Trek Yourself

CaptainRomulanDidn’t have a clue what I was going to blog about until I checked io9 and found Trek Yourself. Perfect, a picture with a few words and I’m done. You get to pick a character, Captain, Vulcan, Officer (female) or Romulan then upload a picture. That’s when things took a turn for the worse, the tips for what kind of picture to upload; No hair on face, no hats or glasses, eyes open and mouth closed. I’ve worn glasses for the last 10 years and have had a beard for over 35. I first used one from 1974 when I just had a mustache for the Captain. That’s the result you see to the left. What the heck are they going to do, kick me out of Starfleet Academy? So I uploaded a more recent photo with beard, sunglasses and a hat for the Romulan. That’s the one to the right.

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760 Peektures

I have been monkeying around transferring all the galleries I have on the site from my old gallery software to a WP plug in called NextGEN Gallery.

All the titles and captions were in a text file and they have to be cut and pasted into a form on the new gallery page. I’m also trying to make them all consistent with title – caption – and date taken. All had a title, some had captions, while others had a date and a lucky few had all three.

I’m getting there, probably have 90% done, but that is only of the 760 pictures that are not of Post Offices. There is another 453 of them.

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David Webb’s Dog Tags

Dog TagsA couple weekends ago we were suffering from a lack of Red Envelopes on the coffee table, so we broke out the Bourne Trilogy and watched all three over the course of the two days.

At the end of the third flick Jason Bourne gets confirmation on who he was before the CIA mind wiped him and turned him into a killing machine. We get a brief glimpse of Captain David Webb’s dog tags and I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if I get get a set of those to add to my collection of esoteric movie/TV replica props? Turns out you can and for under ten bucks too – Dog Tags Direct.

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My What A Big Eye You Have

This afternoon Donna came in to use the computer and was greeting by nothing, She shouted to me, “When did you turn this off?” “I didn’t,” I replied.

Earlier in the week we both had been experiencing random brief blank screens. I figured it was either the monitor or the video card. Thinking maybe the card was over heating, on Thursday I got out the vacuum and sucked a couple pounds of dust out of the case. For the next two days we didn’t have any black outs, so I though maybe that was the problem. Until today.

The monitor’s power light wasn’t even on, but I went and got the laptop and hooked up it’s external VGA port with the monitor cable and was greeted by the same nothingness. The monitor was a goner.

In our Fair City if you need computer bits you have two choices, Walmart or Staples. Staples is a 1/2 mile closer, so off we went. They have about 5 choices in our price and size range and I picked one out. Off the associate went into the back room to retrieve it. About 5 minutes later she came back out empty handed, “Sorry we don’t have one.” “How about this one?”, I asked pointing at the runner up. Less than a minute later she emerged from the back victorious.

Back home I plugged it up, flipped the switch and was greeted by a horizontally stretched desktop. I went to set the video to the native resolution of the LCD and I couldn’t, the numbers didn’t go that high. Crap, am I going to have to go back to the store and buy a new video card? Let me see if I can update the driver first. Must be be my lucky day, a 20 meg download later and I am staring at a shiny Samsung SyncMaster 2233SW in all its 1920 x 1080 goodness.

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The resistance of a body at rest to being set in motion.

I waddled to the end of the driveway and back for the Sunday paper and that is as far as I went all day. The morning was spent napping on the porch, the afternoon was spent watch baseball and the evening was spent watching the Tour de Suisse and the World Poker Tour. The only thing remotely considered progress was I finally titled and captioned the SC Post Office photos.

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Things Are Looking Up

You know things are bad when even your wife comments on the sucky quality of your recent blog posts. Today I started to feel a little more human, so things should get better around here, both health and post-wise…just not tonight.

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What To Do?

Ten days ago our trusty 6 year-old Dell 1800FP monitor gave up the ghost. We immediately went out and bought an all-the-rage wide screen monitor to replace it.

Now I have this big ol’ dead 18.1″ LCD monitor sitting on the floor here and I stub my toe on it every time I pull my coat off the rack by the door. You can’t just chuck these things out anymore because you will be ruining the planet for future generations. You have to wait for the twice a year electronic recycling day and then you have to pay for the privilege of them taking it off your hands.

A quick check of eBay shows that a working version of this monitor is worth anywhere from $60 + shipping to $100 + free shipping. A Google search for “dell 1800fp repair” leads to a bunch of forums talking of blown power supplies and not surprisingly eBay with said power supplies for sale or repair.

I disassembled the monitor and pulled out the power supply. On the back of the connector from P/S to the control board it lists the output of each of the pins. I plugged the power cord into the wall and with my cheapo multimeter checked for voltage. Nothing. No +5VDC nor anything where there was supposed to be +15VDC.

Should I, A) pay $25 where I send in my power supply, it gets repaired and then sent back, B) spend $45 and just buy a refurbished P/S or C) put the monitor by the curb and hope someone comes along and picks it up?

A couple of pertinent pieces of information. I really don’t need the the repaired monitor, there is no space left on the computer desktop for dual monitors nor do I want the hassle of selling it on eBay.

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