Pulp-O-Mizer_Cover_ImageThanks io9 for pointing me to this spectacular time waster – Create your own pulp magazine covers with the Pulp-O-Mizer Once you have finished devising your magazine you can cheap out and just download the low-res image like I did or you can get it printed on a poster, on a coffee mug, an iPad cover, etc.

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Day Ten

Day Ten

The mish-mash that is the electrical wiring in a 55 year old house slowed progress, but it is now finished. Two walls have sheet rock, the tile floor is 99% done and there is grout in all the joints. Saturday the last wall gets finished and cabinets go in. They say they’ll get them all in, but Donna and I remain skeptical.

Day Eleven

Day Eleven

They didn’t get very far with the cabinet install. Apparently when the Lowe’s cabinet guy came out and measured our kitchen he was a foot off, so everything on the stove wall is 12″ from the door. And if Donna and my quick measurement of the opposite wall is correct he missed that side by 15″. So now the contractor, who was supposed to sign off the measurements with the cabinet guy, can’t figure out how things need to go to fit the room.

We are all somewhat at fault here to some degree because Donna and I didn’t check to see if the measurements were right either. The contractor is coming over at 12:30 tomorrow to talk and we may make a run over to the North Augusta Lowe’s in the morning and see if the cabinet guy is working to see what our options are now.

Day Twelve

Day Twelve

Some backwards progress today, the to be returned 12″ cabinet was pulled down along with the adjoining 30″ over stove cabinet. The wall units that were in the middle of the floor in the Day 11 photo have been moved back out to the staging room next door. The only good news we got today was that the tentative ship date for our new correct cabinets is going to be this Thursday the 28th. They are going to be shipped to the store, so they might be in hand by this Saturday. I say might, because on Saturday we are getting on an airplane to Texas. Hopefully I can get the people at Lowe’s to turn them loose to our contractor.

In a sort of related note we finally watched the Red Envelope movie that has been on our coffee table since last week, Flight. Nice, five days before boarding one, Brian watches a plane crash movie…

Day Thirteen

Day Twelve

The contractor was a no show today, so nothing happened again. He wrote last night to say that he wouldn’t be able to make it until the afternoon as he had volunteered to be thrown in “jail” for the MDA and he had to raise $2500 “bail” to get out. I guess he never made bail. I just sent him this email:


The delivery window from Best Buy was from 1:00 to 3:00PM. They showed up at 2:55… If they hadn’t made it by three I was locking the door and driving off to work where I was going to cancel the order and get my money back. That’s what kind of mood I’m in.

I am hoping your absence today from our house does not mean you are as discouraged with this project as we are. Donna was kind of discussing renting a U-Haul and loading all of the cabinets and stuff in it and returning everything to Lowe’s to start over at Home Depot. I remain only slightly more up beat.

We have decided to keep the 3 cent cabinet and use it as one leg of the counter on the back wall. This way we can take back one of the 15″ drawer bases and get a more respectable $346 back. We got the wet box for it out of the dumpster and it is drying in the back room.

As for replacement and additional cabinets I have good news and bad news. Good news is that the order will completed at the factory on the 28th. The bad news is that the truck to our area stores only delivers on Tuesday, meaning they won’t be available to pick up there until the 5th. On the 24″drawer base, they will not ship out a replacement until we get the bad one to the store, but if we get it there on Thursday, we may get lucky and it too will be ready at the store on the 5th.

Let me know if we can count on you for a truck to take the unneeded and unusable stuff back.