Watched the rest of the Firefly episodes the other day and I really am bummed, The last one, Objects in Space, was probably my favorite episode.

Maybe I need to watch more stuff on Hulu before it goes away. Everything I have watched the last week or so has a blank commercial advertising on how you should advertise on Hulu. They must not be selling a lot of ads.

I’ve got the Lost Oceanic Airlines T-shirt, so why shouldn’t I get a BlueSun T-shirt?

Have I mentioned lately that you really should go see Iron Man?

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I Turned Pro

I finally coughed up the twenty five bucks to get a pro account on Flickr! I turned my original account where all the South Carolina Post Office photos to the “pro” level so all of the 390 I have taken so far can been seen, not just the latest 200. I was also bumping into the 200 photo limit on my second free account, so instead of creating yet another free Flickr account I just went ahead and turn Pro.

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Navy speak for the Indian Ocean. A couple days ago I got a comment on a post from a squadronmate from back in the VQ-1/ U.S.S. Midway days, some 30 odd years ago. I remembered the name, but couldn’t put a face to it (not surprisingly because sometimes when I look at my picture from back then, I barely recognize me.) Kevin isn’t in the picture that I have posted in the Midway Gallery already, so I went up in the attic and rummaged through some boxes to find my cruise book from the Midway IO cruise in 1977. He isn’t in that one either.

I am, but you wouldn’t know it if you were looking at the book, my name was omitted. I’m the tall good looking one in the back row. 😀 I scanned the page to post the picture here and edited it to include my name.

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It’s The Patriotic Thing To Do

This picture is on the other half of the squadron’s page in the cruise book. These are the guys that were responsible for keeping the airplane in flying shape – scary huh?

In case you have been living under a rock, gas prices have been creeping up and now the average price of regular gas nationally is just a tick under four bucks. Internal combustion engines are at their least efficient when starting from a dead stop, so in the interest of helping America throw off the shackles of dependence on foreign oil I propose that we now treat stop signs and red lights as yield signs – if it is clear, just keep on rolling.*

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* the Legal Department here at Mr. Miata want you to know that while this is advice is patriotically sound, it may violate local ordinances, so follow it at your own risk.

We’ve Done Our Part Mr. President

In the last 3 days between my internet purchases, Donna’s books, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond, we dumped nearly eleven hundred bucks back into the economy. With the exception of the Blue Sun Travel Posters everything we bought would have been purchased eventually, but thanks to W the time table was moved in. Matter of fact, if the first round of checks didn’t do the trick, we have an idea on what to spend the sequel on.

For a moment, earlier this evening, I thought we might not need a second economic stimulus payment, I checked our ticket in the Mega Millions lottery drawing from yesterday. First number I look at is the mega ball, because if you don’t have that, you don’t have squat. We had it! We didn’t have the first regular number but we did have the second one. Hey wait, we have the forth too. Alas, that was all though. The ticket is worth $10, so our next 5 weeks of draws will be on the house.

On Monday Goody’s Clothing Stores filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. By Wednesday we knew the store in Aiken was one of over a hundred stores they were going to close. Today they had human pop-up ads on the busy street corners in town. While we were out and about buying other stuff today, we decided to pop in and check out the prices. I’ve got a pair of Levi’s Squad Cargo Shorts I bought there a month or so ago and I thought I might pick up another pair or two. Apparently I was not the only one in town with that idea, their parking lot was jammed, it was never that busy, even the day after Thanksgiving or the weekends before Christmas. I didn’t even want to go in, but Donna talked me into it. Everyone of their half dozen registers were open and the lines at each were, I bet, 20 deep. We didn’t stay long. A friend of ours (Hi Rae) reported she saw us come in and go out while she spent her 40 minutes in line (she did say she got some good deals.) My weekend hourly rate is pretty high so I would have to be saving a lot more than 50% off on a pair of $30 shorts for me to stand in a line for 2/3 of an hour. We went next door to Target where I bought a pair of Mossimo Destroyed Cargo Shorts in Bootcamp Olive.

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Happy Dad’s Day

I’m not one myself (although I do try and treat my godson Gnorm like real family) so I sure hope I didn’t violate any laws of the universe by treating it like one, i.e. sleeping in late and lazing away the afternoon on the couch watching baseball.

Mal: “Jayne, how many weapons you plannin’ on takin’? You only got the two arms.”
Jayne: “Well I just excitable as to choice, like to have my options open.”
Mal: “I don’t plan on any shooting taking place during this job.”
Jayne: “Yeah well, what you plan and what takes place ain’t ever exactly been similar.”

