The Media Marketing Has Really Kicked In

While channel surfing this evening I flipped through 3 straight stations that were playing Iron Man 2 commercials. One of which was actually a car ad (admittedly, I think if Iron Man were a Transformer he probably would change into an Audi R8 V10 convertible.)

As much as I loved the first movie and the trailers look good for number 2, they do look a little over the top in places. I am starting to get the feel this franchise might be going the way of TDPM.

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Why are the ferns the first to poke out of the ground after they do a prescribed burn in the woods.

This picture is from last weekend’s walk in Hitchcock Woods.

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I Could Only Stand It For 6 Weeks

Before I broke.

Yesterday I loaded up my now unused thumbdrive (thanks DropBox) with Winamp Portable and about a Gig of tunes, so now I’m back listening to music at work.

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