Bankrupt Already?

Second day of the year and I’ve already run out of things to blog about. Maybe tomorrow, I start a week of Jury Duty for the Aiken County Circuit Court. Can’t promise anything, because if I get selected for a jury I won’t be able to talk about it.

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Juror #6…

…didn’t get picked.

I was glad I didn’t get selected, but would not have been disappointed had I been. This wasn’t for a regular trial session jury, but for Grand Jury duty. You would have to report one Thursday per month (more if needed) to decide if the prosecution’s case had merit for trial and if it did, hand down indictments. There are 18 Grand Jurors, 12 picked today for the year of 2008 and 6 returning members from 2007. So, although today’s lucky selectees were chosen to serve for one year, half of them would get held over and serve a second year.

First, all of us assembled in an unused court room and then at the appointed time we were guided into the actual court room. The judge came in and then the Clerk called the role. We were numbered alphabetically, so because my last name starts with a B I was a low number. As the clerk called our number, starting at #1 and going all the way up to #99, we had to stand and say aloud our name. They skipped quite a few numbers/names, leading me to believe some folks had called in with excuses already.

After everyone had sounded off, the clerk informed the judge he had 64 perspective jurors with one no-show. He asked the missing persons name and then told his bailiff to inform the Sheriff’s Office that he wanted a bench warrant issued for that person to be before him next Monday at 9:30. The judge then read a series of questions that if you could answer yes to you might be excused from duty. One person was excused because they had moved to Augusta (last weekend) and two more were excused for medical reasons. There were about a half dozen who had hardships that made it inconvenient to serve once a month and they got swapped into the regular jury pool for a two week session later in the year.

This left about 55 people eligible for the 15 spots (twelve plus three alternates) giving me a 27% chance of getting chosen. Our juror number and names were written on small slips of paper and loaded into a “high tech’ metal box the size of a cigar box and professional shaken up by the Assistant Clerk of Court. The slips of paper were then drawn out one at a time.

The first number called was for a woman seated right behind me. She muttered an expletive under her breath as she made her way up front. The woman sitting next to me went “Oh my,” in mock surprise. I whispered to her, “Yeah, she didn’t seem to happy about that.” About halfway through calling the 12 Grand Jurors, the clerk called out, “Juror number six — ty seven.” My heart skipped a beat there. I figured for sure that I was going to get picked as one of three alternates, but didn’t.

All of us unwanted jurors were directed back to the original room where we were given a written excuse for work and a check for $20.

Thanks Aiken County for buying my wife and I BBQ at Bobby’s for tonight’s dinner.

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Used up all my words yesterday.

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The Emperor’s Lost Sunday

The Miata sat unused all day in the garage. After sleeping in we walked downtown to the New Moon Cafe for muffins. When we got back home there was brief talk of going for a drive, but I pooh-pooh the idea to stay home and read.

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Lost the Will to Write?

It is 10:00PM and it is time to prepare for beddy-bye, but I haven’t written anything here yet, so the day isn’t complete. I’ve done some legitimate things this evening, not just Blogging Avoidance stuff, rollerbladed 3 miles, “helped” cook dinner, worked on getting the MMC‘s 2008 calendar online, read some of “The Passage” by my favorite Navy author, David Poyer, watched a couple of Law & Orders (OK, maybe that was BA), but still I have nothing to say (and so far this rambling post proves that beyond a shadow of doubt.)

The only remotely exciting part of my day was riding home from work with the top down, there you have it, the top transitions doubled for the year so far.

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Lost Data

I’m sitting here watching a Win XP Setup progress bar on the desktop. Not mine, but a co-workers. She has a 1-1/2 year old Dell she is thinking of donating to her grandson, why I’m sure, he’s the one who has the PC in the first place, but hey, she’s the grandma. I don’t know how this is going to go though, she didn’t have a restore disc or a copy of XP anywhere (grandkid probably snagged it and sold it on ebay) so I have booted it to my XP CD and when it asks for a product key I’ll enter the one from the side of her tower.

We had a nice warm day with no call for rain, but at the noon walk it looked cloudy so at my doctor’s appointment this afternoon I raised the top. Good thing too as there was a smattering of fresh rain drops on the car when I returned. Today’s top transitions doubled yesterday’s total which had doubled the day before’s. That exponential increase will probably end tomorrow as I can bet that the top won’t transition 8 times…

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Blank Textarea

I’ve got to start carrying one of those little notebook that detectives or reporters carry so that I can write down blog ideas that occur to me during the day. Because as I sit here tonight staring at a blank textarea, I might have benefited from something like that. That is if anything happened oday worth writing about.

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Oh You Rebel You

Today is Tuesday and this is the first time our garbage and recycling will be picked up on Tuesday instead of Thursday like it has been for the last 19 years.

I knew it was trash day and I consciously didn’t put it out by the curb.

Because it is just the two of us, the rolling trash bin and the recycling bin never get more than half full over the course of a week, so there wasn’t any need for me take any thing out after just 5 days. Trust me, we’ll still have room left next Tuesday after 12 days…

Good thing I am not triskaidekaphobic because the top count has been stuck on 13 for a few days and because we are going through a January “cold” spell, it will remain at that number for the foreseeable future.

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SnowWe were supposed to be getting rain overnight. This afternoon when I checked the radar I could see the green of precipitation approaching. Mid afternoon we were covered in green. Donna and I canceled our afternoon walk because rain and 40º is not pleasant. When I finally did go look outside around 3 o’clock, it wasn’t raining and the ground was dry. What? I knew there was a word for that phenomenon, but couldn’t come up with it. Google reveals — virga.

Because the temps we supposed to be in the upper thirties overnight there was large speculation we might get snow or sleet or ice. I bet the stores were packed with people buying bread, milk, bottled water and batteries.

While we sat in front of the TV watching Disc 1 of Season 1 we wondered where the rain was, because we can usually hear it come down on the the chimney cap and it had been strangely silent. When we were done with the first four episodes, Donna questioned, “Are we ever going to get any rain?” She opened the front door and discovered the reason we didn’t hear the precipitation. It was too light to be heard, there was an 1/8″ snow on the grass and it was still coming down.

It has already turned to rain and disappeared.

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Even A Notebook Wouldn’t Have Helped

It was cold and wet this morning. Work was the usual fun. It was cold this afternoon. Watched Disc 2 of Season 1 tonight.

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Oceanic Airlines

Oceanic AirlinesMark got his Sawyer’s Fish Biscuit T-shirt yesterday and wore in it to work today. I would have been very jealous, but my Season 2 DVDs arrived via UPS today. So tonight Donna and I watched the first disc. I know I’m probably way late for this party, but I just realized that THE NUMBERS (4 8 15 16 23 42) add up to 108, which is the number of minutes between hitting execute on the computer in Dharma’s Swan station.

I think I’m going to get a T-shirt of my own, but with the Oceanic Airlines logo on it as soon as I find just the right one.

If you happen to live in one of these cities: Los Angeles, CA – Tustin, CA – Ames, IA – Miami, FL – New York, NY – Portland, OR – Knoxville, TN – Seoul, South Korea – Sydney, Australia; keep your eyes peeled for the billboards – Oceanic Airlines.

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The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds

I have an interesting post for today, but you’ll have to wait until the photos come back from the lab.

“We’re stuck in a bloody snow globe!” is another answer to the question, “What did one snowman say to the other snowman?”

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