Last One For 2015

Destination - Coffee Shop (with friend)
Destination – Coffee Shop (with friend): I posted an “Event” on the MMC’s web site on Christmas Eve and managed to lure a few folks to show up and be my friend with the offer to buy them a cup of coffee. Thanks to Larry & Rita and David for coming out on a foggy day and letting Donna & I regale you with our Motoring Challenge stories. (12/26/15)

The last one for Motoring Challenge goals anyway, the above photo is it for the 2015 contest.

Our favorite story is of course, the Emu Hunt, which we told this morning over coffee and snacks. When it came time to take this picture Rita went the extra mile and tried to recreate our Price is Right girls pose from the Washington County, Kentucky photo.

Here is a little fun-with-math wrap up of this year’s adventure. As you can see below we traveled nearly ninety-four hundred miles to get almost hundred seventy points. This means we went an average of 55 1/2 miles per point. If we drove continuously every day for a year to go the same miles for the same points we would have to have gone about 26 miles a day. But we were only on the road actively chasing challenges for 45 days, so that works out to about 209 miles and 3 3/4 points a day.

Motoring Challenge Points 2, Approx Miles Driven 10
Totals So Far: 169 points & 9390 miles