Oh, No, Not Again

Why can’t I leave well enough alone? I don’t have the answer to that and if I wanted one it might take years of therapy at large cost.

First I thought about just changing the background, but it seems like I might just go ahead and change everything. I kind of want to upgrade to the latest version of Word Press anyway, so while I’m at it…

Then again I might not find a new theme I like. Or the one I do like will be too much of a hassle to implement.

But this is fair warning, if you drop in here someday soon and it doesn’t look like you are in the right place, you just might really be.

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Didn’t See That Coming

I finally got around to watching the T:TSCC from Friday night yesterday evening and bang, pow a main character dies. Derek Reese, John Conner’s uncle, takes a bullet to the brain from a terminator during a small skirmish in a house. It happened in a random sort of way that might occur in a real shootout, seemed real.

An hour or so later while watching this week’s episode of House when holy crap, a main character dies. Dr. Lawrence Kutner takes a bullet in the brain from himself. Maybe because this occurred off-screen it didn’t seem as real as the T:TSCC one. I liked Kutner the best of the 3 new fellows on the show, but that is not saying much as I never really warmed up to any of them. I probably won’t miss him as much as the Derek.

I’m almost afraid to watch last Friday’s Dollhouse in case within the first 15 minute a major character dies.

The most surprising thing is that I didn’t recognize Meatloaf as the actor playing the male patient on the episode of House.

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World’s Largest Pistachio Nut

Don’t take my word for it, believe the folks at Roadside America.

On our way to Alamogordo, NM to visit White Sands, we stumbled onto rows of small skinny trunked trees along side of the road. An orchard of some sort. Than we say this giant statue and put two and two together, they were pistachio trees. We stopped in at Pistachio Tree Ranch AKA: McGinn’s Country Store & Arena Blanca Winery for some nuts and souvenirs.

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