What I Did In School Today

What I Did In School TodayThis was this morning’s second exercise. We programmed this thingie that is called a hub. Went a lot smoother than we thought it should go, but then again everything is easy when you are playing follow the leader. Basically the instructor goes through the tutorial on his PC which is projected on the wall in front of the class. We students just click and hopefully stay the path.

Just wait until Thursday when we get back to ASCO and try it by ourselves.

US Airways Dividend Miles

Someone explain this to me:

Donna received in the mail yesterday a letter that stated, “A review of our records indicates that you have unused miles in your Dividend Miles account.” To redeem her 2,454 unused miles she could select from the below list of magazines and take as many as she wanted until she ran out of miles.

This has happened about 3 or 4 times in the last decade, even thought we haven’t flown on US Airways for 20 years and even when we did we were never in their frequent flier program.

Anyway, we have done the magazine picking each time and it hasn’t cost us a cent. The only angle I can think of that once subscribed the magazines are hoping that you will renew (which we have never done.)

This time we will be getting a year’s worth of Time, Giant and All You.

Pixel Decor

Pixel DecorI forgot all about the photo galleries, they still had the Halloween theme, until tonight that is. I’ve got to go ahead and consolidate the CSS for this weblog and those galleries, so if I ever do change the look (Oh, I’m sure that will never happen again. ;)) everything will update in one fell swoop.

A long time ago on a internet far, far away I found a site that was chock full of 50’s retro designs, called PixelDecor. I asked for and received permission to use some of the images (Chunky & Eames come to mind) there as background for the MMC web site. Most recently I was inspired by the pattern called LiteBrite when I had the rounded corner look for this blog back when I was using MT. As part of my updating here I am hoping to get permission to use the image above to use as the background (where you see the dark blue now.) I’d say I’ll keep you posted, but you’ll know anyway on one of your next few times you visit.

Which reminds me, those Life of Brian chapters from the ol’ MT days still have that rounded corner look with those colors. Better get working on updating them.

Plus there is still the dusty morgue of 2002-2003 blog entries to wipe off and import here…

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What’s Past Is Never Past

I uploaded the “highlights” of the first half of 2003. Not every one is a gem, there are a few polished stones and a couple of rocks left in the mix, but guaranteed there are no lumps of coal nor dirt clods. If you ever want proof that there are folks who have a duller life than you, it is right there for you in my archives.

I wonder why when I imported those 6 months the plugin that displays them skipped the first two table cells?

Update: I uploaded all of July 2003 and one post from August and the table straightened itself out.

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Black Is The New Black

Cafepress has added black t-shirts for printing on. At one time I had an idea that was perfect for a black shirt, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was.

I have always wanted to have a tee that said “New Navy” on it, as a parody of the Old Navy merchandise. Maybe one that says, “Regular Navy.” Now I just need a line art sailor graphic and I’m n business.

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Real Navy

Real Navy T
I’ve got my first design ready for the black T-shirts. A stylized battleship with the words Real Navy in white on the front. The next one will be a little harder as I’m not a real artist, but I want to get a line art drawing of a sailor in the bellbottom dress uniform, kind of like the one in a recruiting poster I’ve seen. Hmmm, wonder if I could manipulate that image…

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So Long Mom, We’re Going To Miss You

Donna’s mom Barbara Morrison, who has lived with us since the spring of 2000, passed away this evening. Blogging may be light for the next few days as I help my wife and her family through this difficult time.

If you feel so moved – National Kidney Foundation

Blessing of the Hounds

Blessing of the HoundsThe blessing of the hounds is a hunting tradition that dates back to the 8th century, but here in Aiken since only 1914. We’ve lived here for 16 years and this is the first year we have attended the ceremony held annually on Thanksgiving day. One reason we finally went was our neighbor’s daughter was receiving her “colors” from the Aiken Hounds. Another was it gave the whole family something to do for a couple of hours at midday while we waited for the turkey to cook.

It was a mile or so walk from where we could park to the Memorial Gate in Hitchcock Woods where the festivities were to take place and we couldn’t have asked for a better day. The temperature was in the low 70s and the sun was shining brightly. There was even enough color left on some of the hardwoods to really enhance the setting. I think next year Donna and I will find a spot in the woods and wait for the post blessing hunt to come charging by.

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Empty Nest

This morning I dropped one of Donna’s brothers at his big-rig at the interstate truck stop where he had parked it, so he could go back to work. From there, Donna’s sister rode with me to the Columbia airport where she was to board a flight back Orlando. Around noon the other two brothers and family hopped back into their rental car and drove to Atlanta to get on flights to points west.

Donna’s mom lived with us for the last 5-1/2 years and even though we were quite often in three different rooms doing three different things, it is strangely quiet here tonight without her.

Things To Do Before You Die

1) Write a Will.
2) Buy your executor a heavy duty paper shredder.

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It’s Begining To Look A Lot Like Winter

New background for the season. Or at least until I get tired of it.

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That Was Stupid

Did I really think it was necessary to do a whole post just to announce that I had changed the background here? Like wouldn’t it be patently obvious to the casual reader that something was different since last time? And if a first time visitor looked in, why would it matter that it had changed, the whole experience is new?