Voting Expectations

Rachel Menken: It?s nice the way you handled that. It?s hard to get caught in a lie.
Don Draper: Well, it wasn?t a lie. It was?ineptitude with insufficient cover.

Because this is our long days week we have to go in an hour early which is fully a half hour before the polls open in South Carolina, so we couldn’t vote early on our way into work. Several people who come in at 7:00 reported seeing long lines of people waiting at polling places they passed on the way in.

We checked the net during the day and read about the long lines at the polls because of the record turn out. A couple of folks slipped out during the day and came back with stories of about an hour wait.

Today was our monthly haircut appointment after work which neither one of us wants to miss because getting another opening would push it into semi-distant future and jeopardize our coiffure couture, meaning we would have less than an hour before the polls closed.

This all added up to us expecting a looong wait to vote tonight. We had snacks for standing in line. I brought a paperback to pass the time. When we drove up to the school where we vote the parking lot was nearly empty. Had they closed already? Was there an issue with the voting machines? Did they change our polling place and not change the County’s website?

We walked in, walked up to the poll workers, showed our driver’s license & voter registration card, had a poll worker prime the machine, touch, touch, touch, touch, done, Took all of 5 minutes.

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Sun-Hwa Kwon

I’m still lacking Charlie from completing my collection of all of McFarlane’s LOST Series 1, but snuck in a victorious bid on Sun from Series 2. She has been selling for around $15, without including any shipping, which is my max bid on these figures, so Sun has been out of reach. But this auction started the bidding at 99 cents. The shipping was $11.00, so I bid $4 making my total cost fifteen. Maybe the high shipping scared everyone off because I won with the minimum bid.

If Sun is indicative of all the Series 2 figures, McFarlane learned a few things from the Series 1 pieces. All of the first figures had a large cardboard diorama backing that consisted of a blurry image of what was behind the figure in the episode the pose came from that was awkwardly attached to the base, Sun has none of that. Each character came with a separate 1″ x 3″ x 3″ battery operated box that emitted 3 or 4 sayings in Series 1, Sun has that box built into her base.

Series 2 consists of Sun, her husband Jin-Soo Kwon, Mr. Eko and Sawyer. Jin & Eko have been going for close to my $15 limit and seems purchasable, but the Sawyer figure on the other hand must be really popular because has been going for the mid twenty dollar range and I think I’ll have to get lucky with him like I did with Sun.

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Oh Goody

At work a big chunk of the productive part of today was spent staring at nearly worthless PC. Half of everything that most people need to do their jobs and one major item, email, are controlled through servers in New Jersey and it seemed like maybe somebody parked their truck on the network hose and didn’t realize it. Started sometime mid morning and after lunch we got partial connectivity back and received this email:

From: Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxx [INDAUTO/ASCONUM/FP]
Sent: Thursday, November 13, 2008 1:08 PM

All Employees:

Our Datacenter is still experiencing network problems as a result of several outages by our local telecom carrier. We have failed-over to a backup link and will continue to work on restoring the primary link. We are severely limited in bandwidth so please suspend all non-work related web/internet activities until our primary link is restored. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any questions, please call me at the numbers listed below.

Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx
Manager, Network Systems

The highlighting is just as it came from the sender. My favorite part is the red letter words, “please suspend all non-work related web/internet activities” because I could swear that every employee has to sign off on a computer usage policy that expressly forbids using the net for anything non-business. I’m thinking that because this manager has to remind us not to use it for non-work, that perhaps he must think it is OK in other times to use it that way.

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The Whole Truth

Episode #40 of 82 is about Sun & Jin and their pre-crash attempts at having children and their post crash discovery, in spite of doctors telling them they couldn’t be parents, that Sun is pregnant.

Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad

Now don’t be sad….

We sat down to watch The Darjeeling Limited this afternoon, it was the final chapter of my Indian (Bengali) Trilogy from Netflix. The first movie was The Namesake which we watched a couple weeks ago. It was definitely not a “Hollywood” movie in that is was more of a slice of life, that of a first born Indian immigrant, than a flatulent based comedy or explosion filled action flick. We both enjoyed the movie and were rewarded with learning a bit about the Bengali culture. The second movie was Outsourced and it was more mainstream in that it was a romantic comedy, but it had a non-traditional happy ending. Once again we both enjoyed the movie and learned that although India looks like a magical and exciting place, these movies are as close as we want to get.

When I popped in the DVD for The Darjeeling Limited there was a short movie that proceeded it called Hotel Chevalier labeled as Part 1, so I opted to start there. After watching about 5 minutes of it, I jumped ahead to the actual movie remarking, “I hope the movie is better than this.” After 11 minutes we both looked at each other and said simultaneously, “I guess not.” I hit eject. Well, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

We started the weekend by watching the the first four episodes of Season 3 of Boston Legal.

Denny Crain: Denny Crain!

The actual legal work on this show is laughable, but the humor in the William Shatner/James Spader parts more than makes up for it. After the loser Darjeeling flick we decided to pop in a disc of Firefly and watched a couple of episodes.

River: Two by two. Hands of blue. Two by two.

