Take Your Gnome To Work Day

It all started on October 6th, 1969, the third day of the session, when the Chief Justice Warren Burger had a garden gnome delivered to the Supreme Court building. His wife Elvera had ordered it from a mail order catalog, but wasn’t going to be home, so she had it sent to her husband’s work. Justice Berger’s head clerk, not knowing about the package arraingment, opened it up. Since then it has become sort of a running joke among the members to bring in a small gnome statue to court on the first Wednesday of October.

Knowing this, I took Gnorm into work with me today. The thought was to take his picture in various spots around the plant, so I could post some on the web. I got busy and never did take the time to do that. Gnorm spent almost the whole day on the little counter at my cubical greeting visitors and giving me a chance to explain the whole “Take Your Gnome To Work Day” thing. Maybe next year more of my co-workers will join me in celebrating.

Gnorm Visits The Barber Gnorm also made the trip this afternoon to our every four weeks haircut appointment. Our stylist was so enamored with Gnorm that she offered him a free beard trim. He probably could have used a booster seat, but managed with just a small pillow. Note the curtain in the background, Sheri’s Hair Affair has a cow motif going on and after getting his sprucing up decided to cut up with a couple of the resident cows: Suprise!

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Miata Club Meeting

Gnorm Enjoys A MargaritaThis being the first Thursday of the month it was time for the MMC to hold a meeting. Not usually much of a meeting, brief recap of the last couple of events, brief recap of the next few events and we pick a place to “meet” next month. At least tonight it was at Mi Rancho (guess what kind of restaurant it is) here in Aiken, so Donna and I didn’t have far to drive.

Tuesday night I went over to the cable company office and swapped out my modem. Came home, hooked up the new one and we have been online 5 by 5 ever since.

Finished Spenser book #17, Stardust, with nary a peep about crime stopper rules. My present home town, Aiken, South Carolina, got a brief mention as the home of a mother of someone who was not the someone he was looking for.

A few weeks back Netflix added the ability to drag and drop movies in your queue to organize it. This is probably a great thing for most people, but it really screwed me up, because it killed the way I organized my queue, random shuffling. Today I discovered on my account page that I could disable this drag and drop function. Who knows, maybe you could always do this and I’m just late to the party. A check in a little box and woohoo, shuffling works again.

The MFY are losing (big time.)

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Which Day Should I Choose?

I’m thinking of picking back up with a photo meme to get me to take pictures of something besides the Emperor and Post Offices. At one time, back in the day when I had three blogs, one just for the photos, I was participating in four:

  1. Phototime Tuesday
  2. Lensday Wednesday
  3. Theme Thursday
  4. Photo Friday

The only reason that I did not do anything for Saturday, Sunday or Monday is there wasn’t one for me to do (at least then.) Let me poke around a bit before I decide, but right now I’m leaning towards Thursday because, at least before, they sent out an email on the Friday before to give you the theme for you to work on over the weekend and the next week.

The Wednesday site is “sponsored” by a T-shirt company and while wandering the aisles of their e-store I found a bunch of shirts I’d like to wear, but I’m too grown up to get away with them, but there is one I found that is a must have: Nerf Herder.

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Postal Withdrawl

We have hung around the house the last two weekends and couldn’t stand it anymore, we made some reservations in Anderson for Saturday night. We have two missions, 1) to take pictures of the last 8 Post Offices in the northwest corner of the state and 2) check for fall colors in advance of next weekend’s visit from the Florida branch of Donna’s family.

We have photographed 290, leaving us 170 to go. Of the 170, I have printed out 131 maps and of those I have placed 86 on the Google map below.

View Larger Map

I may go back and add all the Post Offices I have done and use a different color icon. I would definitely do it if I could link to my Flickr images (seeing as Flickr has me cut off at 200 on their map.) here are a couple of Flickr add-ons to the map, but not one that would limit it to just my photos…

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Sunset Photo

Sunset, SC 29685 Most folks are suckers for a nice sunset photo, this one probably won’t won’t be on a lot of favorite list.

Our original plan was to take a couple of PO photos on Saturday evening before checking into the hotel. I thought that maybe if we timed it right it would have been cool if we took the Sunset, SC Post Office at sunset. We didn’t do any photographs before settling in for the night and it was no great loss as the sun would have been setting at the wrong angle to have shown in the picture anyway.

I’m down to my last three Spenser books, having finished “The Judas Goat” this afternoon. No Spenser Crime Buster Rule, but I did get, for the first time in several books, a reference to a Dick Track Tracy Crime Stopper. I added it to the page, but I think it is going to have to be re-thought out. Might just change the title to “The Private Eye’s Reference Room” or “Directions for Detectives” or some other thing with shamus in it and just list all the tips whomever said them.

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Company’s Here

Donna’s sister, her husband and his mom are in town for a weekend visit. We spent the evening sitting on the screened porch, drinking wine, conversing and playing Liverpool Rummy. I only had slight pangs of withdrawal from my usual time hanging out on the internet.

The visit up was to see us and to see some fall color, which is non existent in their native Florida. Trouble is with this year’s drought, and the lack of cold nights, that fall spectacle, right now, is only available after about four hours of driving further north. Not wanting to spend that much time in the car after spending so much time in it on the way up, we have opted for a visit to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia tomorrow which is only a little less than an hour up the road. Expect pictures of pink flamingos or red-ruffed lemurs in the Saturday Evening Post.

I am up later than usual blogging tonight because I need the practice staying awake for tomorrow’s ALCS game 6.

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How’s Your Butt?

Butt Memorial BridgeWe did go to the zoo yesterday, beautiful day and a nice time was had by all.

Today we went over to Georgia and took a boat tour on the Augusta Canal. We rode in an electric powered replica of a Petersburg Boat and passed under several bridges, including this 93-year old span that is a memorial to a victim of the Titanic disaster and Augusta native, Major Archibald Willingham Butt.

By the way, mine is hasn’t turned colorful enough to warrant a picture posting, but its still pretty sore.

T Plus Six Days

Close up of the MoonA little more than six days into the Luminix mission we received some photos back of surprising clarity from the sunny side of Planet 52’s moon Bownce. The surface is fairly smooth with little cratering. At this point we are not sure what to attribute the unusual coloring to.

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You Talkin’ To Me?

JefferyThe laptop power connection is starting to act up. At first it seemed to be the power cord, but now it looks like it might be the connection to the motherboard. Right now if I hold the laptop just right on my, well, lap, the power comes from the adapter and not the battery. But it is getting increasingly more difficult to get it sitting right.

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