Still Up

It has been almost a week and the top on the Emperor has been up the whole time because of a combination, cold, rain and cold rain, so still I don’t have to blog, but I saw something yesterday that I just have to mention.

While in Bed, Bath & Beyond picking out a new front door mat to use our 20% off coupon on, I spotted among the Snuggies and other gifts that you might give to a distant relative (one you don’t see too often, so you won’t have to worry about repercussions) an item that is just another small step of humanity towards its date with destiny and life aboard the Starliner Axiom – a motorized Lazy Susan for your dining room table.

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Fall Returns (For A Day)

While Main Stream Media would have you believe that the majority of the country is covered with snow thanks to the ongoing blizzard, we here in the southeast experienced the return of fall today. After a line of thunderstorms blew through this morning the skies cleared and we reached the low 70’s. Donna and I went into work a little early this morning and because we were just ahead of that front we got to ride in with the top down. After work it went back down for the ride home. It will be back to winter tomorrow though, with a high of 54 and Thursday night’s low will be 38.

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Painless Dentistry

I went to the dentist yesterday to get a temporary filling that should last until the new year. I need a crown on the tooth, but that costs just at the 4 figure mark, so I convinced the dentist to tide me over until after January 1, so I can use my Medical Flex Spending.

I didn’t even get a single shot of novocaine, because I’m a tough guy, yeah, right. I’m actually a big wimp, but I didn’t need any pain killer because he was working on the tooth that had the root canal done on it last month.

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Another World

Another WorldThe other day while perusing internet as usual I found a posting on someone who is painting scenes from classic video games for use as desktop wallpapers. I love collecting good wallpapers as much as I love cool fonts (that is to say, a lot) so I decided to check them out. The very first one caught my eye, Another World, not because it would make a good background, but because I remembered the game fondly. I remember it from the early 90’s as Out Of This World and it remains to this day the only video game I have ever bought (as long as you don’t count Pac Man that came with my Atari 800.)

I followed the link to the large version and the artist mentioned that the game had been reported to Windows with updated graphics – WOOT! I went to the game author’s site and downloaded the demo. Very cool.

I remember that I never could defeat the thing until I found the cheats on the internet. When I started the game and watched the intro I tried to remember to how the game went. When dumped into the first scene I remembered what to do, but after getting out of the water you have to get by these big inch worm looking things. While I remembered what I was supposed to do I fumbled the controls and was killed in short order. When the code was displayed that you needed to renter the game at that point the computer froze….dang.

I’ll give it another go here after awhile (maybe when I’m done posting this) maybe I should reduce the display resolution from 1920 x 1080 a little?

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CD Case Calendar

Because I need another little project that I want to do, I found something at work that a vendor gifted the receptionist with. It is just too neat for words and now I want to make one for my very own self. A desk calendar that sits inside a old school full-size CD case.

You must have one of these cases sitting in a draw somewhere, go get it, I’ll wait…..

…..never mind, I just pulled out a few CD cases I have and realized that the thing they used for the calendar is not standard issue. It must have been specially designed so that it didin’t have the insert for the disc and it could fold back further to get the proper slant to hold the tiny pages.

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The Spider That Came In From The Cold

Just as my wife was was bringing dinner to the table see cried, “Roach!” This as we all know is the man of the house’s call to action. I shout where as I reach for a suitable insect death device. She points down and says, “There, but hurry it is going under that chair.” She spins the big armchair next to the couch out of the way. With no shoes handy, I grab the top magazine from the plethora of them semi-neatly fanned across the coffee table.

By now Donna has her bug tracker radar locked on the intruder and has correctly ascertained that it is a large spider. Like most modern warplanes her radar can track and identify several targets at once, so she orders me to drop the newest Southern Living I had picked up and replace it with last week’s Time.

I’m grateful it is a slow moving spider, I have a chance at that, those palmetto bug/roaches move very fast and I usually end up slapping the floor several times right where the bug used to be before it squeezes under the baseboard making good its escape.

By now the large black, 1-1/2″ long, spider is under one of the end tables which limits my arm travel. I make several ineffective swats at it and I am beginning to think it might get away when I get lucky and it zigs right under where I’m swinging.

I think I need some spider swatting lessons from Garfield.

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Got Me There

We went shopping in Staples this afternoon, we needed a new shredder and some other stuff, chief among them, paper. It was time to buy our bi-annual ream of it. We walked into the store and I immediately headed off to the right side where the paper-like office supplies were. I looked along the wall and up and down every aisle (even though paper was not on the sign telling me what was down them.)

My wife suggested that I ask a kid in the red shirt where it was, but just like a man, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. On my second pass down the last aisle a woman who was arranging items on a shelf looked at me and asked, “Can I help you find something?” I can’t ask for directions, but I can’t lie and say no to someone offering help, so I said, “Where is the paper?” She looked at me with a twinkle in her eye and replied, “I hate to sound condescending, but (pointing to the wall on the other side of the store) do you see that big sign over there that says paper?” (the lettering was only about 4 foot high…) “Man,” I said, “It always used to be over on this side of the store, why did it get moved?” “Don’t tell me, I know. The paper is over there for the same reason all stores move stuff around, to keep the customer in the store longer while he searches for something, hoping for an impulse buy.”

About this time Donna walked up, so I said to the lady, “Or maybe it is like my wife who moves stuff around in the kitchen every six months just to make me feel inadequate. She’ll ask me to get her something, I’ll look in the spot I think it used to be, it won’t be there, and I have to ask her, so she gets to sigh that sigh that means, ‘Men are so helpless’.”

Without missing a beat, Donna says, “I never move anything, You don’t know where anything is at because you only come there to help me once every six months.”


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Next Year’s Christmas Shopping

For all you MMC members who read this, be careful what you open next year. Remember the infamous leopard print steering wheel cover? This will top it.

We were in Bed, Bath & Beyond this evening to use a couple of the 20% coupons we get in the mail and/or in the newspaper. We bought a 2 big ol’ bags of pistachio nuts and were headed for the checkout when we happened to walk by the Christmas close out area. Within seconds Donna found just the perfect gift for under the communal tree next year. It’s original price was $12.99 (although in our eyes worth so much more) and it was 50% off bringing the price down to $6.50. The 20% off coupon brought the price down another $1.30. Even with the tax it came to less than five and a half bucks. Seeing the look on your face when you open it; priceless.

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