My What Big Pupils You Have

Today was Donna and my annual eye exams. We get the works, puff of air, reading the charts, looking through the dial-o-matic, follow my finger. Then you get a series of drops to dilate your pupils. While you are waiting for them to take effect you pick out some new frames. It is easy for me because I can actually see what they look like, but poor Donna who’s eyesight is so bad she has to rely on the opinions of the helpful staff and me. So far we haven’t led her astray.

Once your pupils are the size of pie plates you get the extra special treat of having and aircraft landing light aimed into each eye several times, so the doc can check for internal abnormalities. None found for either of us. After paying the bill we were sent outside into the very bright sunshine. Even though we both had sun glasses on we still put the top up on the car for the trip home. The rest of the evening was spent in reduced light.

It has been about five hours since getting the drops and my pupils are still twice normal size…

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I Like The Way This Guy Thinks

Last Friday Donna and I went to the American Association of University Women?s Annual Books N? Things Fair. We picked up several books each for a song. I snagged a couple hardcovers by authors know, one from someone I hadn’t heard of before and a movie review compilation, Never Coming To A Theater Near You. It is a reprinting of the columns of the movie critic from the LA Times, Kenneth Turan. It is broken down into 4 sections, English, Foreign, Documentary & Classic. This book is subtitled, “A Celebration Of A Certain Kind Of Movie” and it is about the non-blockbuster movie, the one that opens and then closes before you can block out the time to see it. Or in my case, here in tiny town USA, maybe never plays at the local 6-screen shoebox down by the mall.

Of the 71 English language movies included in the book I have seen 15 or so and of that total there are only two that I didn’t watch all the way through. Looks like my rental queue for Netflix is about to grow…

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Table Scraps Cause Health Problems

I am really on a roll with this blogger’s block thing. I open up WordPress to start a post and I start clicking on all the little links on the “dashboard.” Which leads to checking out a new theme. I then poke around the theme author’s site, clicking on the links of his/her blogging buddies. I open another Firefox tab and check the posts on the Forum. Nope, nothing new in the last 3 minutes. I open my blog and read a few of the usual links. Check again. Wonder what tomorrow’s weather is going to be. Check to see if my house has gained any value since yesterday. Finally open up the write post page of WordPress. Check to see if anyone has added a negative post about the Pontiac Solstice over on the Forums.

Speaking of the Miata, this Saturday is Tech Day and I really don’t have much to do to the car. That pesky rear wheel stud is going to get replaced. I usually have a mod or two to do, but not this time. I’m pretty much done all the modifications I want to the car. About the only thing I’d like to do is get some cooler after market wheels. But the OEM wheels are just about perfect and the only time I’m really jealous is when we go somewhere and there are tons of tarted up Miatas, so there is no real reason to spend $600 on any. Doesn’t stop me from reading all I can in the Tires & Wheels section of the Forums. I wonder if anyone has posted something new in that Lug Nuts! thread….

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The Native Is Restless

I’m thinking about changing the look around here. Might have something to do with my lack of quality content lately, maybe hoping to distract you dear reader with some dazzling new surroundings.

I kind of like this new theme: PaintedDesert

Of course I’ll have to change the top image to something I’ve taken of the Emperor…

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New Digs

Just went ahead and did it. I’ve got a few hundred little things to do to make it mine, but what the heck.

Sorry I haven’t been responding in a timely manner to your comments. Somewhere along the way WordPress decided to stop sending me email notification whenever a comment is made. I may try a WP upgrade to go along with the new theme and see what happens.

OK, Maybe That Was An Oversimplification

There weren’t a few hundred things, more like about 10 and they are done. I’ve got to change the CSS for the peektures, so there is some cohesiveness to the site and I’ll be all moved in. Watch for another episode of “Flip This Blog” sometime about 6 months from now.

Also 37,000 cubic centimeters = 9.774 365 896 gallons, so I could have hardly spilled that much gas. 37¢ worth, at the cost of $2.43 a gallon, would have been about 576 cc’s.

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“Spring” Training

We went out this evening and watched our friend’s kid play Little League Baseball. It was at the perfect time, 7:30, so we time to eat before heading over. The game was played like most 11 to 12 year-old baseball is played, sometimes it looks like the sport should and others it looks like the Keystone Cops. Mostly what made it a little painful to watch was that after a weekend in the mid-80’s, the weather returned to normal and mid-50’s with 15-20 MPH winds seemed down right cold. Turns out it was just a scrimmage game, the season doesn’t start for a couple weeks yet, so we should have been in warmer Florida or Arizona for this game.

New Specs

I got my new glasses in this week. I’ve got 20-20 distance vision, but with experience comes presbyopia. They are from the Silhouette Titan Translucent Rimless Collection. Titanium eyeglasses with spring hinge skull and adjustable nose pads in Golden Taupe. Ooh-la-la.

I went to the Silhouette web site to get a photo to post and for the heck of it I tried out their Style Room Type Test. I answered a bunch of multiple choice questions and at the very end I was given 4 styles of frames that matched my “personality.” Lo and behold, the frames I bought were one of the four.


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Erin Go Fountain

Erin Go FountainWe have a string of three horsey events here in my fair city which they like to call the Triple Crown. The past couple of years they have had a little “street fair” downtown on the Friday before the first event. This year it coincided with St. Patrick’s Day so they tossed some green dye in the fountain in the middle of the street. I sure hope that the cement of the fountain will clean up.

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9480 Hours

I changed the light bulb in the soffit near the front door yesterday. Why is this noteworthy you ask? It had been in there burning for 395 days or 9,480 straight hours.

The reason I know this is because I made fun of the light bulb’s claim that it would last 2,000 hours when my mother-in-law bought them and said so right here: 1,988 Hours To Go

The one at the end of the driveway was put in a month sooner and it is still going strong after over 10,000 hours.

I like my crow like I like my chicken, shaped into strips and deep fried: Crow Fingers.

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Word Limt

You would think that with yesterday’s lengthy post I wouldn’t have much to say tonight, you would be right.

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