Dunkin Donuts Gift Cards

When Kroger started selling gift cards they stocked 2 hooks full of the Dunkin Donut $15 cards and one of the $30 denomination. We bought them there, used them up and then tossed the empty card away because we could get double the fuel points for each dollar spent on them in the store. About six months ago, one of the hooks of $15 DD cards was replaced by some cards for the Cheesecake Factory. The next month the $30 hook fell to the same fate.

The fifteen dollar DD cards on the remaining hook became hard to find, as soon as they were displayed, they disappeared. We asked a couple of times at the service desk how come they had trouble keeping the cards available and our answer was always, “We stock what the warehouse sends us.” About six weeks ago they just stopped filling the slot entirely (at least they didn’t add another Cheesecake Factory row.) After having to use our debit card for a couple weeks for our breakfast purchases we finally broke down and bought a gift card at the Dunkin Donut store and have been refilling it online ever since.

Our fair city has two Dunkin Donut stores and you can’t buy a gift card for them at Kroger. If you want a $25, $50 or $100 gift card to the Cheesecake Factory you have plenty to choose from, but to use one of them you will have to drive 150 miles to Charlotte, NC or Atlanta, GA.