major, just some new photos that were taken last weekend.

I also worked on a “Best of 2005″ page, by going through all the stuff I posted that year and picking my one favorite post from each month. Some months were leaner than others, so a couple of the bests are a little weak. I guess maybe if I changed the format from one per month to just the Top Ten.… Hey, here’s an idea, you go read all 350-odd posts for yourself, leave a comment that includes the titles of your favorite 10 and I’ll add it to the sidebar too.

Tonight is the last day of the month and as usual I PayPaled some dough to RP thanking them for the music. As much as I love Bill’s music programing, sometimes I have to stray for a bit so I don’t build up a tolerance towards it. My usual first jumping off point is at SKY.fm as they have several channels that appeal to me and even on the freeloader streams, the interruptions are minimal. The Reggae, Classical and the New Age channels are bookmarked in my Winamp player. They also offer several variations of Jazz and Oldies, but yesterday I noticed an new one, Classic Rap. Does that mean rap is now just another pass? genre and can by filed away with “The 80’s”?

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