Hitchcock Woods

Signs – Hitchcock Woods’ nearly 2,000 acres is riddled with trails and fields, some of them named, some of them not and the woods’ caretakers have put up a number of wooden signs in various places. A few even with helpful suggestions.

Monthly Photo 2006 – Because I never did find another spot (really didn’t look to hard) to do a year long series of shots of like I did for Mr. Fletcher’s Ride, I have decided for 2006 just to take my camera every time we hike and once a month post the one I find most interesting of the bunch.

Mr Fletcher’s Ride – I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for some time, find a spot in the woods and take a picture there every month around the same time. This will allow watching the seasons change here. Of course, snow is so rare in these parts, I reserve the right to ignore the once a month rule to capture it if it happens. Looking southwest at the corner of Mr. Fletcher’s Ride and an unnamed path about 1/2 miles in from our usual entry point into Hitchcock Woods.