New Coat

Its not really a coat either, its a jacket. Aiken’s climate is such that you only need a coat for 3-4 weeks in late January and/or early February and for that I have my trusty US Navy Cold Weather Flight Jacket that “inadvertently” got packed up when I left Japan. A new jacket is a big deal for me because once I find something I like I stick with it (i.e. the 30 year-old flight jacket) and since October of 1999 I have been wearing an MMC jacket. It is forest green with tan accents and has a large embroidered Club logo on the back and my first name in script on the front. This baby has seen a lot of use. It gets worn probably around 275 days a year (sometimes summer mornings can seem cool to me with the top down) and is starting to show it. The tab came off the zipper a while back and was replaced by some string, the lining near the collar in the back is getting frayed, the waist and cuffs are loosing their elasticity, etc.

Instead of the usual Extra Large size I normally get (mostly for the sleeve length) I decided to try and find a Large Tall size. I wanted something similar; lightweight, contrasting light inner lining, water resistant (but not shiny nylon), 2 side slash pockets and elastic waist and cuffs, so off to the internet I went. After an exhaustive search I found just the thing.

Behold, my new outwear of choice, a Tri-Mountain 5300 Panorama in Navy/Khaki/Khaki from the Highland Apparel Company. Hopefully this puppy will hold up for the next ten years as well as the Club jacket did for the past ten. I will still break out the MMC jacket for Club events, but mostly it will be spending a quiet retirement in the hall closet on a hanger.

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Frequent Flyer Magazines, Round 3

About a month ago I got a letter from (I think) US Air to let me know that I shouldn’t let my 4,213 air miles go to waste. I should buy some magazines. I have no clue if these things are really endorsed by the airlines (probably not), but I do know that I actually have 12,106 that will be forfeited by June 29th if I don’t pay them $100 (probably not.)

So I did what I usually do when I get one of thee offers, I subscribed to a couple magazines: Sports Illustrated and Entertainment Weekly. This makes 3 weekly magazines we get now as the Time subscription from the last similar offer doesn’t run out until August.

Just the other day got one of the same style offers from Delta, but she had over 6,000 miles (just where had she been without me?) So now we will add a fourth weekly magazine to our coffee table with 6 months of People. We will also get another year of Time, a year of Sunset, a year of Money and 2 years of Travel + Leisure.

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