Dedo de la Mantequilla

Drayton, SC Post OfficeOnce every couple of weeks I’ll have a snack attack and head into the cafeteria to quench it. My usual extinguisher of choice is Lance’s Peanut Butter on Nekot cookies. These have two draws, 1) I like ’em and 2) they are only 50¢. Today I opted to go wild and get a candy bar of some kind. It had been awhile since I had a Butterfinger bar, so I pressed E9. I know it had been awhile because the last time I bought one it was 65 cents, today the price tag below my selection said 75¢.

The only problem with buying a Butterfinger from a vending machine is you don’t usually get to bite off pieces to eat, falling from the E Row always busts the bar up into a bunch of uneven chunks. When I got back to my desk, I opened up the wrapper and sure enough there were 3 big pieces and one small piece inside.

As I savored that crispety and crunchety candy I read the label and discovered that each English word was followed immediately by it’s Spanish counterpart – Bar followed by Barra on the front for example. I’ve noticed some of the larger chain stores around here have goten ino the same act, Wal-Mart, Lowes, etc. Men with a smaller Hombres underneath. Doors -> Puertas.

I don’t like it. Not for the reason you think either, I don’t like the cacophony (ruido) of it, English and Spanish. Just pick one. Hell, I don’t even care if you pick Spanish. With immersion, I’ll figure it out.

Butterfinger in Spanish is still Butterfinger.

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Post Office Mania

Duncan, SCI’ve got all 30 odd Post Office photos from this weekend uploaded to the gallery. I’ve got some sort of verbiage for each photo, but in a bunch of them you can tell I’m really reaching. In the beginning it seemed easy to write a blurb for each Post Office, but it is getting harder as the total goes up. It becomes especially hard when we take mass quantities of pictures in one weekend. They all kind of blur together. Tomorrow I’ll try and get them up on Flickr! and this weekend get them geotagged.

Before my keyboard was having trouble with the letter ‘O’, I took it apart and but it back together and the problem went away. For a couple of weeks. Now it is dropping the letter ‘T’. So if you read some of my photo captions and a word doesn’t seem right, add a ‘T’ to it. If that doesn’t work I probably just missed the connection between brain thought and finger press.

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Blogger’s Night Off

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Early Success, Later Disappointment

When I first started my Spenser Crime Buster Rules page I had read 4 books and found 3 rules, since then I have only come up with 5 more rules in the last 17 books. Clearly, I got lucky and found the highest concentration of rules in my first few books.

I still have 14 more to go, maybe I’ll hit another vein of Crime Buster Rules in these books. I have found a few other referrals to crime stopper tips, gumshoe manual excerpts and Dick Tracy, like this one from the book, Crimson Joy, which I just finished:

“Is this in the bodyguard manual?” Susan said. “Take the woman you are protecting to look for the man you’re protecting her from?”…

“I can’t leave you alone, and I have to find Felton. So we do it together,” I said.

“I know,” Susan said. “If it weren’t so deadly, I’d kind of like it. Makes me feel like Lois Lane.”

“Well, you are with the right guy,” I said.

I uploaded the balloon photos to my gallery here, but haven’t edited he titles and captions yet. Why let Flickr! have all the fun. I’m probably going to try to separate the Post Office photos into their own gallery soon. I’m thinking of sorting them by zip code. All the SC zips start with 29 and I’ll make 10 directories using the 0 to 9 of the third digit. The number of Post Offices in each directory will vary from just fifteen in 292xx to seventy-three in 296xx.

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Shaggin’ Over Charleston

And I don’t mean doing the South Carolina State Dance either. Although, I’m sure there are a few residents of the Palmetto state that might consider this horizontal variation the real official state dance.

Always wanted to try and join the Mile High Club, but were afraid that the flight attendants would report you to the FAA? Or maybe you didn’t think you could manage it such a small space as the lavatories on airliners? If you live near Charleston, SC your worries are over, you can now book a flight on a Cessna Centurion that is especially outfitted for you to join he club.

Club Mile High

I think I’ll just stick to finding a cheap motel and dumping a few quarters into the Magic Fingers machine. Same sound, same vibration, just close your eyes and imagine…

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Burnin’ Baby

My DVD Burner was delivered by a guy in a brown truck today. Drive went in smooth and XP recognized it for what it is on boot up. I have played a DVD movie and an audio CD. The PC had 2 drives in it to begin with, a DVD player and a CDRW drive. I pulled out the DVD player to put in the new CD & DVD read/writer. Now I’m wondering which one I should keep as the second drive, the DVD player or the CDRW drive?

Because I went cheap, my package didn’t include a free copy of Nero or one of those other big name burning software titles. A quick trip over to Sourceforge and 2.6Megs later I was in business – InfraRecorder. So far I can highly recommend it, but all I’ve done with it is back up all my MP3s to 5 DVD +R discs. Further testing is required.

I pulled the fancy flash gallery/viewers from the the two picture galleries I did last week. I did like the interface, but hated the lack of captioning. I guess I’ll have to get busy and change the galleries to have the same red/maroon color scheme as the new WordPress theme.

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Spenser For Sale

They won’t be here in time, but my birthday present is going to be the last eight of my unread Spenser books. They are all used, mostly paperbacks and from 4 different Amazon affiliate vendors. Figured it would be a lot easier to get them this way than to keep poking our noses into used book stores in the cities we visit.

Changed the gallery style to more match my new default theme. I’m on the fence with the new Post Office Gallery, it seems like more work than I want to do. I’ve got 23 new photos to add into 3 different directories and I have manually added the files to three different ext files so they can display 3 different ways. Plus there is that whole no descriptive caption thing, even though I am sometimes at a loss for what to write, when I do, it personalizes the photos. For now all I’ve done is stick the new images into the old gallery (which I may end up going back to.)

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