Book of Faces

About a year and a half ago a friend, about the only I keep in contact with (if by contact you count exchanging Christmas cards*) asked me to check out his new Facebook page. Turns out to see anything on anyone’s Facebook page you have to join. So join I did. I looked at his page.

*Actually it is more like our wives sharing cards.

My page just sat there until a month or so ago when a couple of wives from the Miata Club decided to get an FB page. We became “friends.” Then a CD Swapper from like a half dozen years ago sends a friends request. She is followed in short order by someone who I may or may not remember from high school, Donna’s globetrotting State Department operative and her youngest brother.

I need the Facebook For Dummies book*. My “wall” is filled with constant patter of my new friends and photos and games? and gifts? and what all. But the only time I look at my wall (or anybody else’s wall for that matter) is when I get a friend request.

*When I typed that I have no idea if there actually was such a book. I suspected there was because there is a book in the ‘for Dummies’ series for everything. Probably one called Scratching Your Ass for Dummies (but I ain’t looking on Amazon for that one.) Well, sure enough there is one.

So I’m not much of a FB friend other than I’m a sucker to be people’s friends thereby helping them inflate their friend count giving them a greater sense of being popular. Every time I do log in to Facebook I get a string of people who I should be friends with, but I don’t know any of them (and the ones with slightly familiar names invariably don’t have a photo so how can I tell if I know them.)

Tonight I got one from Mr. Eyepulp himself, Andrew Hughes. Andrew is a fellow Miata owner and he blogs too. His blog post are sporadic, but that is fine because when he does post it is worth the read. Unlike here where I post everyday because I like the sound of my typing. I recognized his name and his photo, so I became Andrew’s newest friend. So I went to Andrew’s page and I was his third friend (which I consider a great honor considering we haven’t actually met in person) and he is so new, his little progress bar was barely filled in from the left.*

*Of course it might fill in from the right and Andrew is making great strides in his quest to be a Facebook Maven, I just don’t know. If only there was a book that explained things.

So good luck with conquering Facebook Andrew, I hope my being your friend helps you fill your progress bar. I’ll check back up on you next time someone asks me to be their friend. I will still check the blog regular like…

Oh, yeah, the friend who got me to join just to look at his page, he bailed, took his page down. Rat Bastard.

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Three Left

Rat ToesI’m trying real hard not to eat the last three.

They should be worried too, today I ate the chocolate chip cookies that were meant for our neighbor’s birthday.

In honor of American Independence Day we watched a bike race in France, but to make up for it we had grilled hot dogs for dinner.

If you have any doubts that the gene pool isn’t too shallow, just go and read a few pages of The Customer Is Not Always Right. Here is a short and sweet one:

The Joy Of (Repeat) Checks
Computer Repair | Monticello, MN, USA
Me: ?Sir, your computer is all ready to go. We got all the viruses off of it.?
Customer: ?Question: do you get viruses from looking at porno sites??
Me: ?Yes sir, the majority of those sites contain viruses.?
Customer: ??.hmm?well then, I?ll probably be back here soon.?

Be sure and at least read the ones under the column headed Popular Quotes.

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Mystery ManFor the few of you who comment here, you now have your very own fancy image to go next to your pithy sayings. No longer are you stuck with that dull and boring Mystery Man.


WavatarBuilt into WordPress is support for a various computer generated images based on your email address. There were several options to choose from like Indenticons or MonsterIDs, but I chose Wavatars.


GravatarIf you are unhappy with the Wavatar associated with your email you can file a protest with the Commissioner’s Office or get yourself a Gravatar. Gravatars don’t cost a nickel and you can use any kind of image as long as it will look good small and square. And it shows up other places too.


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Friday Night

It may be physically Thursday night, but it is Friday night for me (and everybody on the other side of the International Date too, or is it Wednesday over there, I never can get it straight.)

It seems like Friday night because we have the day off of work tomorrow. Plan is for sleeping in a little late, taking a bike ride, watching stage 13, watching a movie and maybe looking for a cache or two. Then we’ll start the weekend…

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Shoulda Saved It

I should have saved last night’s Mad Men thing for tonight. So instead of real content here are a couple more images:

Me regaling the “girls” with tails of daring do.

Me and Don schmooze over drinks a lunch.

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Stricker Mountain Home

Bogardus Lawn CareWe are in Hendersonville, NC to visit my sister and her husband in their new town home that they just bought. They are planning to retire here in the near future and decided to go ahead and buy a place, so that when they visit here a couple three times a year they will have a place to stay instead of the Red Roof Inn.

Donna and I are going to be the quasi-caretakers of the place (when they aren’t in residence) for however long it takes Allen to get fed up at work and retire…

We will be coming up once a month to flush the toilets, run the AC/Heater and check to make sure the picture is still clear on the HDTV in the living room. All it is going to cost us is I pay for the high speed internet access (because I’m the one who wants it) and that we keep the small patch of level ground on the empty lot he owns in the development mown. I’m going to have t-shirts made up. 🙂

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