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Thanks to a comment on yesterday’s post by Paul Wilczynski who is from North Charleston I reduced the total number of South Carolina Post Offices by one to 460. He let me know that there used to be a PO in Aunt Bea’s, but it was closed down a couple months ago. So now after last weekend’s Safari I am down to just 9 remaining Post Offices left to photograph.

Six of these are on military bases throughout the state and it remains to be seen if I am going to do them or not. It will depend on whether I am allowed on the Naval Weapons Station in Goose Creek. The 2 Marine bases in Beaufort, Paris Island and the MCAS have no problem with visitors, I’ve checked. I assume Fort Jackson in Columbia won’t be a problem as they are a Basic Training Depot for the Army and are used to visitors. The 2 Air Force bases have a stricter visitation policy in that you need at least someone stationed there to escort you, I have an in for the Charleston AFB, but for the one in Sumter I don’t. I haven’t yet checked about the Naval Weapons Center, but I can see where they would have a very good rationale not to let civilians on board with a camera. If I can’t get on one base I will not do any of them and will add Amendment 3 to the Post Office Photo Safari Constitution: Seeing as all U.S. Military bases are United States property, they are technically not part of the state of South Carolina, and as such will be stricken from the Big List.

If that happens, we will be down to the final three: A CPU in Beaufort, Saint Helena Island and Daufuskie Island.

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Post Office Galleries

I have uploaded this weekend’s PO pictures from the safari. They are viewable in two places, right here on and on Flickr. I have removed the fancy one I had made up with Jalbum, so the photos could be sorted in several different ways. I hadn’t updated it in a while and to do so with only a few left to do to complete the collection, seemed a waste of time, and I’m not so sure I’ll put it back up.

Now I just have to make up a little paragraph about each Post Office…

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Try Not To Be Like FOX

Tonight is the return of T:TSCC on FOX after a lengthy break and I hope that I can dig deep down and retrieve my suspension of disbelief, so I can enjoy this episode like I used to the previous ones.

That is immediately followed by the premier of the new Joss Whedon show Dollhouse. My wife and I both really liked Joss’s Firefly, but we never could abide by Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel, so I’m hoping it turns out more like the former and not the later, but from the sneak peak stuff I have seen so far, I’m not optimistic. I will have to have patience and give the show a couple three shots before giving up, remembering that my first attempt at Firefly I turned it off after about 15 minutes.

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I Heart Digital TV

Because I live in South Carolina and not too far from Georgia the local cable system carries two Public Broadcasting stations, one from each state. Both these two stations, along with almost all the other local broadcasters, changed over to digital broadcasting this last Tuesday the 17th, as originally planned.

Now I don’t watch much TV period, so as a corollary I don’t watch much Public Television. Occasionally there would be something I would like to see there, but could never bring myself to watch it. You see both stations are fairly low powered affairs and the signal picked up by the cable company was, to put it mildly, crap, so the picture was mostly snow. Now that the digital era has dawned, the two public broadcasting stations are coming in almost crystal clear, so I might have to again start looking into what these stations have to offer.

While we are chatting about TV, we went out to dinner with friends tonight and didn’t make it home in time to see T:TSCC, so I’m downloading the torrent right now. We were home in time to see Dollhouse and I didn’t bother. I’ve said it here before and I’ll say it again, both Donna and I loved Firefly, but couldn’t stand Buffy or Angel. Sorry Joss, but we are adding Dollhouse to the list of Couldn’t Stands. I know last week I said I would give it time and perhaps if the internet buzz was huge and critics were claiming it as the best new thing on TV since, well, the last best new thing, I might, but they’re not, so I’m not.

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I Got Nothing

The bright yellow bananas that I bought last Friday that weren’t ripe on Monday, I ate the last one this morning and it still wasn’t ripe! We went grocery shopping tonight and I bought some more bananas, I’ll report tomorrow on their ripeness.

If you, like me, don’t think Netflix’s recommendation engine is all that smart, try Jinni. Sorta like Pandora for TV & Movies. Sorta. You can search by entering keywords, themes, mood, place. I’ve tried it a couple of times and my conclusion is they need a bigger database and maybe that be helped along by more people joining… Interested? You have to drop them your email so they can invite you into their “private” beta testing. If you try it, let me know what you think.

If you need a T-shirt that is newsworthy the day you buy it, I have just the shop for you: CNN Shirt. Those short little scrolls at the bottom of your TV screen like “Octopus pulls plug, floods aquarium” can be immortalized in your choice of 6 colors, 2 styles and 5 sizes. How can you resist?

The Big Picture (fast connection a plus for this)

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