When we went to bed last night our plan was to go for a bike ride on our single bikes and then get some breakfast at the Atlanta Bread Company. But this morning when we got up I suggested an alternative, eat at home and get in an early morning walk in Hitchcock Woods. We had a lovely 4.6 mile walk and had the woods nearly to ourselves. As a bonus the Kalmia were blooming nicely.

Later in the morning, swapping Miata for Sonata, we went out driving around the backs of local shopping centers trying to locate where I took the header image of this blog. I wanted to use the same wall and take a picture of the Purple Whale in front of it and rotate the two images. The one place I was sure was it, either wasn’t it or they had cleaned up and repainted the wall. Oh well. Later on we did find this cool blue wall and I may try and make it work.

For Sunday lunch we headed over to Firehouse Subs and as I pulled into a spot in front I noticed through the window a decent sized group of adults at a table. Almost in unison they turned and watched us park. I thought, gee, I know this a sharp looking car, but hadn’t anyone ever seen one before? When we entered the store the adults, mostly dressed in the same color scheme, had gone back to their subs and in the back of the dining area sat about a dozen 12 to 13-year old boys in baseball uniforms. There must be a tournament over at Citizens Field and they were eating lunch between games.

As we sat in our usual spot, the counter looking out over the parking lot, I realized why the adults all watched as we pulled in, a row over and two spots past where we parked, was an Indigo Blue Pearl Hyundai Sonata, with a dealer tag on the back. One of those folks recently bought an identical looking car to ours. Theirs was the Turbo Limited, so the only exterior difference was the 2.0T & Limited badge on the right side of the trunk.

After a while the kids were done eating and they all headed outside to wait on their parents. One of the kids walked over to our car and opened up the back door. I hadn’t locked the door because I normally don’t and I still haven’t gotten used to the whole radio fob in the pocket routine. Donna perked right up because her purse was on the floor of the back seat. She said aloud to me and the group of parents, “Get that kid out of our car.” I jumped up and opened the restaurant door and said to him, “That’s not your car. That’s your car!”, while pointing at the other Sonata. Poor kid, I think he was a little confused when he opened the door and didn’t see the stuff he was expecting to see in there. He was pretty embarrassed about it.

As a side note, I wonder if they asked permission to use the logos on their baseball uniforms from Major League Baseball? The were from Columbia County in Georgia and they called themselves the Mudcats. The C on the caps with a catfish inside, the lettering of Mudcats on the jerseys and the color scheme was identical to the uniforms of the Double-A affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds in Zebulon, NC, the Carolina Mudcats.

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Photo A Day

Because I have nothing to really write about, I present my favorite photo from each of the three days of this last weekend.

We went out for a short walk on the beach at dusk on HHI. This is looking back at the condo complex along the boardwalk from the beach.

We went for a longer walk on the beach Saturday morning and on the way back Donna decided to try out a beach chair in front of the Marriott’s Barony Beach Club.

Sunday’s walk was through the marsh at low tide in Skidaway Island State Park after a geocache. The grass was full of Marsh Periwinkles clinging to their stalks.

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Spam most people know as the unwanted commercial comments on their blog, its counterpart is called ham to indicate legitimate comments. At least that is what Akismet, the plugin I use on this blog, calls it. So by corollary any email I get at work that might first appear to be spam may actually turn out to be ham.

Like the one I got yesterday that showed several interesting photos that could be purchased to cover up a dull garage door. Most of the ones in the email were of very large things stuffed into an attached car garage. A quick Google search and it turns out it is legit.

I checked the site and while interesting, most would be too over the top for my suburban neighborhood. There is even an option to make your own custom image. I think might be best bet, most of your neighbors know what the inside of your garage looks like, so you can take a picture of that and everyone will just think I left my garage door up.

Style Your Garage

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