Your Own Personal DJ

Want to broaden your musical horizons, but not too far? I’ve got just the thing, well I don’t have it, the internet has it and it is called Pandora.You create your own personal radio stations based on music you already like. I typed in “The Cranberries” and I been listening to some pretty decent music for the last hour or so. Occasionally they serve a clunker and all you have to do is click the thumbs down button, the song will stop and another is offered up.

I think I’ll try and conjure up a Hawaiian music station…

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Life of the Party or Annoying Guest?

RummicubeWhen I went for my esophagogastroduodenoscopy (I just love that word, I can’t say it, but boy does it look impressive written down) on Friday, I had a hospital arrival time of 7:30 and a procedure time of 8:30. Donna dropped me off about 7:15 so she could get to work at her normal hour. The patient registration clerks were ready and efficient, so when I entered the Endoscopy Lab where I was to have my procedure, I was very early. All the nurses were sitting in a big circle drinking coffee, cutting up and laughing. When I was noticed, everyone quieted down and one of the nurses directed me to the waiting room and told me they would call me when they were ready for me. They were probably having a morning staff meeting or something, but they sure were a happy bunch with all that laughing.

What ever the feel good juice is that they give you before the scoping, it is awesome. One of the nurses stuck the needle in the IV and said this will take about 5 minutes to kick in. I looked up at the clock and saw that it was 9:05 and I thought that I better remind the doctor that I wanted a picture of my insides, when the next thing I knew I was in the recovery area and a nurse asked if I wanted a Coke to drink. Memories of the next hour or two are very scattered, for me. My wife will tell you different. Apparently I babbled on and on, repeating everything I said two or three times. Donna even tells me I was tormenting the other patients, particularly a woman who was in for a colonoscopy. I have zero recall of any of this. I wonder what else I was saying?

Over the weekend I figured out what all those nurses were laughing at when I walked in on them Friday morning and why they went so silent so fast. They were probably comparing notes on how their patients had acted and what they said while under the influence of the anesthesia the day before.

I expect they all had a pretty good laugh about me at this morning’s meeting.

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Welcome To Moe’s!

We had a coupon to buy one, get one free as long as you bought two large drinks. Donna ordered a Billy Barou that looked big enough to split, so we did. I’ll have my Joey Bag of Donuts for lunch tomorrow. It was still nice enough at 6:30 that we ate outside on the patio and watched the traffic go by on Whiskey Road (although by the end of the meal I wished I had a jacket on.)

Meal Cost: $9.08
Tip: None
Spent Today: $9.08
Year to Date: $265.67

There was pine pollen on the car when we got off of work this afternoon, but I ain’t complaining, it was 69° outside. So I went rollerblading when we got home, had to. I did my usual 3 mile circuit and it felt pretty good to stretch it out, but I bet tomorrow morning I’ll feel it in my lower back and legs. The high temps are headed back towards fifty again by the weekend, so I’ll be back to hibernating ’til spring, but it can’t be far away now.

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Because You Never Know When You Might Need It

Taiwan Visa StampsWe are planning a dip into Canada in May when we next visit the Pacific northwest in May. Donna has a long lost cousin that lives near Vancouver and we, along with her big brother and his wife, are going to say hello. As of January 23, 2007 you need a passport to get into Canada (and more importantly, back into the US) if you are traveling by boat or plane. If you are driving you won’t need one until next January. We are taking a ferry, so are we driving or boating in? We are not going to take any chances, so tomorrow we are going to the post office to get some new passports. 

We already have passports, but they are a little out of date, they expired almost 24 years ago. To get a new one you need proof of US citizenship and our old passports fit that bill. When I filled out the application I checked the box saying that we would surrender our old passports. Everything was fine until tonight and besides having a hard time finding where we put them last, Donna got a little misty eyed about them as souvenirs of our honeymoon. Almost didn’t want to give them up. I got her to grudging agree to turn them in, but to make nice, I scanned all the pages into the PC.

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1969 Hammy AwardsOur neighbors across the street are a charming old retired couple that we have come to know well in our 18 years here in Aiken. During the 5 years that Donna’s mom lived with us we had Oliver and Nancy over for dinner several times. Oliver is the talker of the two and he would regale us with tales of early life in Aiken and all manner of subjects. They moved into Dunbarton Oaks in the middle 50’s when the subdivision was first built. Oliver was an engineer that came to town to work at the newly opened top secret bomb plant south of town and Nancy taught school. Both have long since retired.

