What Noise?

Came home this afternoon and fired up the PC. After 10 minutes or so the noise came back. I unplugged everything from the back of the tower and dragged it out into the middle of the floor. I got out the vacuum cleaner and sucked up as much dust as I could out. I pulled out the CPU fan and it?s housing from inside the PC and boy was it dusty. I spun the fan and it turned jerkily, no noise, but it didn’t rotate smoothly. I removed the 2 screws mounting the power supply and contemplated unhooking all the connections to remove the unit from the tower, but decided I would wait and see if it was the CPU fan first.

I hooked up all the cables, leaving the CPU fan out, and fired up the PC. While I let the PC run I vacuumed out the fan real good, but couldn’t find any place where I might be able to lube the motor shaft. After about 15 minutes and no noise I figured that the CPU fan was indeed the culprit. Shut down the PC and reinstalled the fan. I started the PC again, leaving the case wide open with the intent of waiting until the noise started and then unplugging the fan to confirm that it was bad.

After 30 minutes the noise hadn’t returned, so I buttoned the case back up. The PC will be left on tonight and we’ll see if we get woken in the middle night of the night by a rumbling fan…

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Weekend Odds & Ends

  1. I can’t be the only one who thinks I went a really long way for not much with yesterday’s post?
  2. New episode of the West Wing tonight.
  3. Went for a hike in Hitchcock Woods yesterday and stayed on the map. Snapped a couple of pictures in the hopes that one may be used for the next photo series. Will try a couple more locations next weekend too.
  4. Got a nice afternoon ride with the top down today. I keep waiting for the other shoe (ice storm/snow) to drop, it hasn’t really seemed like winter here yet.
  5. The computer fan made a bit of noise yesterday morning so we shut it off. Later that day it ran for several hours without complaining. This afternoon it has been running in silence as well. And yes, I checked and it is blowing air. The replacement was shipped on Friday.
  6. Grilling steaks on back deck for tonight supper.
  7. Still stymied on the home network front.
  8. Didn’t get a movie from Netflix on Saturday, even though it shipped on Friday. May not be possible to watch two movies every week. This is not a big problem as what we are paying Netflix this time around we will still be ahead of local renting from Blockbuster if we watch just 3 movies a month.
  9. Buying a shower curtain to coordinate with the color you just painted the bathroom cabinets is a lot harder than you think. Memo to self: Buy shower curtain, then paint.
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Wine Aficionado

This morning everything seems better, here is last nights lame post:

With all the studies that show that drinking a glass or two of red wine a day may be good for your health I have decided to try my own study. Regular readers here know that my cholestrol is somewhat on the high side and I’m working with my doctor to try and get it in the “normal” range. I don’t eat too badly (realative to the general population) and I exercise fairly frequently, so I’m guessing a lot of my problem is hereditary, maybe drinking wine is the ticket.

Donna’s brothers and sister are big wine drinkers, so that after the house cleared out Thanksgiving weekend we were left with a couple of bottles. Instead of the usual pour it down the sink and recycle the bottle as in years past, I resolved to drink them empty, one glass at a time, strictly for my heart you understand.

After finishing off the leftovers, it was time to buy some wine on my own. Knowing nothing about wines my first replacement was just another bottle of the same kind that was left behind, Yellow Tail Merlot. Apparently it is from Australia because it has a cute Aborigini looking kangaroo on the bottle. As a bonus, it was cheap. Seeing as that wasn’t too bad tasting, my next bottle was chosen for its inexpensiveness as well. I don’t remember what brand it was, but I’m sure it came in a snazzy bottle. It cost less than the Yellow Tail and it didn’t have that cork thing, you just screwed the top off and poured. It really didn’t taste too bad either.

With the cost factor now really unimportant, anything under $10 a bottle being fine, I have now started working my way through the local supermarket’s wine aisle picking out my beverage by how I like the bottle/label design. Our latest stock consists of a Syrah from Red Bicyclette.

The next bottle might be from the folks at Twin Fins winery. Their bottles have a stylized back end of a 50s convertible with a surfboard sticking out of it.

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Continuing Wine Education

Tonight’s Netflix selection was “Sideways.” Going to have to buy that movie and watch it multiple times so I can get the lingo down.

Miles Raymond: A little citrus. Maybe some strawberry. Mmm. Passion fruit, mmm, and, oh, there’s just like the faintest soup?on of like, uh, asparagus, and, there’s a, just a flutter of, like a, like a nutty Edam cheese.


They have recently updated the voice activated automated prescription refill software at our local CVS. Before it was generic female computer generated voice, but now we’ve got radio announcer guy to lead us through the button pushing process.

The best part is now when his voice says, “Please wait while I input that information.” Instead of 3 seconds of silence we now get a computer sound (here is where an audio post might actually be germane) that sounds like something that would come from Uniblab as it computed George Jetson’s severance pay.

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Now What?

Last night while listening to my new favorite internet radio station, it began to do random, but frequent dropping out. Tonight when I cranked up RadioIO Eclectic it was still doing it. Dang.

Tried RadioParadise and for the last 309:20 it has been rock solid.

To quote my favorite pirate:

Jack Sparrow: Funny ol’ world, innit?

Saturday In The House

Quasi-winter has arrived. It is “cold” and windy outside, so we’ve decided that it would be a nice day to stay inside and have for Chili for supper (wonder what is a good wine for accompanying chili?)

