Donnie Darko

List your top five favorite Cult Classic movies. We had this discussion a few weeks ago over the course of several afternoon breaks in my cubical. Of the four folks involved we had very few overlaps. A little of this difference can be attributed to our age disparity, but when asked for the criteria used to define cult classic there were lots of variation, from a movie that people dress in character to go see to not having a firm definition, but knowing one when when you saw one.

My Five:
1) Rocky Horror Picture Show
2) Donnie Darko
3) A Clockwork Orange
4) The Harder They Come
5) The Goonies


The Simpsonized Frank & Donnie Darko comes from Springfield Punx.

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Photo Manipulation

Turn your photos into cartoons at BeFunky and then add a cartoon word balloon at SuperLame.

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There is another entry into the browser wars and it is from the company that is out to unseat Microsoft as the ruler of the computer world — Google. Welcome to the front Private Chrome.

I tried it and it has a look and feel that I like, but it won’t (probably) ever replace Firefox. The deal breaker is no Adblock Plus. I read somewhere that because of the way the browser was written you can’t easily tweak it with extensions, etc just yet. Plus Google makes tons of money that is generated from their ads, so why should they want you to have the ability to block them.

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Coals To Newcastle

Every month we ship off a box to the Seattle area where Donna’s brother Scott and his family live. This month’s care package includes a gift & card for Scott because his birthday is coming up, but usually the boxes just contain books and a few small toys for Baby James (who used to go by the name The Baby To Be Named Later, but now doesn’t because he has, uh, been named) and some of those complimentary coffee packets lifted from the hotel rooms we have stayed in for Baby James’ mother & Scott’s wife, Beth.

Why are we sending coffee to an area of the country where it is every citizen’s right to not ever be out of sight of a Starbucks or independent coffee hut? Leave a guess in the comments and if you are right I will mail one less packet of java to Beth next month and send it to you instead.

I’ve added another category of links to the side bar that will be used for links that I want to save because I find them entertaining, but don’t fit into any of the other categories. The category is called Salmagundi which is Cardassian for — entertaining, but not fitting in.

Check out Joe Posnanski, he used to be a sports writer for the Augusta Chronicle, but has moved on to the greener pastures of Kansas City. Because I really don’t read the sports pages I was unfamiliar with his writing, but now that I have stumbled on his blog, and if he wrote in the paper like he does on the web, I’m sorry I didn’t read him. Read this post entitled The Play (with bonus Augusta coverage) and tell me if this guy isn’t great. The only bad thing is he has just been blogging since October of 2007 and that leaves only 317 more posts of his to read…

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Katherine Ryan, Katherine Dodd, Joan Heart, Maggie Ryan, Annie, Lucy, and Monica Callis

According to this Slate article the movie Netflix members love to rent, but have the hardest time watching is Hotel Rwanda, with Schindler’s List coming in a close second. There are also stories of keeping a movie for months before watching them (or not.)

I have been a Netflix member 2 separate times. The first was from May 2000 to October 2004 when I was a 4 at a time unlimited member. The second time from January 2006 until present where I started as one at a time and recently bumped it up to two at a time. Looking over the difference between membership periods, when I was a 4 at a time user, the time a movie was kept on my coffee table was a lot worse than now when I can only have two out at a time.

The movie with the “honor” of being in my possession the longest was Better Luck Tomorrow at 75 days. The disc I kept the absolute longest was a TV one, The X-Files: Season 2: Disc 3, which sat around the house for 12 weeks (84 days.) Considering that I think of myself as a big X-Files fan I was surprised to find that of my top 10 delayed watched discs, four of them were from that show.

I’ve done much better this time around because the longest out movie is A Scanner Darkly at a mere 18 days. The worse TV show disc was Due South: Season 1: Disc 1 at twelve days in waiting.

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Blasts From The Past

A co-worker cleaned up his office a bit the other day and brought me a stack of magazines about a half a foot high. PC World & PC Magazine. Random issues from early 2006 up to early this year. The earlier ones are the best (if you can’t read the latest that is) because they are like history books. Remember that a couple years in the tech world are like several decades in real time. 2006 was pre Vista, pre Iphone even. In an article from the the November 7, 2006 issue entitled PC Magazine’s Top 99 Undiscovered Web Sites I was actually surprised by how many of them are still up and running.

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Episode #4. On the island Locke, the great white hunter, kills a boar and pre-crash, off the island, we see he was a loser in a wheel chair. At one point he is talking on the phone to a woman named Helen who we are led to believe he has a relationship with, but it turns out she is a phone sex operator who John is paying just to talk to. Later on in the series, his back story shows that he does end up in a real relationship with someone named Helen, who I don’t think was a phone sex worker. If it turns out she was I’ll be sure to let you know.

Tuesday night I needed to collect something from friends, when I called to see if I could come get it, I got their answering machine, so I said call me back if it is not too late. Of course they called back in the middle of this weeks new episode of House. I asked if it could wait a half hour. When I did go over after the show they asked how it was. They are fans of the show, but in DVD form because there never seems enough time to see it in real time. I told them that I didn’t enjoy it as much as a lot of the other episodes. I couldn’t put my finger on an exact reason though. I wasn’t until the next day when I read Polite Dissent’s review. Here is the first line:

This was not so much an episode of House as it was a parody of an episode of House ? and a parody which seemed to be written by someone who?s heard about the show, but never actually seen it.

If you are like me and can’t figure out why you didn’t enjoy the show, read the rest of the review.

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House of the Rising Sun

Season 1 Episode 6 and at first glance the title seems all wrong because Sun & Jin are Korean not Japanese, but after watching it through you realize the word Sun is not for the center of our solar system, it is for the character of Sun. It showed us someone who has seemed meek in the first 5 episodes is actually a woman of surprises and quiet power.

Tonight I discovered that I can not count. That’s not entirely true, I can count, I just should learn to start at one like most folks, not zero. I have finished cropping and tweaking this weekend’s Post Office photos (no snappy captions just yet) and when I uploaded them to the gallery I noticed that they filled the whole page, which is 4 columns of 6 rows. When we laid out a plan in which order we wanted to do Saturday’s POs we started numbering at 1 and worked our way up. No problem. When we got home and I filled out the Sunday POs on the map, I started right where I left off on Saturday and ended at 23. This is why I said twenty three yesterday. I forgot that we actually snagged a Post Office (Number Zero) on the way to the beach on Friday.

Hey wait a minute, one of the famous LOST numbers is 23, coincidence, I don’t think so…

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