Matching Funds

Donna and I have decided to double the contribution to our retirement fund. From now on when we travel to Georgia we are going to pick up a 5 week play on the Mega Millions to go along with our usual multi-week Big Game quick pick here in South Carolina.

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Got a primer coat on the bathroom and painted all the trim in the hallway today, doesn’t sound like a lot, but that hallway is mostly trim. It spans from one bedroom to another with the bathroom in the middle. There is an entrance from the dining room and three separate closets. I don’t think that any of the six doors in this hallway had the same style doorknob on it, there were silver knobs and brass knobs, both polished and antique and there was even a “crystal” knob.

To make it easier to paint the trim and the doors I pulled all the doors off the walls and then stripped off the mis-mash of hardware. At first I thought maybe I would just clean all the different layers of paint off the hinges and knobs then re-install them, but decided that if we were going to all the trouble to freshly paint everything maybe we should just get some new hardware. Because of all the new shiny chrome fixtures in the bathroom I was thinking maybe we would do chrome hinges and such. Nope, one chrome hinge (1/2 of the hinges required to hang a door) was $8 and we needed 10 big ones and 4 small ones. Opted for brushed stainless steel at two bucks each. For what it would have cost in just chrome hinges we came back from the big box home improvement store with hinges, screws, a couple knobs and 5 new door knob sets.

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Nobody Wants Him

They just turn their heads
Nobody helps him
Now he has his revenge

I kept waiting for the song and it didn’t show up until the credits, that was my only complaint. We went over to Augusta to see the movie in a nice theater with stadium seating instead of the little shoe boxes available here in Aiken. It was showing on 5 screens with a choice of start times of noon, 12:30, 1:00, 1:30, 2:00, so we went over and shopped a bit before getting lunch knowing that when we were ready there would a movie start time waiting for us.

We finished lunch at 12:25 and with the short walk to the the theater we figured we’d see the one o’clock showing. We bought tickets, used the restroom, hit the concession stand and started towards our theater. As we did we passed right by the one showing the 12:30 running, I paused and listened. It was 12:40 something and they were still running previews, so we went inside. Caught the end of the trailer for the new Batman flick and one for another totally forgettable movie, before the screen went dark and AC/DC’s Back in Black started playing. We were lucky in another way because the 12:30 showing theater was the one showing it via DLP.

I’m a sucker for movies based on comic books and knew I’d like this movie just from the trailer. I was not disappointed and thoroughly enjoyed this movie. My wife, who still hasn’t forgiven me for making her see the Michael Keaton Batman movie and rolled her eyes at the first Fantastic Four movie, actually sort of liked it too. So stop what you are doing right now and go see this movie. Seriously. Go.

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Small Town Parade

We went downtown today, had lunch, bought an ice cream cone and watched a parade. Veterans groups, high school ROTC groups, boy scouts, politicians, army trucks and fire engines. Do other countries have parades like this too?

Got the first coat of blue on the smaller bathroom and I have to say it is a nice bright blue without the vibrancy of the green in the other bathroom. Perfect. Coat two goes on tomorrow. I painted one coat of primer over the Vin Rouge paint of the bedroom in preparation for painting it a darker shade of blue. But first I’m going to paint the ceiling, which hasn’t been done in a while. Then all the trim will get slathered with the gloss white before the walls get covered in flat Ocean Cruise.

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According to my WordPress dashboard this is post two thousand seven hundred and one. I think there are a lot more, but some must have got lost in the many times I’ve restored from a backup or moved from a different blogging platform. I deduce this from when I went hunting yesterday for mention of when I had painted the bedroom red I’m going to now paint blue. If you check the archive for the month of April 2004 you will see that there are several days of missing posts. There are several days of multiple posts, but that is to be expected because at that time I had two different blogs going, one Miata related and one Rant related. There should be nearly 60 posts per month because then, like now, I rarely missed a night posting on both.

Started down, still down.
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