Phone Charger

Unlike the last time we went on a driving vacation, we didn’t forget the phone on our way out of town, we forgot the charger for this trip to Texas.

We were in Alabama or Arkansas or somewhere when we noticed that the cell phone battery indicator had only one of four segments of the battery filled in. At the next gas station stop I perused the typical spin stand of cell phone accessories looking for a Samsung phone charger. There was one on the bottom level in a dusty plastic clam-shell that was priced at $15, so I bought it, along with our usual assortment of snacks and drinks.

That night at the hotel I pulled the charger out of its plastic and hooked it up to the phone. The Verizon logo flashed on the outside display and then went off, so I assumed it was charging up. We thought nothing else about it until several days later when the phone wouldn’t turn on. I tried the charger again. I tried it both ways, wall socket and USB from the laptop. Each time I plugged it into the phone the logo would briefly come on and the display would then go black.

We were in Natchi­toches, LA and they had a Wally World, so we drove across town to get a charger there, this time not only looking for a Samsung charger, but one that was advertised to fit a Gusto 2 (SCH-U365.)I couldn’t find one that listed our phone, but I did find that they had one of our exact model phone for sale for $11.88.

So for three bucks lees than the first purchase, not only did I get the absolute correct charger for our phone, I got a spare battery and in case I decide to kidnap a co-worker’s dead palmetto bug again I’ve got an untraceable to me burner phone.

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