Weekend’s Postal Safari Outake

Is Donna saying, “Hey look at me.” or “Come on, take the picture already.” ?

Dalzell, SC

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So Long V570, We Barely Knew Ya

I’ve only had it since the beginning of last April and have shot a little over 2800 photos, but my desire for something with a longer zoom and some image stabilization has led me to pull the trigger on a DMC-TZ3A. It’s blue, so you know it will be taking more colorful pictures than the ones you are used to seeing around here.

Financed through the sale of the camcorder and the fish I have on the line for the V570. I say fish, but actually he is getting a great deal because new that camera is still selling in the mid two hundred range, with refurbs going for $60 bucks more than what I want for it.

ETA next Tuesday.

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Armadillo on the Half Shell

Hampton OuttakeI was tempted to use this for the Hampton Post Office, but in the end decided to go conventional. I’ve got all last weekend’s PO photos up in the gallery and on Flickr!, but no descriptions yet. Except for the Port Royal one where I couldn’t resist a TDPM quote.

In our back road travels we pass a bit of road kill now and again, sometimes the turkey vultures are circling and others they are already gathered around the “meal.” This Sunday was a new one though. A hundred yards ahead of us there was one big black bird off the side of the road in a half a foot tall grass. As we approached him his head ducked down and he started to back out into the road. At 50 yards away with a mighty backwards hop the vulture drops something big and flies up into a nearby tree. At 25 yards away we can see that the bird’s prize, now laying about a foot into our lane, is a very dead, but intact armadillo. I’m guessing that he/she couldn’t get at the good stuff, so it dragged the hard shelled animal into the traffic lane so a car would come by and hit it creating instant Armadillo on the Half Shell.

I swerved to avoid the armadillo and thereby foiled it’s plan.

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Retired Post Office

Old Walterboro Post OfficeThis is obviously Walterboro’s old Post Office just from the architecture of the building and it must still be mistaken for an active one, even though the “new” PO looks about 10-15 years old, because there is a sign in one of the windows of the door that says, “Post Office Is Three Doors Down!” with an arrow pointing to the right.

I just finished “Sudden Mischief” (my 14th Spenser novel, 21 to go) and got another Crime Buster Tip. It is actually called:

Spenser?s Tips For Successful Gumshoe-ing #6: If nothing is happening and you haven?t any idea what you?re doing, go someplace and sit and look at something and await developments.
   Subparagraph A: Most good detectives bring some coffee and a few donuts with them.

There was already one numbered #6, “Go with the flow.” from Bad Business, but it was called #6 on the Spenser Crime Stopper List.

We have had an Amazon.com credit card for awhile now, we got it because we got 30% off a purchase if we opened an account, but never used it again after that purchase. Recently we started using it again because they offered a really low rate on balance transfers until they are paid off. We took our normal CC with a higher interest rate and paid it off with the Amazon one. As with most cards there is some sort of rewards program, but I never paid attention to it because it was a non-factor in choosing the card, plus I never expected to use it again.

Yesterday I got a $25 Amazon.com reward certificate in the mail for passing some milestone of consumerism and promptly spent it (plus $8 more) on 6 used Spenser novels in a mix of hardcover and paperbacks. That will bring my total Spenser library to 20. I had better hurry and get those last 15, because on October 23rd I’ll get one more book behind when the next Spenser story, Now & Then is published. (source Robert B. Parker’s Blog)

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Could I Have Helped To Stop This…

Brian at Twenty…if Donna and I had had kids? Redheads Set For Extinction? (via Missives Anonymous) That’s me on the right at the age of twenty. Llighten up on the shirt OK, it was 1975.

I guess I should have saved some of yesterday’s long winded narrative for today so I’d have something to say tonight. How’s this for not so interesting: I’ve got a line on getting rid of the CD collection. A coworker is into buying at yard sales and selling at flea markets to make some extra money. He knows someone who specializes in music and I might be able to dump the whole pile of 460 CDs on him for a quarter a piece. Thats $115 (I shudder to think how much I spent to buy all those shiny plastic wheels) that will go towards buying a DVD burner and a couple of blank DVDs to back up the 25 Gigs worth of MP3s I’ve now got.

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This May Be My Last Post

After not having a single number on my Powerball ticket in last Saturday’s $300 million drawing, I feel I’m due to win the $250 million Mega Million drawing tonight.

If that happens I am going to hire professional authors to ghost write my blog so I don’t have to hurt my head thinking stuff up:
Mondays will be handled by J.K. Rowling
Tuesdays will be penned by Stephen King
Wednesdays will be written by Dick Francis
Thursdays will be authored by Michael Crichton
Fridays are going to be John Updike’s responsibility
and the weekends will be the domain of Robert B. Parker


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