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Long time readers will recognize this theme, sort of. I’ve changed the background image to reflect my latest obsession — Lost. If you are viewing this using internet explorer, I pity you. Those glaring white post and header blocks are really 50% tranparent, but IE doesn’t do that well with the opacity tag in CSS. So ordinarily I would tell you to scroll down the sidebar to the Themes section and pick Brian’s Red, which is what the theme was yesterday, but once again for reasons know only to Bill Gates, IE won’t change to that particular theme. One of the other two work just fine. Go get Mozilla or Opera and see the theme as it was meant to be. Or wait a week, I’ll probably change again…

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The O’needers

Nothing to watch tonight. We watched Season 1 of Dinner for Five yesterday and we watched Shooter this afternoon, so we are out of red envelopes.

I was checking the local cable’s TV Guide Channel for something to watch. This one program caught my eye. Listed for CNN, AKA: Cable News Network, for 8:00 PM until 10:00 PM — To Be Announced.

Ended up watching That Thing You Do on E!.

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I Checked The Mail

The Shirt isn’t here yet.

Neither is Season 3.

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New Bumper Sticker

Forgive me if I can’t remember which magazine it was in, the latest editions of both Automobile and Motor Trend landed on my desk this morning, but there were some photos of several near totally un-camouflaged Porsche Panameras. The four-seat, four-door sport coupe, that is supposed to be on sale next year as a 2010 model was out doing high speed testing. If they were parked along the side of the road in the pictures how did we know they were out high speed testing you ask? Because each car was sporting on both front and rear bumpers a bright yellow sticker:

Get yours here: Government Approved High Speed Testing Vehicle Bumper Sticker

Oh, yeah, IE users you should be able to change the theme back to Brian’s Red if you want to.

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Blogger’s Night Off

Desmond Getting Pissed

Its a good thing we took a vow of poverty then innit brother?

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Scratch and Sniff Post

Smell MeWhen I entered the garage this morning to get in the car I was struck by an odd smell. A very chemical smell. I opened the garage door and it was quickly disbursed.

I didn’t recognize it, wasn’t motor oil, wasn’t gasoline and it was not anti-freeze. Wasn’t coming from the car at all. It really only smelled right on the stairs from the house to the garage. I opened the cabinet doors one by one and sniffed. It was faintly there, but I was unable to pinpoint it. Didn’t smell like paint and it wasn’t natural gas. It had a sweet odor, so it certainly wasn’t a dead critter under the house.

As I pulled into the garage tonight after work the smell was still there, so I started a more thorough search of the garage. Wasn’t the fire ant killer or the potting soil. Not the 3 in 1 oil or the liquid wrench. Didn’t come from the car wax or Amour-All. Not the Simple Green nor the tire shine. Wasn’t coming from the bicycle chain lube. Ditto the “clean” rags. Not the wallpaper paste or the wallpaper remover. Kind of smells like it was coming from the spray paint area. Didn’t smell like paint, but I started pulling out the dozen cans of partially full cans. What’s this?

AH HA! A pint can of Paint & Varnish Remover way in the back. As soon as I put it on the counter I knew I’d found the culprit. I don’t remember ever buying this. Probably purchased when we first moved into the place to clean paint off the molding or something. Pretty toxic stuff I guess, only took 18 years to eat right through the metal can.

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Twenty Six Thousand AND One

I’m beginning to think this thing has run it’s course. Things are happening all around me, but I’ve lost the will to write about them.

I need to shake things up. Haven’t figured out how yet….

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Oh, yeah, the title reflects the total number of posts in this blog.

Used Books

Used BooksWe went to Booklovers today and I picked up five new reads. It is hard to pick out books, seems like I’ve read them all already, or maybe it is because the three paragraph blurb on the back on all of them sound exactly the same, there must be one guy writing them all. Kind of like that Movie Announcer Guy. To make it easier next time, I’m bringing a list.

In past years I’ve given a blow by blow accounting of my Girl Scout Cookie consumption, this year it will be different. I am letting you know that 14 boxes were delivered to our door today. I will mention them again just one more time, when the last cookie is gone. On a sad note, this year they are not selling Lemon Coolers. They have been replaced by Lemon Chalet Cremes and while I’m sure these are a fine snack, to me they will pale in comparison to the Coolers.

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Was There An MX-5 In Cargo Hold Of Oceanic 815?

Yunjin KimActress Yunjin Kim plays, Sun-Hwa Kwon, one half of a married Korean couple on Lost. This photo and a brief interview appeared in last Sunday’s Daily Mail. While I like that particular color of the car, I think they missed the boat, it should have been white and they should have replaced the Mazda Flying M with the DHARMA logo. Maybe even replaced the text Mazda with the words “Dharma Initiative” and the script Miata with the words “Sports Car.”

Here is a blurb from the interview:

But I really love this Mazda MX-5. It’s so cute. It would be great around town and it’s perfect for somewhere like Hawaii, a sporty runaround just put the roof down and off you go. I feel I’ve bonded with it.

You can read the rest here.

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