Time Travel Part I

Time MachineLast week’s episode of Lost was about time travel, sort of. It was more like a person’s mind time traveled, not the body.

I’ve been watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles online by time traveling one day into the future and it is heavy with the whole time travel thing.

I watched last week’s Lost podcast where where they showed how they made Daniel Farady’s time machine, so I made one myself and because I don’t have a lot of time tonight to blog I am going to use the time machine tomorrow and come back to today and blog. OK?

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Time Travel Part II

Johnsonville SunsetA smart reader will realize that if I did have a time machine yesterday evening, I simply could have gone back in time a couple hours, thereby giving me plenty of time to write an elegant post, which probably would have dealt with my time traveling.

What I didn’t have time to write about last night was that at the book fair we went to last week I picked up a classic Sci-Fi novel about time travel. I didn’t know that it was a classic until I looked it up on the internet and discovered that it was nominated for the Nebula Award for Best Novel in 1973 and the Hugo Award for Best Novel in 1974. (I guess it got the nod in multiple years because it id it’s own bit of time traveling. The Man Who Folded Himself is still available new on Amazon, but you can only get the hardcover as used, like I did.

I am a sucker for time travel stories, I even like them when they show up in Chick Flicks like 1980’s Somewhere in Time and more recently 2001’s Kate & Leopold. So I really wanted to like this book, but it got too confusing nearly right from the start and then just got weird.

The first thing that is postulated is that if time travel is possible, paradox is impossible. So there is none of that worry accidentally bumping into yourself and causing the collapse of the known universe. And unlike the time travel in Lost, you can effect the future.

The protagonist of the story time travels back one day and befriends himself. They do the usual first thing, the himself from the future brings back the sports section and they go to the horse races and make a few thousand bucks on the races. He and his one day older self become fast friends. They do stuff together, go out to eat, take in movies. Pretty soon it is cue the Cristopher Cross music for the obligatory slow motion walk on the beach at sunset scene. They have sex with themselves. Yikes!

So I rationalize. I tell myself that it’s simply a complex form of masturbation, and masturbation is all right. Ninety-five percent of the people in the world indulge in it aat one time or another, and the other five per cent are liars.

I haven’t finished the book yet, but the Wikipedia entry mentions that somewhere down the line he ends up living with an opposite-sex version of himself. How the heck that happens I am curious to see, but the cynic in me thinks that it had to added to make up for homosexual bit or the book wouldn’t have been published.

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Happy Daylight Savings Time Day

Iron ManIf your family is anything like my family, today is a big day and celebrated by exchanging gifts. We are biding our time signing carols and drinking the traditional aqua vitae until the appointed hour when we gather around and watch the lower right of the PC screen as the hour magically jumps back from 2:00 AM to 1:00 AM.

Now excuse me while I go change all the other clocks in the house to tomorrow already.

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Sorry To Leave You In The Lurch

Usually I fart around on the net and with about a half hour before beddy-bye time I’ll toss some nonsense here and smile at my blogging “proficiency.” I got so caught up in my blogging avoidance last night that I left no time to actually blog.

For those of you who might be wondering if I have to go out in the garage every morning with the bicycle pump and top off the left rear tire, the answer is no, I had the tire repaired yesterday.

So, the movie that Netflix said they were going to ship on Tuesday, they didn’t. It finally shipped today. To top it off it is coming from Baton Rouge, LA, so it isn’t expected to make it here until Saturday. Probably really won’t show up until Monday. This is probably the kiss of death, we won’t like it, for this movie too, the last time they pulled this stunt when we got the movie, The Good German, we hated it. To top it off it got lost in the mail going back the Baton Rouge…

Yesterday’s top count will be added into today’s and will be reflected in the footer of this totally worthless post.

Tonight is episode #7 of Season 4 of Lost, meaning more than half of this year’s shows will be over. They are only going to do 13 this year because of the writer’s strike. I’m not sure if it is after this episode or the next that Lost will be taking a break and not coming back until April to finish off the rest of the shows.

