Isn’t That Kind Of Redundant?

We did out weekly grocery shopping this afternoon (top down, woot, first time is has gone down in over a week) and it was time to stock up on my favorite elixir, Diet Dr. Pepper. As I picked up a twelve pack I noticed a box right next to it that said Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper, a strange impulse came over me so I bought one of those too. I sure hope I liked the taste or I don’t know what the heck I was going to do with the other 11 cans.

As we are checking out the kid bagging asks, “Is this any good?” while pointing at the cherry vanilla version. My response was, “I don’t know, but I will in a couple of hours.”

It has been a couple of hours and if that kid is reading this, “It ain’t bad.” I’ll have to wait until I’ve tasted a few more before I decide if I buy it again… Trouble is that it doesn’t seem wildly different from regular Diet Dr. Pepper. Come to think of it, if you tried to describe the taste of Dr. Pepper, you might just use the words cherry & vanilla already. So isn’t this new soda flavor kind of redundant.

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Today it made it to at least the middle 60’s. The sun seems to be getting a little higher in the sky, so even at 4:30 for the trip home it was fairly warm. I kept the jacket on though as in the shade it was still kind of cool. My cubical neighbor guarantees that there will be no more cold weather as yesterday he finally finished the install on his wood stove he has been monkeying with for the past couple of months.

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New Banner

A while back I had a friend of a friend make up a side banner for this site. I liked it but he had put an RX-8 in it. I asked if he’d do a different one with just Miatas, well today it came via the email. I have it integrated into the site, but I had to darken up the theme a little to make it work (as it was I had to lighten up the banner.)

It was his first attempt at something vertical, he kinda of specializes in signatures, those 60×300 images at the bottom of a forum post. He is only 16 and just started doing computer graphics in August of last year. Like any kid, cost is an issue so he is hosted on Geocities and has a “free” domain name, so you have to drill down through the popups and ads, but the images are worth it. Blood Lite Arts

I still liked my old page so I have implemented a style switcher, so you can pick which look you like. There a few bugs in the system still, but I’ll see if I can work them out. The most annoying is for some reason it loads the default first and then switches. That happens pretty quickly on individual pages, but with the bigger archive files it is really noticeable. Plus for some reason in Firefox the new banner doesn’t show at all…

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Every Husband’s Dream

On the eve of Valentine’s Day I received every husband’s dream, wife sanctioned internet porn searching. Donna is a big fan of Trading Spaces and she heard/read somewhere that the hostess of the show, Paige Davis, was canned from the show for the discovery of a Paris Hilton style sex tape that was somewhere on the net. She asked me to try and find it. I answered promptly, “Yes ma’am, I’ll look in every filthy corner of the net for you.”

It didn’t take long to find out that the tape was not really of her. Or maybe it was the greatest cover up ever perpetrated, it was denied it was her, just some one who looks and sounds a lot like her. The tape may (or may not) be real, but apparently racy pictures of Paige at a gay male charity function are not – Paige Davis Gone Wild!

I may have not found anything tonight, but if she ever comes in and I’m looking at internet porn, I can just say I was looking for that Paige Davis tape. (once 🙂)

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Eked One In

The rain that the Weather Channel had been promising for our area for Sunday noon, finally arrived here mid-morning today. Because of that we managed to eke in a top down drive to work. The windblocker was up along with the windows and the temperature control was about halfway to hot. Tomorrow and Wednesday it will be in the mid to lower 70s, woohoo, then the following two days it will be down into the 50s before settling in to the 60s where it should by this weekend. Not exactly spring, but the signs are there.

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P y t h o n    P r o b l e m

I can’t beleive it. the word “p y t h o n” causes me to not be able to publish. First it was the joke. Then I had the same problem with me bitching about not being able to post the joke. What the heck is that all about? Is it just me?

I can use python

as long as it is the last word in a line. But I cannot type the word python and another word with a plain space between them. I have to seperate the words with & n b s p ;. Good thing this blog isn’t about snakes.

For How Long?

On our way back from Columbia this afternoon we passed by a cemetery and out front was 3’x 5′ white banner with bright blue lettering. “SPECIAL! 2 Plots. $31.00 per Month.”

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