That's All You Got?

We bought ten bucks worth of candy at 5:00PM on Saturday at Fred’s. Pumpkin shaped lollipops, bubblegum and a couple bags of foiled wrapped chocolates. One bag of the chocolates were spheroid shaped filled with either fudge, caramel or peanut butter that were wrapped in foil. The coolest thing was that the foil was colored like eyeballs. Really life-like blood shot eyes.

By 8:00 PM when we shut off the porch light we still had nine dollars and twenty five cents worth. We had a total of about six trick or treaters. We also had about that many walk right on by after going next door or across the street. Of the half dozen kids that came to the door, four were brother-sister pairs and each time Donna offered the boys a couple of eyeballs they freaked and refused. The girls on the other hand were eager to take them.

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Blogger’s Block Break

Did you read last night’s post? What was I trying to say? I just looked at my front page, all 7 posts, and there was maybe one there that was really blog worthy. The week before was hardly any better.

I need a break, not a big break, but maybe some short random breaks. So let’s try this, for everyday that the top doesn’t change state, I’m not going to post anything here.

If the weather is accurate tomorrow will be the first day off under this plan.

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How Was Your Day Dear?

Can you say root canal?

I did not watch this evening’s episode of House. I will plan on downloading the torrent, so I can watch it in HD tomorrow. I understand tonight’s episode has something to do with a sick porn star and absolutely nothing to do with her having a root canal.

Same deal for Castle, don’t watch and download the torrent, their first suspect has airtight alibi, turns out he was having a root canal done at the time of the murder.

I need to buy a Nestle’s $100,000 Bar 100 Grand Candy Bar soon as the Emperor currently has 99,864 miles on the odometer. I’ll be careful to chew it up on only the right side as I wouldn’t want the soft, chewy caramel to pull out the temporary filling from my freshly root canaled tooth.

Modern dentistry is awesome, the hardest part of getting a root canal these days is holding your jaw wide open for 45 minutes straight, well maybe the second hardest after you see the bill.

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In honor of unfriend being chosen as 2009’s Word of the Year by the New Oxford American Dictionary, I just did it to everyone I had previously “friended” on Facebook and MySpace by deleting my accounts on both services tonight.

So long, farewell, I hardly knew ya (sometimes literally.)

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