It has been three weeks since we last so Miles. Do you think he still has the hand grenade in his mouth? Ben’s out of lock-up, isn’t it about time we gave Mr. Straume a break?

All you kids go right ahead and drool over Shannon working on her tan, or Kate salvaging briefcases in her skivvies, or Sun in her blue bikini, me, I like my woman a little more mature. If only I knew whose side she was on…

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White Out

Hard RainMissed two nights blogging this last week. The first was Wednesday because I didn’t really have anything to write about. That wasn’t the case last night, I had a great topic to write about, but that topic was the reason I couldn’t blog about it.

It rained. Really, really, really hard. At one point we couldn’t see the street, 50 feet away, from the living room window because it was coming down so strong. About 5:30 the cable (and the internet with it) went POOF! As I was turning off the now nearly useless laptop, the power to the whole house went off as well.

Not 10 minutes later the clouds broke and the sun came out, so we sat around with the curtains open reading. When the sun started going down and we could barely see the words on the page anymore we opted to go downtown for some ice cream. At about the same time as we were putting on our shoes, the power came back on. But no cable.

After ice cream, no cable. I watched Blade Runner – Final Cut while Donna read. Rise and shine in the morning, no cable, so we bought a newspaper. Went for a hike in Hitchcock Woods and when we got back, no cable. Boy would I feel foolish if we were the only ones in town without cable, so I dialed the office, busy signal. Guess we weren’t alone.

This afternoon I pulled down off the top shelf of a closet, the box that held my old TV-Radio card. I was going to use the cheesy dipole antenna with in on the living room TV so maybe we could pull in a couple of the local channels. As I opened the box, the TV picture flickered and cable was back. Re-booted the router and the internet was back as well.

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March Madness

The Freighter captain puts the beatdown on one of his own crew.

“You can’t kill yourself Michael, the Island won’t let you.”

We find out the real reason Tom is called Mr. Friendly. 😀

Ben’s sharpshooter guns down the French Chick and Carl.

After the NCAA Tourney is over we will still have 3-1/2 weeks until Lost returns.

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What was plan B?

?I was going to have you fight Klondor in a stone circle death match.?

I stopped watching network when The West Wing went off the air. Was it the really annoying commercials? Or was it because shows weren’t aimed at me anymore when I reached 50 thereby falling out of the favored demographic? Or was it because the shows were too predictable, because I had seen so much TV to this point in my life, there was nothing new anymore?

“You should definitely step outside the circle”

Commercials have always been annoying, so that probably wasn’t it. A lot of shows were never aimed at me even when I was in the most desirable demographic. Probably not that either. Predictable? Yeah, but even predictable when done right will make me tune in.

“Yeah… just to avoid any confusion.”

Reality killed TV for me. Apparently a lot of people want to be famous and will go to great measures to try and get there. And the rest of the people tune in to see the missed attempts so they can feel superior. I don’t want real life on TV (I’ve got my own reality show starring me going on right now), but I want fantasy. Aliens on X-Files, an intelligent President on West Wing and now magnetic anomalies, smoke monsters and time travel on Lost.

“Klondor, let’s, aah, pack it up.”

I’ve found a couple of new shows that I enjoy. Both are on Fox, one just ended it’s writers strike shortened season and the other just started up in it’s time slot. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles stopped after nine episodes and there hasn’t been any word on wether or not they will film anymore or even if it will return next season. Tonight is episode 5 of New Amsterdam which I will watch tomorrow on the internet because Donna is watching something else. Who knows how long this show will last.

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Do Not Attempt to Adjust The Picture

I just downloaded Version 2.5.0 of Word Press and I think I am going to update to it this week. Currently LOB is running on Version 2.0.4, so that means there have been 46 updates since I started using this version. I’m just kidding about the update totals, there have actually been only twenty.

Anyway, some or all of the plugins I use might not work and who knows if the current red stripey theme will work. I will try and make it go, but if you come here and you find something that looks generic, don’t panic, I will be behind the scenes working feverishly to bring it back to close to this look.

Version 2.5 has some sort of photo gallery built in which should be interesting to try out.

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