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Wait a Minute, I Know Her

As I mentioned we are re-watching Firefly, we are now about 3/4 done, and had a eureka moment early on in the episode Trash. We meet for the second time a character named Saffron that “married” Mal and hijacked Serenity leaving it and its crew heading for a 26th century chop shop. This time she is married to one of Mal’s old war buddies and named Bridget. A fight ensues causing Monty to leave his bride behind in the clutches of revenge minded Mal. Bridgett, the smooth con woman she is, convinces Mal to bring her along because she has a surefire plan to steal a priceless artifact. As the intro credits roll I see a name that looks familiar. When Bridgett and Mal break into a house to steal the object, the owner walks in and recognizes Bridgett as his long lost wife, Yolanda. Despite her best efforts Yosaffbridge is foiled in her attempt to dupe the crew of Serenity out of the loot, mostly thanks to Inara.

Despite my recognizing the name and instantly recognizing who she was playing, I spent the rest of the show staring at her, sometimes I was sure that is who I thought it was and other times thinking no way. After watching the episode I hustled over to IMDB and sure enough it was Christina Hendricks, Saffron/Bridgett/Yolanda was Joan from Mad Men.

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Wordless Wednesday

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I Missed Again

It happened 3 weeks ago and it happened again this past Tuesday, I missed House. You would think that with only one TV that I need to remember to watch, I’d remember it, but you’d be wrong.

I downloaded the torrent overnight and just got through watching it. It was a nicely written episode with a couple of story lines that melded the medical mysteries with family relationship issues, up to and including the brotherly relationship between House and Wilson. The medical parts were their usual all over place guessing and testing before stumbling on the right solution, as to whether they were medically well written, I’ll defer to the expert – Scott.

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Run your blog throught the Typealyzer and it will analyze your writing and spit out your psychological type. I know this is probably a lot like a horoscope, so vague as to apply to everyone, but I do see quite a bit of me in here:

ESFP – The Performers

The entertaining and friendly type. They are especially attuned to pleasure and beauty and like to fill their surroundings with soft fabrics, bright colors and sweet smells. They live in the present moment and don?t like to plan ahead – they are always in risk of exhausting themselves.

The enjoy work that makes them able to help other people in a concrete and visible way. They tend to avoid conflicts and rarely initiate confrontation – qualities that can make it hard for them in management positions.

(except for the whole soft fabrics, bright colors and sweet smells thing)

Chinese Democracy

Did you remember to go to yesterday and sign up for your free soda? I did around mid-day and expected a crashed, overloaded web site, but was disappointed by things going smoothly. I will be enjoying my Dr. Pepper in just 6 to 8 weeks.

I’m not sure what prompted it, but earlier this year the Dr. Pepper company promised everyone in America a free soda if Guns ‘N’ Roses actually released the long rumored Chinese Democracy album before the end of 2008. Axl Rose and friends came through, releasing the album yesterday. Dr Pepper, true to their word, gave away a free soda certificate yesterday to any one who lived in the US and filled out a form on their web site between 12:01 Saturday night and 11:59 on Sunday night.

I’ve seen various lengths of time that the album has been in the works, from over a decade to a more accurate guesses of 14 or 17 years. My favorite quote is this one:

The new album dropped Sunday after fans held on through 17 years of myriad false starts and production delays after Guns ?N Roses began recording in 1994.

Fast forward to the future? 1994 + 17 = 2011, I thought we were still in 2008?

I found that in an article from the New York Daily News that reports a Chinese newspaper calls the album as a “venomous attack”on the nation. Enjoy. I think the Chinese are just pissed that they weren’t eligible for a free Dr. Pepper.

P.S. The Dr Pepper web site is down today, I can’t enter my cap codes to see if I’ve won anymore wallpaper, aftereffects of yesterday? Or did it go down later in the day yesterday and is still hosed?

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Junior Man Onboard

Don’t know if you have been keeping up with this story or not, but apparently the last shuttle mission took a “state of the art” urine-purification system for water recycling up to the International Space Station. They must have bought it at Big Lots because when they got up there it didn’t work right. Apparently there was a hiccup in the centrifuge or something, but now it is fixed.

My question is who is doing the taste testing? Rank has its privileges.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Going away for a couple days to an Internet Free zone, check back Sunday for an exciting blow by blow account….

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The Glass Ballerina

(49/82) This show was about Sun & Jin, both on island and in flashbacks off, and how they have been deceiving each other in small and large ways. We also check in with the big three and their antics while in captivity. Jack just gets the mental beatings while Sawyer and Kate get, unbelievably (if you can get anymore unbelievable than we’ve gotten so far), enlisted in some sort of chain gang.

Deck The Halls

I know lots of places started decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving, like whoever made the Sand Man at HHI. When we went for our morning walk on Thanksgiving morning this was already proudly standing on the beach. We waited until today. Our massive 4-1/2? antedate illuminate coniferous falsiful was erected by the door and Donna spent a couple hours trying to put 7′ worth of ornaments on the much smaller tree. The mantle was decorated and thousands of Christmas themed knickknacks were scattered around the house. I would have put out the flag and the Santa mailbox cover, but it has been raining all day.

We also moved into the “Winter Bedroom” on the other side of the house. The plan this year was to have two beds, so I didn’t have to disassemble the one and move everything to the other room, but I never did finish the foot board and we never bought the extra queen mattress set or frame, so take down, move, put up I did.

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