Episode 2

We watched season 4’s second episode of Mad Men tonight and maybe it is just me, but so far I’m not enjoying this season as much as previous ones. And it is partially the fault that nobody seems happy and our leading man is even more of a jerk that we thought. Even Roger Sterling’s zinging one-liners felt forced and fell flat this episode.

The only character that even cracked a smile all episode was Sally Draper, the daughter of a pair of dysfunctional parents, who is happy to be receiving attention from the creepiest kid on television, Glen, who had just broken into her house when the family was away and trashed every room except her’s.

Right now it is like watching a show with zero sympathetic characters. I hope we don’t stay that way for very long, there is so very little I enjoy on TV and right now I’m not enjoying this one.

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Sometimes I don’t even heed my own advice.

Nearly 2 years ago I posted here that one shouldn’t use a string trimmer without wearing long pants. That time I came away with a speckled leg from the dirt and tiny stones kicked up by fishing line rotating at several thousand RPM. This time it is much worse.

Today when I cleaned off the front porch using the leaf blower I noticed a few strands of ivy creeping their way towards the house. I went and got the trimmer which was freshly loaded with some of that heavy duty red string stuff. As I made mince meat of the ivy I could feel a few things ricochet off my legs, but then suddenly I forgot all about my lower extremities because something grabbed me by the right ear and lifted me off the ground. OW! I must have pissed off a wasp and it stung me on the back of the ear.

It is 4 hours later and my ear still hurts worse than that time in second grade when Bobby Mitchell punched me in the head because I stuck my tongue out at him during recess.

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Happy Birthday

Sputnik 5. Fifty years ago today, the Soviet Union launched the Korabl-Sputnik 2 spacecraft carrying two dogs named Belka and Strelka, along with mice, rats and flies into space. Everyone came back alive.

Sort of Happy Birthday to Gene Roddenberry who passed away in 1991 and would have been 89 today. A former member of the LAPD and freelance writer finally hit the big time after his second TV show was canceled by NBC in 1969, but the fictional Star Trek universe Roddenberry created has spanned over four decades, producing five television series, 700 episodes and eleven films, with a twelfth film currently in development and scheduled for a 2012 release.

Other birthdays for August 19th, Orville Wright 1871, Coco Chanel 1883, William Jefferson Clinton 1946, Jonathan Frakes 1952 and Jason Starr 1967.

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Billions & Billions of Words

While shuffling through Netflix’s Instant Watch titles looking for tonight’s dinner theater I found available, Cosmos, Carl Sagan’s ode to humans and their understanding of the known universe. Perfect. Or so I thought.

I remember being mesmerized when watching it 30 years ago. But tonight we couldn’t finish watching the whole first 60 minute installment. Part of it was, what were state of the art special effects in 1980 seem almost cheesy in 2010. Another part of it was the narration. What to me did sound earnest and enthusiastic back then, sounds only marginally less annoying than that guy who does the those Comcast commercials with Shaquille O’Neal. Donna put it best when she said, “Its like being in a high school science class.”

With the failure to finish Cosmos, that made us bat .500 over the weekend for torrented and instant watch entertainment. We also didn’t finish Episode 1 of the Americanized version of Life on Mars and the failed marriage movie, Serious Moonlight, with Tim Hutton and Meg Ryan.

We did finish a second failed marriage movie, Did You Hear About the Morgans? Even with the predictable plot, the one dimensional Hugh Grant and the ever so annoying Sarah Jessica Parker we both enjoyed it.

We both also enjoyed TiMER, a little quirky sci fi I want to get married flick and an alcoholic hit man falls in love movie entitled You Kill Me which ended up winning the best movie of the weekend award.

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