Separated At Birth?

That annoying (and what isn’t from) Geico money with eyes thing:
Geico Eyeball Money
and the annoying flash intro screen while I wait for MLB Gameday Audio to start:
Gameday Audio Intro

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Time Changes Everything

We re-watched the second X-Files movie (I Want To Believe) the other day. We went to see it in the theaters last July when it came out and in spite of a few flaws thought it was pretty good. With our poor showing in finishing recent Netflix selections I bumped this to the top of the queue. Well, on second watching, the few flaws seemed to have multiplied.

In preparation for the third season of TDTV2 this coming Sunday, this past Sunday we started to re-watch season 2 of Mad Men. after about 4 episodes we agreed that it seemed to be moving too slow. It wasn’t bad by any means, but we didn’t feel compelled to watch the rest of the season’s episodes. Hopefully the new season will rekindle the love.

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Where Did The Time Go?

Up in a bolt of electricity.

Saturday late afternoon a thunderstorm rolled through town. It rained hard for almost an hour before we heard one clap of thunder off in the distance. A minute later while we were in the middle of watching Disc 2 of Season 6 of West Wing the flash and the clap happened nearly instantaneously. The power to the house blinked off quickly, but came back on before any of the digital clocks lost what time it was (except for one which jumped ahead 1 hour exactly.)

The surround receiver was making a steady loud popping sound and the TV would not come back on. Both items were plugged into a surge protector that is for the whole entertainment system. So, one gargantuan tube TV gone and one surround sound receiver toast. Neither of the DVD players were hurt.

Inventoried the rest of the electrical stuff through out the house and came up with a few more items that were wiped out by the EMP. Phone/answering machine was gone, but the plain old still worked. The sprinkler control box, which was wounded in a similar incident in 2002 was now flashing No Power. I checked the transformer and it was putting out the proper voltage, so I figured crispy chip or something.

The severest blow was to the cable modem, horrors, no internet. It was no big deal while the cable was delivering noting but snow to the 13″ TV in the back room. By the time the cable came back and it was confirmed that the modem really was dead, it was too late to buy a replacement. Then the South Carolina blue laws prevented us from buying a replacement until after 1:30 PM. By the time we were back up and running it was almost 22 hours without. How did we live BI (before internet.)

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I Have Camille’s Dollar

The day started rainy, but by mid-morning it was just mostly cloudy. We left SMH and went into Hendersonville and did a couple geocaches. We had lunch at, you guessed it, West One. Ordered a large cheese pie with Italian sausage so we’d have leftovers for dinner and we almost didn’t stop in time, only ended up with two pieces left. After lunch we bought a cookie tray and a small pot at the Habitat Resale store in downtown, the tray was so we could heat up the pizza and the pot was for boiling up some pasta for tomorrow.

In the afternoon we dragged the lawnmower up the hill and cut the grass on Diane and Allen’s lot in the same development. I hope he sells it soon, though probably not as much as he does, but with today’s economy it will probably be a while.

This evening we made a run to the shopping center over near the Asheville airport. We bought a light switch for the living room fan at Lowes and some cream cheese at Target for our breakfast bagels. We also went into Office Max and bought a wireless router so that I can surf the web from the living room or the porch or wherever in the SMH.

As change at Target I got Camille’s dollar, while she did write her name on it she forgot to put her phone number on there too so I could call and arrange to give it back.

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