I'm Glowing

We got to the shopping center early where the restaurant was for the MMC monthly meeting, so we decided to kill a little time taking a walk around. We got about halfway down the strip when we decided to duck into Circuit City for a restroom break. They were in the back of the store and when I came out I was facing the keyboard & mouse area. The OEM Dell keyboard has a couple of sticky and or hard to hit keys that have become annoying. The biggest culprit is the space bar.

Plenty to choose from ranging in price from $25 to $75. The one that intrigued me the most was one that had back lit keys. The computer sits in a dark room with one light aimed at the back of the desk behind the monitor for that indirect lighting effect. Because I have to look at the keys to type this thing was made for me. Seventy bucks later I was the proud owner of a Saitek Eclipse II Keyboard.

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Hey! We’re At The Beach!

Hey! We're At The Beach!Last week the mountains, this week the shore. We are down in Hilton Head for a little business and a lot of fun.

Took the afternoon off and got to ride here with the top down (windows and windblocker up.) Traffic was pretty good except for both ends of the drive. Friday midday in Aiken must bring out the grannies and Friday late afternoon brings out the crowds, even in the off-season, in Hilton Head. After unpacking in our condo by the beach we went back out to get some dinner. It was a toss up between Japanese and pizza. We were leaning towards the pizza and the clincher was the Japanese place wasn’t even going open for another 45 minutes. There were two pizza places I had picked out of the restaurant guide and we missed the first because I never spotted the landmark (Fudruckers) that they said they were behind. We found the second one and were not really glad we did.

If you ever find yourself here, don’t eat at Pizza Roma in Coligny Plaza. We were the only ones in the place and maybe we should have taken the hint. The salad was good and plentiful, but the pizza was nothing special. We would have been better off getting a DiGiornos at Bi-Lo and heating it up in the oven at the condo. I have always said that pizza is like sex, there is no such thing as bad, just different. Well now I certainly hope that I never get to experience the sex that is the parallel to tonight’s pizza…

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Rearranging Sand

Sand PipesThese pipes are part of a $16 million dollar “beach renourishment program on the south and east coast of HHI. They dredge up sand from the bottom of the sea a 1/4 mile offshore and pump it to the beach to widen the slowly retreating beach. They’ve finished the section in front of the resort and have moved further along the shore which is closer to the dredging area so these lengths of pipe are not needed right now.

Morning walk on the beach, hhicondo.com business, lunch at Gruby’s NY Deli, washed the mineral encrusted water spots off the Miata (parked under a sprinkler here at the resort), read some on the balcony in the sunshine, visited Jerry the Condo King and his bride Donna before they treated my Donna and I to dinner at Julep’s where we eat for the trifecta (appetizer, entree & dessert), short walk on the golf cart path and write a little blog post.

Full freaking day.

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The Democratic Process

Tomorrow is election day and while I just love the bumper sticker, “I don’t vote, it just encourages them.” I usually do just the opposite, I vote to encourage them. In my own little protest against mainstream politicians, I typically vote for the Libertarian, the Green Party guy or some other third party candidates.

This election my voting will be guided by another bumper sticker I saw just the other day, “It’s broke, so let’s fix it. Vote Democratic.”

I mean what have I been thinking all these years, voting that way. The Democratic party is the way to go, always was, I mean the don’t call voting “The Republican Process” do they?

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Yellow Leaves

LeavesAfter I got back from rollerblading Donna had finished cleaning off 2/3 of the driveway and 1/2 of the front lawn. She finished the lawn while I swept off the rest of the driveway. As you can see from this hickory there are still a lot of leaves to come down yet.

We couldn’t stand it, the leftover pizza was eaten for supper tonight.

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Wow, Thanks

They always have a yearly on-site visit from the mammogram bus, so…last week at ASCO the Plant Nurse had some representatives from a local hospital come in and offer PSA testing for us guys.

I had it done about 5 months ago at my annual visit to my Urologist, but to help support the cause I signed up to do it again at work. At nine bucks for my participation, I figure it is cheap insurance that they keep the program going next year by having plenty of takers.

My results came in the mail today. At the bottom of the sheet was the following note:

Heterophilic antibodies in human serum can react with reagent immunoglobins, interfering with in vitro immunoassays.

I’m not a doctor, so I don’t know the exact meaning of several of those words. I’m not a lawyer, but I bet I do know the exact meaning of that note – In no way can you blame us if the test results aren’t accurate.

Wow, thanks for doing the test for me.

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Red Sky At Night, Sailor’s Delight

Red sky in morning, sailors take warning. Then what the heck does an orange sky in the morning mean?

As we were getting ready for work this morning I passed by the kitchen window and noticed a strange glow outside. On my return trip the other way it was still very orange looking, so I went out into the garage and opened the door. Wow, very eerie. I’ve got to get a picture of this. Popped the trunk and got out the camera. By the time the camera booted and I stepped into the driveway the effect was fading fast. As I wondered whether to try and capture the tail end it was over, back to a regular looking morning.

Orange You Glad To See Me?


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Heave Ho

Uncle Brian is not feeling too well right now. Blogging will be suspended for a short time….

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