Post Hole Ahead

Donna and I are off to Washington DC from Wednesday afternoon until Friday evening where we have some meetings with a representative of the State Department.

Sounds important, doesn’t it? Its not, it is a vacation of sorts. What it really is, is a lifelong friend of Donna’s has up and joined the U.S. State Department. Next month she is off to Kosovo for a 2-year assignment, so we thought we would fly up for a couple days and visit before she heads off into the uncharted wilds of eastern Europe.

Sally will be working during the day, so our plans are to do some sightseeing Wed afternoon, Thurs & Fri morning. In the evening on Wed & Thurs we will have dinner together. After eating we will probably hang out in some of the trendier spots of Georgetown hob-nobbing with the deal makers. Riiight…more than likely we will head back to the hotel to hang out in the room.

We are staying at the Holiday Inn in Arlington which is right across the Potomac from downtown DC. It is about a block from the Metro station at Rosslyn, so getting in and out of the city should be pretty easy. The room is on the 16th floor facing the city, so in case a terrorist decides to detonate a suitcase nuke in front of the Capitol building we should have a great view – for about a 1/10 of a second.

We were hoping for a mild heat wave, record highs for this time of year in our nation’s capital are middle 70’s, but instead we are getting 10 degrees below normal with a chance of flurries. We are packing turtlenecks instead of shorts…and the sightseeing will consist of poking around inside our nation’s attic (the Smithsonian) or maybe heading over to the White House to see if we can get to see President Bartlett.

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Party’s Over

Our 5 days off from ends tomorrow when it is back to work. To prevent this no work to work letdown from occurring in the future we have purchased a couple of tickets for the PowerBall lottery for Wednesday.

I took 98 pictures in our 2 days in DC. Quite a few are junk, mostly because I hate the nearly useless flash on the camera, so I hand held a lot of the museum shots and they came out blurry (there are only so many leaning on the railing shots a man can take.) There are a few keepers as well. Ever since the digital camera came into our household there are no more prints, to show, to share, to put in albums. I think I will take the 20-24 best photos and get real prints made from them. How 20th century.

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Wasting Time – Big Time

Instead of doing anything constructive this evening I’ve plugging away at those rounded corners. Sorry just couldn’t help myself.

sneak peek

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Loop, FlipFlop & RoundRobin

These are the names of MT Plug-ins I’ve tried to use on the new blog design without much success. I thought Loop was going to do it, but I’m not to much of a programmer, so I didn’t understand it right. I want to apply different background colors to each post. Loop did that, but it also made 4 different copies of all the posts in each color. Ooops. RoundRobin looked like exactly what I wanted, but the instructions were so sketchy that I’m not sure I got it installed right. Then reading the comments on the plug-in at the author’s site it appears that it doesn’t work with version 3 of Movable Type. Siiigh. FlipFlop looks like it will work on every other post. I’ll take that if I can get it. Plan “B” is to have all the posts one color and then I’ll just hard code the different colors on the sidebar.

I’ve still got 29 psi in the right rear tire. Which begs the question, what caused the original 8 psi air loss last week?

Speaking of Plan “B”, Sally, who we visited in DC last week, may have to implement her own alternative plan. She was all set to go to Pristina, Kosovo (formerly part of Yugoslavia), but there appears to be a major stumbling block. If if can’t be surmounted, she will chuck the 3 weeks of learning the Albanian language and start over with another. She has several choices of assignments, but when you are just starting out in the State Department you don’t get a primo spot right up front, so here are the current places where there are openings she could fill:
Windhoek, Namibia
Kathmandu, Nepal
Conakry, Guniea
Khartoum, Sudan
Amman, Jordan
Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Where would you pick?

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Picture Book

After the trip to DC earlier this month I vowed to make actual prints from some of the pictures I took while there. The other night I got as far as uploading the 20 odd good ones to Shutterfly or Ofoto or whoever. Then I had a brainstorm (my wife told me what she wanted) and decided to have one of those MyPublisher books made instead. For about $5 more than the 4 x 6 prints I will get 24 6 x 8 single sided pages of bound paperback book.

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That 70’s Afternoon

My favorite Internet Radio station, Radio Paradise, seems unavailable right now, so I was forced to listen to something else this afternoon. PEELLAND-FM was bookmarked and I didn’t remember why so I tried it. I was instantly transported back to my high school days, they were playing Deep Purple’s “Child of Time” from the album Made in Japan, 12-1/2 minutes of screaming, rambling live rock and roll. This album had a heavy rotation in the 8-track player (that’s right 8-track.) This disc along with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s 4-Way Street, Black Sabbath’s Paranoid, The Allman Brother’s At Filmore East and, of course, Pink Flyod’s Dark Side of the Moon really define that era for me.