I put the Serenity movie back in my rental queue. It was there before, but I pulled it after I pulled the DVDs of the TV show. I watched like the first 15 minutes of the pilot and turned it off. Turns out I really needed a Browncoat to guide me through the bumpy beginning, because I ended up really liking the show.

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I’m a Yankee, born in Massachusetts and raised in Connecticut, so I never really heard of this soda until I moved south. I’ve lived in Dixie for nearly 20 years now and I still hadn’t tasted one. Until today.

I’m pretty much a Diet Dr. Pepper guy, but when I went to the vending area at work this afternoon looking for a carbonated beverage, the machine that normally has the DDP didn’t. I checked the other two machines and as expected they didn’t either, so back to the first machine I went, looking for an alternative drink.

It did have regular Dr. Pepper, but that tastes too sweet to me now. Lemonade, nah. Lipton Brisk Iced Tea, not a chance as that stuff is an aberration. Bottled iced tea is to real iced like instant grits is to regular grits and to quote Sam Tipton of Wazoo, Alabama, “No self respectin’ Southerner uses instant grits.” Wait a minute here is a row of 20oz. bottles selling for a buck instead of the $1.25 of all the others. Let’s see, there is Sundrop and Cheerwine, Sundrop looks lemon lime like and I didn’t want that taste, so I guess I’ll go for the Cheerwine, how bad can it be?

When I got back to my desk I twisted off the top and took a smell. Smelled kind of like paint. Pour half a bottle over ice and tasted it. Tasted vaguely like paint too. I drank three quarters of it in hopes I would become accustomed to the taste, didn’t, so I poured out the last bit into the sink in the Men’s room. Color was kind of dark and it took me three rinses to get the water to come out of the mug clear. When I dried out the inside of the mug with a paper towel the towel came out red tinged, kind of like paint.

Must be an acquired taste.

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PC to Video EZ

Besides the Blue Sun Travel Posters I bought with my scrap of the Economic Stimulus Payment, I also purchased a Grantec PC to Video EZ. Both items arrived today. I had just enough time to run a trial of the Video EZ on the small TV before getting called to dinner.

My initial verdict is it seemed OK for video, but it sucked for text, so surfing the web is a blurry affair. Tomorrow I’ll hook it up the the big TV in the living room and do a more in depth check there. Don’t know when we will use it in the near future though, as we still have 4-1/2 discs of House: Season 3 to watch, 4 more episodes of Due South on Disc 1 of Season 1 that arrived in a red envelope today and there is a Netflix movie that will be here tomorrow.

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Move Along, Nothing Here To See









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Jumping on the Duck Boat

Celtics Woohoo!

I have to admit that I didn’t watch any of the playoff games all the way through — they were on too late. OK, now that you ask in that manner — I didn’t watch much more than bits and pieces and probably never finished a whole quarter all the way through. But go Celtics. NBA Champs. You rock!

Maybe it is more of a re boarding of the bandwagon. As I said the other day, I grew up in New England, so my natural sport team allegiances were to those from Boston. Growing up my mom would not spring for the more expensive Converse All-Stars (after all, I was just going to tear them up), so I always wore Bob Cousy sneakers from the local discount store (they did have a cool Celtic green sole though.) With the first paycheck from my first job I went out and spent $20 on a pair of high top black canvas Converse All-Star sneakers and tossed the nine dollar Cousy’s aside. But it was too late, some of the green of the soles from those discount sneakers through osmosis had entered into my bloodstream.

I bought one of those shiny Starter jackets, back when if you wore something like that gang members might rob you and take the coat, but leave your wallet (somewhere in the early eighties.) Celtic life was good then; Parish, Bird, Mchale, DJ and Danny Ainge. While living in New Orleans in 1985 we even went to a Celtics – Atlanta Hawk game at the then new Lakefront Arena to see those guys play. Larry Bird scored a team record 60 points (just nine days after Kevin Mchale scored 56 to take the record from Larry) that still stands 23 years later. The Glory Days.

When that core group hung up their short shorts and knees socks, the Celtics and my fanhood faded. I still kept my eye on the scores and standings, but couldn’t name a player. Last year they totally stunk up the league with a record of 24-58. Then a couple of guys from the old fab five, in the off-season, had a hand in forming this years championship team. Minnesota traded 2004 league MVP Kevin Garnett to Boston and things started to come together. Minnesota’s General Manager? Kevin Mchale. Boston’s GM? Danny Ainge. Thanks guys.

