While on vacation I used the credit card for everything, but because I am so used to using the debit card, I moved it to a slot of the wallet that was out of sight and put the CC up front. The only time the debit card was used was to take out cash every other day or so. The cash was for drinks, snacks, trinkets and lunch if it was cheap enough.

As we were leaving Cortez, CO towards the end of the vacation we filled up with gas and then went inside to grab some cash at the ATM. I swiped the card, punched in my PIN and the machine whirred for a while and spit out a receipt. No cash though.

I called out to the woman behind the counter, “Is this thing out of order? I didn’t get any cash.” She said that they hadn’t had any complaints. Like ever even, it always works. She said the store wasn’t responsible for the machine, but she walked over with her cordless phone and asked if there was a phone number on it. I read her the 1-800 number and she dialed it.

About then I took a good look at my receipt:
Requested Amount: $60.00
Dispensed Amount: $0.00
Invalid PIN

I told her, “Go ahead and hang up and I apologize, it was operator error.” I had swiped the credit card and typed in the debit card PIN. DOH!

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And I Thought I Had A Bad Day Yesterday

When we got to work this morning we were greeted by this gruesome discovery. First time I had seen anything like this. Poor dove.

How could this have happened? We had some thunderstorms come through the area last night, maybe high winds? Another bird/animal chase it into the fence?

Just as mysterious as its appearance, was its disappearance. By our afternoon walk, the bird’s body was gone with no sign of it on the ground, nary a feather anywhere…

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When It Rains It Pours

First the garbage disposal debacle, then the Battery saga, now this morning I get a call from the bank’s fraud unit. Somebody got a new wardrobe using my debit card. Three hundred dollars at Men’s Wearhouse, another $160 at Men’s Wearhouse and $140 at FootSmart. Oh, yeah, and a dollar at iTunes.

We had to stop at the bank on the way home and fill out some paperwork. Because it is a debit card the money is out of the account, we’ll get it back, it is just a matter of time.

The MMC monthly meeting tonight was at a Chinese restaurant and , no fooling, my fortune was: “Now is a lucky time for you – take a chance.”

So on the way home we stopped and bought a MegaMillions lottery ticket using the six numbers on the back.

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Kamakazie Kricket

I was just out in the garage giving the Emperor a little sponge bath in preparation for tomorrow’s MMC event when I spotted a cricket watching me. I’m not even positive crickets have eyes, but this one sure seemed like it was giving me the once over. There were several large splats on the nose of the car that I was Quick Detailing off and maybe this cricket felt I was being disrespectful of a dead relative or something.

It was no ordinary cricket either, it was big one, about the size my friend Mark might use as bait while fishing for kayak sized catfish. Well, all that staring kind of unnerved me a little, so I slipped off my sneaker and moved slowly that direction to flatten Jiminy out.

In some places it is believed if you kill a cricket it is bad luck, but with the way my luck is running recently, who would notice. I’ve also heard that if kill a cricket it’ll rain, but with the weather we’ve had, and are predicted to have, who would notice.

As I swung my Nike with deadly intent at our giant cricket, it leaped out of the way at the last minute. Did he jump away from me, no, he jumped AT me!

I am proud to say that I didn’t squeal like a little girl as it bounced off my arm, then my chest and then who knows where. I did however flail my arms and upper body around in a pathetic attempt to get away like an uncoordinated spaz who just stepped on a banana peel.

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For Sale Rent

There is a house just around the corner and down the street that has a sign out front. One of those $1.79 ones from Home Depot that says in big white letters on a red background:


Apparently he hasn’t had much luck selling it, so he has decided to try another option, renting it. Instead of buying a new sign for $1.79 he just taped over the word SALE with some masking tape and wrote the word RENT in magic marker.


If you were his tenant imagine how fast this guy will spend money to fix a problem?

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Is This Considered Outside?

I went out to the edge of the lawn and retrieved the paper. We ate both breakfast and lunch on the porch. Other than that, neither of us have been outside the house. Unless virtual forays via the internet count.

The weather was calling for an 80% chance of rain, so we had planned indoor activities. We watched the first 4 episodes of this season’s Law & Order: Criminal Intent, caught episodes 3 & 4 of this season’s In Plain Sight and the movie, The Changeling. It never did rain. Until the day was 80% over.

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Wither Flickr!

There are only 5 days left until my Flickr Pro account expires. I’m not so sure I want to renew, I could waste that $25 somewhere else.

I like hosting my own pictures as I have total control on how they are displayed, but they don’t get as wide an exposure if they are just stuck here in my corner of the internet.

Previously I used (still do actually) a simple gallery script, but anytime I changed the look of the blog I had to monkey with the script’s CSS to get the galleries to match the blog

With the recent upgrade I’m trying a gallery plugin that will solve the look issue, but it doesn’t work as automatically as I’d like. It imports a directory fine, but doesn’t create all the thumbnails Plus I will have to re-title and enter the captions for all those hundreds of images (453 just of Post offices.) Oh well, what else do I have to do?

How about captioning those last 120 vacation photos before you forget what they are of.

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Busy Bee

Chimney RockTim will be happy to know that I finally broke down and cut out the sheet rock to repair the holes in the bedroom wall from the plumbing incident. I suck at mudding up the seams.

I’ve been trying to get all my photo galleries transferred over to the new style. I’ve got most of them done, but I will still have to copy and paste titles and captions to the hundreds of photos. And that doesn’t include the 453 Post Office pictures…

Frantically trying to download all my Flickr images that I don’t have a gallery for here by tomorrow, so I don’t have pay them the $25.

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Nothing To Say

That’s not really accurate, I have plenty to say, I just can’t get motivated to say it, rather wander the net. Serious case of BA tonight.

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Flux Capacitor

Last night at around 11:30 as I was lying in bed reading I heard a loud BRRRRRRRP noise that lasted for 5 or 6 seconds. It was right out side the window. It happened again but for a slightly shorter time. But this time it didn’t quit, the sound level went down to a dull brrrrrrrr…

The only only thing mechanical right outside our bedroom window is the A/C unit. When I opened the window I could tell that was where the noise was coming from. I checked the vent and air was coming out, but it wasn’t cold anymore. I shut off the thermostat and went to sleep. Tomorrow was another day.

This morning I called a repair place and they said they could have someone out to the house about 3 o’clock. I took the afternoon off from work not only to go home and wait, but to accomplish a couple small things around the house that needed doing. The fellow called at 2 to ask if it was OK to come over now. He made the call from my driveway. He had knocked, but didn’t get an answer. That was because I was on the back deck washing off a year’s worth of mildew and dirt with the pressure washer.

He was done in about a half hour, the only thing wrong was a dead Flux Capacitor. Actually the dual run/start capacitor for the blower and the compressor was shorted out.

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