That’s Better

I got an email from’s customer service department yesterday evening. “We apologize for the delay in responding. Unfortunately some of the email recently sent to us was temporarily diverted to an unused mailbox. While we realize our reply is untimely, and you may have already been assisted, we wanted to at least reply to your inquiry.” They went on to say if my issue wasn’t resolved yet to please reply to that email.

Even though I had spoken to a rep on the phone, I decided to reply and re-express my disappointment in the WEEI radio broadcasts. I also asked if they had a better idea when the issue would be resolved than 7 to 10 days.

Within 15 minutes I got a reply back, “I would expect to see a difference by the next broadcast.”

What do you know, tonight it is fixed. Now it is more natural, when the announcers stop talking, no annoying silences, just the natural stadium background noises. If not mistaken, I think the announcers just referred to some sort of microphone interference that their sound man fixed today….

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Office Supply Milestone

At 7:38AM this morning I used the last staple from the box I was given when I started working here 505,267,200 seconds ago. To put it in easier to understand terms, I started working at ASCO Aiken on May 1st 1989, which was 5,848 days ago. Each box of staples has 5,000 staples, so I have used approximately .85 staples per day during my tenure here.

I know I don’t use too many staples in my job, but that isn’t much at all. I haven’t worked every single day straight through since then, so let’s do some, as my math idol Jethro would say, cipherin’. Assuming a 5 day work week, we can get much closer to a proper work day number by multiplying by 5 and then dividing by 7. This gives us 4177 or 1.20 SPD (staples per day). What about holidays? Good point, we get 9 paid days off here in Aiken, 9 times 16, so subtract 144 days from the total, giving me a 1.24 SPD ranking. How about sick time? I bet I miss on average 3 days a year for colds or flu or doctor things. Then there was the 2 week recovery from knee surgery in 2000. 3 time 16 plus 10, lets take another 58 days off. Best guess is I have used an average 1.26 SPD in my working here. I am so proud.

Have I Learned My Lesson?

I doubt it. Even though it has taken me 12 hours over 3 days to clean the deck, how much do you want to bet I don’t do it every year like I should and have to repeat this process in 5 years?

Now all that is left is to spray some water seal on it. Maybe tomorrow. You are supposed to do it when you are sure that there will be 24 hours of no rain, but with a 30% of rain on Tuesday evening, I may have to delay that procedure.

I Miss Joe & Jerry

I hate these west coast swings. And not just because the Sox are getting their hats handed to them, but I like hearing the games in the background as I internet (I thought I would start to use the word as a verb because I hate the term surf) at night.

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I want everyone on the internet to concentrate on the number 62 for me.

The company I work for has this little game they play called Safety Bingo. Everyone has a bingo card and every day that no one has a recordable accident a number is “called.” If there is a recordable accident the kitty is cut in half. With the second incident wiping the game out. The winning card gets $20 a square and we do play all the different bingo games so sometimes a winning card is worth a good bit. The current game is “Around the Block” and the kitty has been halved, but a win would be worth $160.

All I need is for 62 to be called and I’ll be a winner.

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Risky Business

I have ripped about a Megs worth of MP3s from RadioioAmbient as it makes a nice background music to work to. And if I keep the volume down my cubicle neighbors can’t hear it. I even recognize a few of the tunes played as I went through a New Age music phase back in the late 80’s – early 90’s.

There is one track I captured that I bet quite a few people would recognize and it might even send a few, like me, into an erotic daydream. Its Tangerine Dream’s Love On A Real Train from the movie Risky Business. Think late night, deserted Chicago L train, Tom Cruise, Rebecca De Mornay…

1st Annual No Blogging Day

In case you missed the announcement, today is the 1st Annual No Blogging Day, so that is why I’m not posting anything here.

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Sort of.

I got tired of the random colors so I ditched them and picked one and used it through out. Now I’m not so sure that was the right thing to do…

I also have added another little section in the right column for acronyms I use or will use here. More to come. Or should I just say MTC and add that to the list. 🙂

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Happy Memorial Day

We had the day off from work, but did little if anything in celebrating the holiday, unless of course you count eating red, white & blue M & Ms. We had planned on a hike in Hitchcock Woods but the morning rain put a literal damper on that plan. Instead we just hung about the house and enjoyed a lazy day.

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Hi Ho, Hi Ho

Going back to work is such a PITA after having a 3-day weekend. We made an effort not to have to go back, but unfortunately some other bozo won.

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