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Going Green

No, this is not another Boston Celtics post.

When I went out to get the Sunday paper today, instead of getting into the car and driving the mile or so to the Qwik-e-Mart, I rode my bicycle.

Matter of fact, no petrochemicals were used at all today as the Emperor never left the garage.

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HIPPA To Be Square

A local hospital’s mobile mammogram bus visits the plant every year. The nurse makes a schedule of when each person is supposed to go get their test done. She makes up a little spreadsheet, but gets me to print it out at 18 x 24 on my plotter. It gets posted on a stand in the main entrance corridor between her office and HR.

When we walked by it the other day on our way for one of our walks on break, Donna commented that maybe that shouldn’t be there because maybe the participants didn’t want everyone else to see it. I quipped something about HIPPA and she said, “Well my name isn’t on there, so I’m not going to worry about it.”

Later that morning as I was walking by the sign, a woman who was on the list, wondered aloud, like me, if maybe that didn’t violate HIPPA (feel free to try and figure that out, here is a link to the 101 page PDF.) She must have said something to Human Resources because the next time I passed that way, the schedule was gone.

That afternoon as I sat in my cube working, I heard that same woman passing by and she must have came upon a friend going in the opposite direction because she announced to her (loud enough to be heard over a 100′ radius), “I can’t talk now, I’m off to get my mammogram!”

So much for taking down the schedule so people wouldn’t know…

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Rembert, SC 29128

Bet you thought I forgot about the whole “take a picture of every Post Office in South Carolina” thing didn’t you?

I haven’t, it is just that they are all so far away and in places we don’t really want to visit and because it is summer they are too hot and too crowded. Today on our trip back from visiting Donna’s cousin Laurie we were going to be near a stray PO that somehow got over looked when we in that area before.

Behold! Rembert, SC, post office number 390 of 461.

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We Are Keeping Netflix Profiles

It took Netflix less than 2 weeks to come to their senses:

Dear Brian,

You spoke, and we listened. We are keeping Profiles. Thank you for all the calls and emails telling us how important Profiles are.

We are sorry for any inconvenience we may have caused. We hope the next time you hear from us we will delight, and not disappoint, you.

-Your friends at Netflix

I’m sure it was me singing the petition. 😀

Cash Back

We did our weekly grocery shopping yesterday and as our custom I load the conveyor and Donna moves to the end and will start bagging if there is no one there. I have the coupons in my pocket (Donna hands them to me as we buy the item the coupon is for) and the loyalty card for the store in my wallet, plus I have the debit card for paying, so I stop opposite the cashier.

When the cashier was done scanning our items and deducting the coupons, I swiped the debit card. At this point, knowing my wallet is empty, Donna says, “Take out a couple extra bucks.” This is unnerving because I am used to requests for specific amounts. I ask Donna what she means by a couple. Her answer was even more unsettling, “Just round up the total.” Our bill was at that point ninety-four dollars and fourteen cents. Crap! She expected me to do math under pressure, the cashier was waiting, the woman behind me had her stuff on the conveyor belt…I couldn’t do it, I just knew I’d subtract wrong, forgetting to carry the one or something, and the bill would come to $101 or $99.

I punted, figured I would just take out ten bucks, that should be easy. I push the other key, hit the 1 and the 0 and hit OK. Your total is $94.24. Damn that’s ten cents! Cancel. Back. Cancel. Panic.

I just know everyone around is staring at the doofus who can’t operate the card console. In my head I imagine the kid at the service desk is making an announcement, “Attention Kroger shoppers. Gather around Register #5 and watch an old guy try to operate the credit card reader. Grab a latte at the Starbucks counter and come on up front because next he’ll be trying to pay using the change from one of those little rubber things with a split in it that even your grandfather is too cool to use anymore.”

Miraculously all my button pushing has brought me back to the “Would you like cash back?” screen without having to swipe the card again. Alright, I want ten bucks, not ten cents. I push the key opposite other and push the one and the zero keys, then the big green Yes button. There. That wasn’t so hard was it?

Apparently it was hard, because the cashier hands me my receipt and my dime change.

And while I’m sure she was trying to be helpful by pointing me to the ATM machine near the service desk, I wasn’t listening to the cashier, I mumbled rudely, “No thanks. I don’t really need it.” I just wanted out of the store.

My very supportive wife waited until we got outside in the parking lot before she started laughing at me…

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