If you are running Mozilla, or your IE is in the right mood, you should notice that I have my very own favicon now. It was made from a picture I used for a Theme Thursday last June, Bend. Here is a place on line that will make one for free, all you need is an image you want to use (a square one would be best.)

FavIcon from Pics

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Doobie Wah

I hope Peter Frampton isn’t upset. I totally forgot about Frampton Comes Alive being one of my 70s staples too, until I heard a Muzak version of “Show Me The Way” in a restaurant today. Technically that particular album was a few years post high school anyway. Well, you know what they say about marijuana and memory…at least I hope you do, because I seem to have forgotten. 😉

More fun with the Bend photo – ASCII art!



Can’t Leave Well Enough Alone Can I?

When I first started this re-design I wanted the posts to show up in different color blocks. I tried 3 different MT plugins with no success. Today I googled for a php script that would do a random thing and found a simple one on scriptygoddess that looked promising. And, well, wouldn’t you know it, it worked. I’ve just used it on the front page, the monthly archives and individual pages are still monocolored. So now that I got what I wished for, am I happy? Not sure. Maybe I need to find one that will run through a list instead of random. Maybe I should quit mucking around.

Tonight was (is) West Wing marathon on Bravo. I watched 2.5 episodes before I broke away. While watching that 2-1/2 hours of TV I was subjected to at least 50 promos for other Bravo shows and their new logo is now permanently etched into my head…you know, if I removed the left two roundings and dangled a triangle down and to the left I could have my posts appear in a bravolike box.
Now the question becomes, should the bravo boxes be different colors or not? 😀

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Another Free Cool Blogging Thing…

…that will probably be killed by it’s own popularity in the not to distant future.

In my never ending quest to bring you a blog reading experience that ranks right up there with winning a buck on a lottery scratch-off, I give you Gravatars! That is if have signed up for that service and deem to leave me a comment. When you do, your gravatar will appear right next to your words of wisdom. Mine is made from my image du moment, Bend. What’s yours? Leave a comment and show the world (well, at least this small slice of it.)

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Blogging Brians

If something is worth doing, it is worth doing to excess.

A person named Brian commented on one of my pictures in a photo meme. I wrote back thanking him for the comment and it was nice to get to know a fellow blogger named Brian. It reminded me of the webring I was in on way back in 2003 called Blogging Brian’s. The person who formed the ring has fallen off the face of the Internet, so that little scheme can’t be resurected. Instead I went back and grabbed all the still working links and made a little section for them on the right side of the page. Hey I have a list of blogs over there that are written by Miata owners….

Then I went a step too far. I Googled Brian Blog and then Blog Brian. Came up with 11 more active blogs written by Brians, including six with the startlingly original name of Brian’s Blog.

I am reserving the right to winnow out a few of these, Sturgeon’s Law definitely applies to blogs written by Brians too.

Friday’s Week In Review Post

This post was to be brought to you by the letter Q, but fearing legal action from Nissan, it will instead be brought to you by…oh heck, I can’t think of a letter that hasn’t been used as a car line designation. Can You?

1) The picture book of our DC trip I ordered last Friday from MyPublisher arrived today. Never going to buy a photo album again.
2) I must sure love the way I look because I was busy peppering this place with my photo in various forms, favicon, ASCII art and gravatar.
3) Must love that car too, as there are 3 new photos of it in here this week.
4) Posted my first picture in a new weekly photo meme, Lens Day Wednesday. One of the photo blogs I visited actually had a listing of photo memes for every day of the week. Yikes. Think I’ll stick to 3 for now.

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Always Hoped That I’d Be An Apostle

Knew that I would make it if I tried.
Then when we retire, we can write the Gospels,
So they’ll still talk about us when we’ve died.

Yesterday evening Donna wanted a nap, so I queued up the DVD of Jesus Christ Superstar and kept the sound down low. I really like this movie. I’m not sure if it just that I’m a child of the early 70’s and that is the style of music of my youth or is it because I saw a Broadway production of the play on a high school field trip and had great time in NYC, in spite of being left behind. Or maybe it is because we get the whole Jesus fable neatly wrapped up in an hour and 45 minutes.

Today on TCM I stumbled on the last 40 minutes of King of Kings and stayed. It was pretty fun to compare this 1961 “serious” take to the more irreverent JCSS telling of the same story.

Only Because I Can…

…and probably for only a little while, I am making good on this threat.

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Tuesday Already?

This week is flying by! 😉

A spray can of Garnet Red paint was on my doorstep after work tonight. Now let’s see if I can remove the mirror from the windsheild without breaking either one. At least two of the half dozen threads I read on mentioned breaking the windsheild. 😯

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