Early Morning Ferry

-Wednesday July 4th Morning-
We were up at the crack of dawn to catch the first ferry of the day off San Juan Island. At the 5:40AM departure time there is very little stirring on the island except for the 5 of us in the ferry line up area and the guy operating the coffee stand just across the street.

One of the great things about riding the Washington State Ferries is that while you are going one way, there is another ferry going back the other, thus usually creating a nice chance to get a photo.

Once you arrive in Anacortes, WA there are two ways we could get to Snohomish and Donna’s brother’s house. First option is due east to I-5, south on the Interstate, then a short jog east again (50 miles/1 hour & 8 minutes.) Or WA-20 West over Deception Pass onto Whidbey Island, this changes to WA-525 South to Clinton where you catch a ferry to Mukilteo and finish up zigging east through Everett (78 miles/2 hours & 16 minutes.) Guess which one we took? Right, the slow way, down Whidbey Island to take a second ferry.

We had had a light breakfast at the Juniper Lane Guest House about 3 hours earlier, so at around 8:30 we were getting hungry again. Fortunately for us we happened to be passing through Freeland, WA and we stumbled on the sort of place we would take the MMC for breakfast if it wasn’t a 4 day drive one way, the Freeland Cafe. Both Donna and I had typical morning fare, but the fellow at the table to our right had this dinner plate heaped high with something odd looking for breakfast, something off the Hawaiian Style section of the menu called the Loco-Moco. Two eggs, a hamburger patty over rice smothered with gravy! I’m betting this place could be featured on one of those Food Network shows, but I’m also betting they wouldn’t want to be.