Another Week, Another Shirt

I just got my Miata Toys shirts in the mail last Saturday from Blipshift and here I am ordering another one. This uses up all my gift card money except for 65¢.

This one is part of another batch of 25 restomoded shirts and is the only first-time design. It is the winning entry in a design-a-shirt contest put on by the fine folks at Flying Miata. I submitted an entry, it was a rear 3/4 view of the new RF version with the stuff from the Back to the Future DeLoren on it. I labeled it Miata McFly or Back to the Futrue Part MX-5. It is a quick and ugly photochop (click here if you dare) which I thought was clever enough to win, but alas no.

That is OK because I have another design idea that I hope will win me another gift card and consequently another free shirt. This one is inspired by my Fairy1 Godfather David. I’ve got two versions and I’m not sure I like one better than the other. Actually, I’m not sure I like either one of them, but there just has to be a joke in there somewhere using the name of the famous Porsche wheel style. Forgeting the joke, here’s a third attempt, maybe just a 914 outline with “Porsche?” over it.