But in all the time we’ve known him, he never once mentioned his acting days with the local playhouse, so we were quite surprised to see this picture in the Aiken Standard’s “Portrait’s of the Past” section this week. I cut it out and laminated it for him. When I gave him the picture I told Oliver that the next time I come visit his house I’d like to see his award. He told me it is probably in the attic somewhere gathering dust. I’m sure 38 years ago it held a place of prominence on his mantle though.

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Talking Heads

10:00AM — Sports Reporters on ESPN
10:30AM — end of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea on AMC
11:00AM — Sunday Morning Shootout on AMC
11:30AM — Inside the Actors Studio on Bravo
3:00PM — come up for air to go to the grocery store

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Which Way Home?

This sign sits on the Island Ford Road near the site of the town of Ninety Six around the time of the Revolutionary War. We took a break from Post Office hunting on Saturday to tour the Ninety Six National Historic Site.We had been here once before a long time ago with the Aiken Bicycle Club (we rode here and back from Edgefield.)

Big news is that I’ve added a little plugin to take advantage of a nifty javascript called Lightbox, so now when you click on an image in the post you don’t get the plain view, you get a pop-up kind of thing that is much more elegant. Go ahead, try it. Now I wonder if there is a way to retroactively add it to all the previous images? For now I’ve done all the ones I’ve uploaded this year…

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I Wish I Knew the Protocol

Enchanted Ceiling - Parking Lot My good “buddy” Rick has tagged me. I am supposed to write 5 things you don’t know about me and then tag 5 other folks, so they’ll do the same.

He stopped after 3 because, as he put it, “After looking around it appears that everyone else has already been tagged…” How far did he look? Are you allowed to tag anyone? Or just folks you are linked to? Because he only did three, can I get away with posting just 3 things you don’t know about me? Just what are the rules here? How could he have tagged me if he didn’t tell me? I had to find out about it by reading his blog…

Anyway, let’s see if I can come up with five things you don’t already know about me, might be tough if you have been reading this for awhile:
1. I used to go by the nickname Bo, because it is so hard to pronounce Bogardus. There are probably some cousins of Donna’s that I met early on, that still think of me by that name, although I haven’t gone by it since the 70’s.
2. The nickname of the athletic teams of the high school I attended was Hurricanes, even though there have only been 8 categorized hurricanes to hit Connecticut since 1851.
3. At 16 I stole my mother’s cigarette’s for a couple weeks so I could learn to inhale in preparation for my first marijuana encounter that a friend had promised was imminent.
4. The first car I ever bought was a bright orange Datsun B210 “Honeybee.”
5. I saw Roger Clemens pitch the New Britain AA Red Sox to the 1983 Eastern League championship.

I’m tagging these following 5 blogs that I searched out on the net that mentioned the word Miata in a recent post: 1) Angst & Giggles 2) Live Free or Die! 3) Casa De Morrill 4) ZOOM-zoom-ZOOM & 5) Aubr3y. How the heck these people are going to know they are tagged is beyond me.

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Best Of?

I have completed the “Best Of” pages with the addition of 2002 & 2003. One post from each month and boy did I have a hard time with some of them. And I think my blogging is lame now.…all I can say is, good thing I wasn’t blogging in 2001 or 2000.

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Blogger’s License Pre-Renewal Announcemnet

On July 1, 2005, Life of Brian was granted a license by the Federal Internet Transmission Commission to serve the public interest as a public trustee.

Our license will expire on July 1, 2007. We must file an application for license renewal with the FITC, March 1, 2007. When filed, a copy of this application will be available for public inspection during our regular business hours. It contains information concerning this blog?s performance during the last license term of 2 years.

Individuals who wish to advise the FITC of facts relating to our renewal application and to whether this blog has operated in the public interest should file comments and petitions with the Commission by June 1, 2007. Further information concerning the Commission?s blogger’s license renewal process is available at 123 Main St, Aiken, SC 29801 or may be obtained from the FITC, 1001 Connecticut Ave, Washington DC 20554.