Fixed the Galleries, the hard way. Deleted any semblance of the Simple PHP Gallery files and proceeded to try and get Gallery to work. Two attempts at uncompressing the archive file (seems as winzip doesn’t work well with the tarball) and two attempts at uploading the files (seems like WS_FTP doesn’t work well with the files) and I finally got to run the installation script. Reading the support forum I expected troubles, but was disappointed as it worked first time. I created a test directory and uploaded a file. Great. Now to re-upload the 100 or so photos that are already there, cut and paste their captions and descriptions from the text file to each individual image, learn a new layout and templating system, so I can customize the albums to look like the rest of the site. F@%k that. Deleted everything I uploaded and mulled my next move. Hoping, against all odds, that just re-uploading the Simple PHP Gallery files might work, I tried it. It’s a miracle, photos again. The only logical reason I could think as to why it worked is the cache files for the thumbnails was corrupt and regenerating it was the fix. Note to self, delete the cache first next time the galleries mess up.

I also fixed the computers not talking to each other thing, the easy way. I checked this setting once before and thought what I saw was good enough, but it wasn’t. I did two things the other day to get the computers talking, one was disabling the DHCP and the other was disabling the software firewalls. Figuring the IP Address thing was the cause of the no internet access, I left DHCP on and just disabled the firewalls. Viola! Note to self, check both boxes on the Network Neighborhood tab of Sygate Personal Firewall’s option screen.

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Just When I Thought That I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In

I thought I was cured. I has been almost two years years since I posted a picture. Actually, when I converted to WordPress I deleted any of those old picture posts. I haven’t been to a GAA meeting in at least a year and a half.

In the January 25th issue of People Magazine there was a familiar face looking out at me from the TV Picks & Pans section. There was the same picture on the cover of the free TV magazine in this morning’s paper. For the next 6 weeks on PBS’s Masterpiece Theater she will be starring in an adaptation of Charles Dickens’s “Bleak House.” Jeez, “Fight the Future” was on FX this morning too.

I guess now I’m going have to check and see when the next local meeting of Gillian Anderson Anonymous is.

Yeah, Go Baby!

The local High School is only about a mile from my house and because ours is a nice quiet neighborhood the track team uses it as part of their training runs a couple times a week. Tonight I passed several groups of runners in both directions on my rollerblading excursion.

On the way to the Odell Weeks track for my middle mile loop I passed from behind a small group of guys who I smiled at as if to say, “I may be old, but I’m faster than you.” Which is easy if you are on eight wheels instead of two sneakers.

On the way back from my loop I came across a group of a half dozen girls. We were traveling in opposite directions on the same side of the street, so I looked up as we approached so as to not bump into anyone. A cute brunette near the back made eye contact and and shouted, “Yeah, Go Baby!” I smiled to myself and thought, I still got it, 50 years-old and the chicks still swoon.

It was then that I remembered I was wearing a blue sweatshirt with large bright yellow letters that I bought at the gift shop on Annapolis a few years ago. She was saying. “Yeah, Go NAVY!”

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Home Away From Home

Back in Albemarle for training again, this time for 3 days instead of the usual two. I’ve got the same room in the Holiday Inn Express as two weeks ago. Somebody else must have stayed here in the interim though as I found the torn off corner of a Cheetos bag on the floor near the nightstand.

Mark drove up this time. He wanted his pick up truck because tomorrow when we go the Bass Pro Shop he is going to be buying some things that are way too big to fit in the Miata. This is our last trip up here for training, after this we are experts.

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Hell Is A Place Called Hollywood

Hell Is A Place Called HollywoodMark and I made our required visit to the Bass Pro Shop, Concord Mills Mall and Razzoo’s tonight after school.

We shopped BPS first. Mark had a list of things to get and wanted to get. He found the first thing on the list, but it turned out not be any cheaper than Wallyworld, so it wasn’t worth spending for here and lugging back to Aiken. The second item on his list was a certain kind of fishing rod for his father, last trip he lucked onto the lure his dad wanted right away, but this time we had to look at 98% of the 68.7 million different rods for sale there before realizing the best buy was a rod/reel combo. And that was even after tossing out the POS reel… So he wouldn’t have to tote a fishing rod around the mile long loop of the mall we delayed buying anything here until we finished shopping.

To pay Mark back for making me walk all around the Bass Pro Shop looking up at all those fishing rods that I didn’t have a clue about what I was really looking for, I made him watch me try and buy a pair of sneakers. He now knows why Donna hates to shop with me. We went into nearly every one of the dozen shoe places in the Concord Mills Mall where the process went anywhere from a quick pass through to me trying on 4 pairs of shoes (sometimes a left and a right from 2 different pairs) and then leaving. Halfway around we ducked into Frye’s where we shopped for DVDs and Xbox games for Mark’s son. He found a cheap game and a copy of Three Kings and I picked up the classic Test Tube Babies. I found a pair I liked in my size on sale in literally the last place we could have looked in. We then when back into the Bass Pro Shop where mark picked up the stuff he needed and we drove the 1/2 mile across the parking lot to dinner.

After our shopping excess we decided to eat that way too. We had some Rat Toes and Fried Pickle Puckers before we even got around to ordering a main course. We each drank about a liter of ice cold Coke to soothe the raging fires burning in the taste bud forests of our tongues. Mark liked the menu so well he asked our waitress if he could buy one, she just said keep that one. Next time you see him ask him about his escape from the restaurant with his prize. We both did buy legitimate souvenirs too, genuine Razzoo’s Brand T-shirts, ostensibly for our wives, but by coincidence they just happen to be in our sizes. 🙂

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