Daisy Dukes

The main story in this morning’s Lifestyle Section of the paper was all about the second most famous thing about the original TV series “The Dukes of Hazard,” Daisy Duke’s short-shorts. They became so famous that that particular style of very short frayed denim shorts became known as Daisy Dukes. The costume designer from this summer’s movie remake felt that those shorts were the most important piece of the all the wardrobe for the movie, so she started on them first. She made over 25 different pairs of them before they got Jessica Simpson to come in and try them out.

A sidebar to the piece was instructions on how to make your very own pair of Daisy Dukes. Including the secret to the look, cutting the front of the legs on an upwards arc.

Well, at least one positive thing will come from this movie.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

That is actually a bit premature, but who knows. A friend who used to work at ASCO called yesterday to let me know they have a drafting position opening up at his new work place. I emailed a PDF of the resume to head engineering guy and he wrote back with a brief description of the duties. Next step if I’m interested is to set up a phone screening.

While I don’t really hate my current job, after doing the same thing for the last 16 years it is becoming a little boring. I enjoy the people I work with (all except for my asshat of a direct supervisor), but I’m sure there will be nice folks at the new spot. It is only 5 miles further down the road from ASCO, so Donna and I would still commute together. My current job is in manufacturing and right now in the good ol’ USA that is not the most stable sector to be in. Of course the new place is manufacturing too, but in drugs instead of valves. The benefits are slightly better, matching 401k, start with 4 weeks vacation (I won’t reach that plateau for another couple years at ASCO) more holidays and a couple planned week long shutdowns. Toss out 18 years with one company only to start over at another?

Talking never hurt. Who knows, maybe they won’t even want to pay as much as I’m earning now, making it an easy decision. Of course they may not like me….nah, never happen.

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Lookee What I Found!

Went rollerblading tonight and when I finished up, I decided that the wheels needed rotating on my skates. While digging around in the cabinet in the garage looking for the wheel tool I discovered a pristine Bicycle Tube Repair Kit. The rubber cement hasn’t even been opened. I could have fixed the tire Saturday night. Doh!

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Truck Drivin’ Man

Donna’s next oldest brother changed careers a few months back. Used to program AS400s but after this last layoff and an unsuccessful job hunt in west-by-god-texas he went to tractor trailer drivin’ school and now roams the country driving a big rig.

A few weeks back he was passing this way and we made plans to go meet him somewhere, but the truck he was driving broke down in No-town, Alabama and we missed.

Yesterday he called and said that he had a load of carpets going to Laurens, SC (just a hop, skip and a jump from us) for Monday and would be spending the night at a truck stop somewhere in the upstate of SC. Donna managed to convince him to come closer to us than he originally planned, so we met him this evening for dinner near a Pilot Truckstop in Clinton.

Think stereotypical truck driver and Steve fits the picture (at least to me.) Sorry I didn’t take the digital camera. Donna’s mom brought her film point and shoot, so in about six months we’ll see the results. He drives for Covenant Transport and he has given us a link that will tell you where the truck is at any given moment, trouble is you have to have the current truck number he is driving, which we don’t. They have about 2,000 trucks so it would be pretty hard to luck onto his. I know one of the trucks he used to drive is in Washington state right now: Click Locate A Tractor and enter truck number 9617.

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