I Feel So Much Smarter Now

My $500 laptop is now a $560 laptop. Added 512M of RAM and now it does everything quite a bit quicker. Shouldn’t have been too difficult considering it started out with only 256Meg and it had to share 8 of that with the video card…

Should I reload the Windows Vista Beta 2 again?

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Can’t Turn ‘Em Off

I need a catch phrase or a nifty acronym for the movies that no matter what, no matter where I come in, I can’t turn them off until I’ve watched them all the way through.

Today on Encore I stumbled onto Die Hard about half-way through and I just had to finish it.

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Linkage Action

Decided to do a little housecleaning of the links on the left.

I removed a couple of OTM Blogs for cause, to wit, lack of posting. I then added a couple of replacements to fill those spots. One is called My Cancer and is the story of a news reporter’s day to day life with the big C. It is hosted on the NPR site and you can subscribe to his podcasts of his essays for Morning Edition if you are so inclined. The other is called Robservatons and I have been reading him for awhile now, but hesitated to link the blog because I had a hard time believing all the situations he wrote about were true, they seemed to have a Penthouse Letters feel to them. Maybe all that stuff does happen to him, either way the writing is entertaining.

While I was at it I added a couple more under the Miata Blog section, mainly because I can. Steve Speak is mostly tech talk from an Apple Cult member, but hey, he drives a Miata, so he ain’t all bad. The writer of In Case I Forget used to own a Miata (although she may have another because at one point I read “my first Miata” in a post) until it was smushed by someone who ran a red light. It is the story of her battle with the resulting brain injury she suffered.

On an unrelated note, today I got entry #21 in the My Favorite Miata Photo 2 Contest, so if you haven’t already sent in your entry, please do so Jame’s thumbnail won’t be lonely on page two. FYI, the winners will be chosen by popular vote, so buttering up this writer will not help any.

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