No, that is not what Jar Jar Binks says when he is going #1, but a small town in New Hampshire that we passed through today. It was raining in Ossipee, but that was not a big change, because it rained on us practically all day, from the eastern border of Vermont, all across New Hampshire and then all through Maine one side to the other.

It finally quit after our lobster roll dinner at Shaw’s Fish & Lobster Wharf Restaurant in New Harbor. So afterwards we hopped in the car and headed over to Pemaquid Point Lighthouse to watch the tide come in.


The other day on our trip home from work, we were cruising along just fine about a half a mile from home when all of a sudden the car in front of us beeps their horn and slams on the brakes. We were far enough back that we were in no trouble of hitting them, so I touched the brakes to slow and waited to see what happened next.

Leading up to the sudden deceleration neither one of us saw any reason for it, no joggers, cyclists, dogs were in any where to be seen and we were still 30 yards from the next stop sign. It was then that the squirrel ducked out from the front of the car and finished crossing the street.

The driver must have been a member of the Squirrel’s Preventative Cruelty Association or SPCA.


A couple friends went shrimping near Hilton Head on Saturday. As they made their way towards the spot where they planned on fishing, a dolphin showed up alongside the boat and followed them. When they stopped and took out a fish to bait the net, the dolphin stood on its tail begging, so they tossed it a fish. Pretty soon it was eating out of their hands.

After a while another boat showed up so they stopped feeding the dolphin (it?s illegal.) Once they stopped feeding it, it swam over to the other boat. Promptly the folks in the other boat started feeding it too. This dolphin had either escaped from Seaworld or found out on its own that begging from fisherman is easier than chasing fish.

When our friends decided to go back to shrimping they realized they had to go back and get more bait. They had feed all theirs to the dolphin.

Food Lion Auto Fair

Donna and I led a rally for the MMC to the Food Lion Auto Fair at Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Concord. There was one car in the caravan, ours. A couple other guys from the Club did drive up separately in a pickup truck in case they bought something big.

If it is car related, no matter how tangentially, it is for sale at the hundreds, maybe thousands of vendors. It is also the place to buy a car as there are thousands available from a couple hundred dollar project car to a $40k ready to roll hot rod to who knows how much on a collector car being auctioned off.

We killed a couple hours at the track, eat more Cajun food than we needed for lunch, wasted a hour or so in a giant mall before driving home empty handed.

Started down, went up, went down, still down.
Miata Top Tran?si?tions since 10/24/08: 1172