Netflix Recommends

I have never been happy with the recommendations that Netflix suggest for me. I know I’m partly to blame because my tastes in movies is very eclectic so pinning down my taste is difficult. They still are not too accurate even after they have split up the recommendations by genre. This last set of recommendations struck me as so far off base that it was comical.

On occasion I will sit on one end of the couch and Watch Instantly while Donna sits on the other end and watches TV. This past weekend as I perused the available titles I noticed one that stirred something in the deep recesses of my pea-sized male brain – Naked Ambition. It is a documentary about a photographer that wants to shoot a coffee table book about the porn industry. He travels to the AVN Awards (Porn’s version of the Academy Awards) and photographs actors, producers, fans and sex toy makers. The name of the book is “An R-Rated Look at an X-Rated Industry” and the movie, like the book, feature nudity, but no actual pornography and turned out to be quite interesting.

When I was done watching I rated the movie 3 Stars meaning I liked it and this is what the screen flipped to:

Thomas the Tank Engine? Blues Clues? To the left of them it is asking how often I watched Steamy and/or Social & Cultural Docs. Is that what they consider Thomas the Tank Engine, Steamy? Blues Clues is a Social Documentary?