Cure For The Common Blogger’s Block

As a public service to my friends in cyberspace (and you know who you are) next time you run into conception congestion and have nothing to write about in your blog…

A few year’s ago (2003) I subscribed to an email service that was going to provide a daily note with blog fodder in it. They apparently ran into their own issues with blogger’s block, because it flowed from January 1st consecutively until May 23rd before it started to hiccup. It then limped along until it totally ran out of steam in October. The archives are still up and are good for a couple hundred brain barricade breakers: Blog Fodder. (the original)

For once a week cranial constipations: Blog Fodder — Every Monday a new topic is posted to kick start your brain.

For anytime clogged cerebellums: Imagination Prompt Generator — Still blank? Hit the Next Prompt button for another.

If none of these work for you you can always Google “blogger’s block” and plagiarize someone else’s post on the subject.…

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With the Mountains and the Lakes and the Plentiful Fish

Perth Postcard FrontCourtesy of Uncle Sam’s Cruise Lines I had the chance to visit the land down under back in 1977. The U.S.S. Midway made port in the town of Perth in southwestern Australia for 7 days. Perth is about the same size as Columbia, SC, that is to say a big city, but small town compared to the big cities in the US. From what I remember of it, it was very clean and there were blond-haired blue-eyed people who spoke English, which was a rarity compared to most ports of call in the western Pacific.

Perth Postcard BackTo let everyone know I visiting such a far away land I sent out postcards. This one was to Donna’s younger brother Scott. It was mailed from the ship, hence the 13¢ US postage. Even then I cracked me up. Of course then, like now, I’m the only one who gets my sense of humor. “I have to walk around with my hands in my pockets so I don’t lose my change.” You see? I was down under, on the bottom of the world, I was upside down. If my hands weren’t in them, stuff would have fallen out the top…sigh, oh well.

This postcard surfaced today as Donna was going through another box of photos and such trying to sort out the wheat from the chaff in the big ol’ pile of Morrison Memories her mom left behind. The back room still has a couple of tables scattered full with images from 1890 to 1990 and she wants to try and get it sorted by sibling and down to a manageable level. I’ve told her that I don’t envy the task, I can’t even throw out a blurry, underexposed digital image of the Aiken High School Marching Band from the local 2003 Christmas parade, I don’t know how she can make the decision to toss a family photo in the waste basket no matter what it’s condition.

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Do-Si-DosTonight’s dessert was a box of Do-Si-Dos?. Round, bumpy perforated oatmeal cookie top and bottom surrounding a peanut butter-flavored layer inside and come in an orange box. Do-Si-Dos? used to be called Gauchos.

Donna and I did not watch the Oscar telecast because we don’t feel we need to have our movie choices validated anymore, but in honor of that fine Hollywood tradition, this week is Oscar week at the Bogardus homestead. Sunday we watched a movie that should have won a statuette, “World’s Fastest Indian.” Tonight we watched “Little Miss Sunshine” and tomorrow night it will be “The Departed.” Thursday we will watch a movie, that didn’t win an Oscar, but it did get nominated for a couple of those prestigious Teen Choice Awards, “Failure to Launch.”

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Can’t You Just Pick for Yourselves?

SamoasTonight, for our appetizer we polished off a box of Samoas. Mmm, tasty. Now I know why all those south Pacific islanders are so big in stature. with these cookies as their diet staple…

Do not watch The Departed if you are having spaghetti and red sauce for dinner. Very good movie otherwise.

We are getting a professional baseball team right here in Aiken. Don’t look for the name Aiken in the standings of your sports page though, we ain’t that big time, we are going to have a team in the South Coast League. Its short season ball, starting towards the end of May and finishing up in August. The team will not be affiliated with Major or Minor League Baseball, sort of the equivalent of off-off-broadway.

Last year when the South Coast League decided to put a franchise here in Aiken, they asked for team name suggestions from the general public. There were over a thousand of them. The league picked 5 and voting was opened up to pick the team name, your choices were: Blueticks, Boots, Chukkers, Foxhounds and Horseflies. Foxhounds came up the winner.

Now we are naming the mascot, can’t they just pick one? If this is all in an effort to curry goodwill with a locals, it might work for people who suggested the winning names, but it is just as likely to turn off the folks that vote for the “losing” names.

Anyway, if you would like to vote for the name of the person and their dog suit, go to the team’s home page by clicking the Foxhounds link in the paragraph above and choose between Ace, Fritter, “Hitch“cock, Hunter and Southpaw.

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