Happy No Leaf Year

We finally got a break from winter and had a nice day, sunny and mid 60’s. As tradition here at Domus Bogardi in Dunbarton Oaks, Donna and I raked up the leaves from the back yard. We do the front yard several times in November and December to keep up appearances in the neighborhood, but because no one sees the backyard we hold off until almost all the leaves fall off the trees before raking them up.

What time was not spent doing yard work was spent in front of the TV mainlining the TV show called Justified. This is another FX gem of a show, like Terriers, well written, with interesting characters, adult, intelligent and just the right kind of pacing. Someone told me I should watch it, but didn’t think I would enjoy it from reading the description, so we never tried it. Big mistake. We found ourselves with a coffee table devoid of red envelopes this Wednesday, so I cued up the first episode. We watched three that night, two on Thursday and the last 8 of season one today. Season 2 starts in February.

The McDonald’s Quarter Pounder to Justified’s Fillet Mignon is Two and a Half Men, which I didn’t think I would like either, but it has become a household staple with us between 7 & 8 PM weeknights. Donna naps through it while I try not to laugh so loud that I wake her, and sometimes that’s hard to do. I just love that the theme song, which consists of just repeating the words “Men men men men, manly men men men!” over and over, took three people to write it (Grant Geissman, Lee Aronsohn, and Chuck Lorre.)

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Sith Lords Not So Much

One of my two Geeky Christmas Presents™ arrived yesterday and my what a big box it came in, I don’t know what I expected, but 14 inches long by 3 inches in diameter was not it. Included with my new Star Wars The Legacy Collection Force Action Lightsaber – Obi-Wan Kenobi was this helpful little piece of paper.

In case you lost said paper, right there near the On/Off switch was a sticker with the same CAUTION note. Closer to the pointy end was another sticker that read: !CAUTION! DO NOT poke or jab with Lightsaber. Sections are made to stick together in the extended position and will not easily collapse if jabbed into an object, individual or animal.

On the other end over the battery cover was another sticker with print so small that I couldn’t read it before I peeled it off like the other two. It probably warned me not to mix battery types or it might explode possibly causing harm to objects, individuals or animals.

I am armed with a Jedi’s weapon of choice (and partially on my way towards next Halloween’s costume), but don’t worry objects, individuals and animals, I’ll be careful around you. With Clone Warriors, Stormtroopers and Sith Lords, not so much.

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