Game 6

Natural BridgeWe have been to Virginia’s Natural Bridge several times and I have a bunch of pictures showing it’s grandeur from underneath on my hard drive. This time we didn’t stop in, but we passed right over the top of it on US11. Donna was driving so I got the camera out and took my first picture of the top of the Natural Bridge. Breathtaking, isn’t it?

There were several things I should have been doing this evening, but didn’t do, because I watched Le Tour on the boob tube. Every year I think we won’t spend the extra $25 bucks (or what ever it is) and get digital cable for these three weeks in July. It is so predictable. The first week is all flat stages and you know what will happen. Three, four, five, etc break away from the peleton at 20 kilometers in. They work courageously together for 150 kilometers. In the last 20k the sprinters lead out men come to the front and the peleton rapidly catch the breakaway in the last 5k leading to a mass sprint at the finish. The middle week is the mountains and again there is usually a small breakaway, but once again they are reeled in on the last climb and the tour leaders battle for the win. By the last week, the race leader is usually determined and once or twice the early break succeeds because there are no threats in it. On the last day the winner rides into Paris sipping champagne surrounded by his remaining teammates. Then the sprinters teams come to the front and battle to lead out their guy for the win all for a flashbulb’s worth of glory. Every year I find myself in line at the cable company and every year I spend two hours every afternoon glued to TV listening to Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen.

After the bike race I stayed on the couch with the laptop, while Donna napped, and didn’t do those things I should have been doing, because I watched Game 6 on Netflix’s Watch Now service. Interesting movie that was close to be being good. Maybe it was because I just didn’t believe Michael Keaton would be a Red Sox fan, LA Dodgers maybe…

Started down, went up, still up.
Miata Top Transitions since 01/01/07: 265


I got the paper.

We watched the Tour.

We did not eat out.

The car did not move.


I’m down to the home stretch on digitizing all my CDs. I’m into the soundtracks and compilations now. Over 22 Gigabytes in 5,600 files. Our company is having a yard sale to benefit the activities committee this weekend and I decided to give away some of the CDs. Out of the around 500 discs I have I gave them maybe 40. And they were all ones I never liked to begin with. What the heck am I going to do with the other 460?

Started up, went down, back up, still up.
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