Episode number 9 of 82 — Sayid-centric where he gets his comeuppance for last episode’s torture of Sawyer and his past as an Iraqi interrogator from the mysterious (or perhaps just plain crazy) French chick. But the choicest bits come from Hurley. Best episode quote comes from a conversation where Hurley is lamenting to Jack that people are arguing amongst themselves over trivial things because everyone is stressed. They need an outlet, something to bring a little fun into their lives.

Jack: We’re surviving here, Hurley. And that’s my main concern is keeping us alive. Things could be worse.
Hurley: (slowly looking around) How?!

So he builds a “golf course” in the valley consisting of two holes. Second best quote comes from Sayer. After Kate finds out that Jack is playing golf and asks him if he wants to go watch, he declines saying:

Sawyer: Doctor playin’ golf? Whoo! Boy howdie, now I’ve heard everything. What’s next? Cop eatin’ a doughnut?

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Raised by Another

Episode number 10 is all about Claire and her pregnancy. And what was so amazing was the number of different looks we got, not pregnant, sort of pregnant and really pregnant. In some of the scenes her eyes look Paul Newman blue and in others they look plain gray. In opening shot we get the signature LOST intro of a closed eye in extreme close up and when they pan back I am kept me guessing for a short time as to who it is. Is it a Lostie or someone new off island? It’s Claire.

This morning one of Donna’s co-workers called me and said she had doughnuts, would I like one. In a shot I was down the other end of the building in her cube. She had bought a dozen Krispy Kreme glazed from someone as a fund raiser and was desperately trying to get rid of them so she herself wouldn’t have to eat them. Me, ever the gallant knight, agree to help out. Now I’ve eaten a few glazed doughnuts in my life, but these babies were heavy, I swear when I picked up a doughnut it weighed a half a pound. I’m thinking that when they cooled energy was conserved by the heat given off being replaced by Dark Matter.

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A Long Walk

We walked downtown and back this morning to visit a couple of festivals, covering about 5 miles.

First stop was the Farmers Market for their annual Apple Festival. Last year they didn’t have many apples and blamed it on the poor harvest (which in turn was blamed on the dry weather.) This year there was even fewer apples. As a matter of fact I didn’t see any of the fruit at all, just some apple butter and maybe an apple pie. We looked around and were tempted by something, but had no way to carry it home.

After that we walked down the street about a half dozen blocks to the Chocolate Festival. We were a bit early for the official start, but one of the reasons we were there, the used book sale, was already underway. The real attraction is of course the chocolate, tables chock full of home baked goodies with chocolate as an ingredient, and a little cost. We bought a big ol’ piece of cake, a giant brownie, two chocolate chip cookies a piece and some chocolate covered pretzels for two bucks.

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Here is another photo of another Aiken church from yesterday’s walk. Now that we are closing in on the end of the South Carolina Post Office picture project, we have to figure out what sort of little thing like that to do next. The first idea we thought of was SC State Parks, but now with the cost of gas up, maybe something a little closer to home might be better. I bet just in Aiken alone we have almost as many churches as there are Post Offices in the state.

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Hearts and Minds

Episode #13 is about the half brother and sister combo of Boone and Shannon. Both of them are pretty pathetic loser types and are some of my personally least favorite characters. “Tragically” they are the first two main characters to die on the show. Awwww.

Forget about this, a good episode of House is on (guest starring Elizabeth Mitchell, AKA Juliet from LOST, who is practically unrecognizable in short red-ish hair in a nun’s outfit) and I want to get back to Appaloosa.

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Season 1 Episode 14 gives us some back story on Michael and his son Walt. Michael ranks right up there with yesterday’s survivors, Boone and Shannon, on Brian’s unlikeable Lostie List. Walt, the special the title of the episode alludes to, is alright and in the beginning very mysterious, like they were setting up something for him, but it never really went there.

Here is Reason #2 why I need to stick with getting even dollar amounts back with my debit card. First, for those of you just tuning in, I’ll remind you of Reason #1 (go read it now, it’s a little long, but I’ll wait.)

On our way to get our monthly haircut Donna wanted to stop at Walgreen’s, she had a couple coupons that were burning a hole in her pocket. Of the three, there was only one we ended up using, eight Halloween themed pencils for a buck With tax, $1.07. Donna asked for five or ten dollars cash back because she would need a few bucks in a couple days when she went out to lunch with her department. I figured if I just rounded up the bill to $10 that would do it. Donna agreed because that would give her some singles for a tip. I skillfully guided myself to the other amount screen for cash back while subtracting a dollar seven from ten. I typed in the amount I wanted back, hit OK and OK again. The cashier handed me my receipt and change and we headed for the door. When I looked down at the receipt total it was then that I realized the math tutoring from Jethro Bodine might have been a mistake.

I had asked for $8.83 back making my total debit purchase $9.90!

Oh, so close.

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Show #15 was a second show about our favorite recovering heroin addict, Charlie. In the off island flashback he was in full user mode and it wasn’t pretty, but that story is used to set up the reason for what he does on island. When the survivors plot to capture the “other”, Ethan, who had kidnapped Claire, Charlie goes postal and fills Ethan’s chest full of hot lead.

I’m thinking we are going to be 0 for 2 in pre-House Hugh Laurie shows. Earlier this year we tried one of his forays into TV, a sketch comedy show called A Bit of Fry and Laurie and couldn’t get past 15 minutes of it. The other day we received a disc of Fortysomething a newer (2003) situation comedy. He plays a doctor who is nothing like the House character, he is married with three grown sons, seems like he is downtrodden and befuddled (and there is this sort of mind reading thing where he occasionally hears what people are thinking that is out in left field.) There are two more episodes on the disc and we will watch at least one more of them…

I’m not sure what is stupider, the Tampa Bay Rays and mohawk haircuts (both up and down) or the fact that the only place in baseball that fans still do the Wave is Fenway Park in Boston.

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Rainy Day

We tried to watch another episode of Fortysomething and just couldn’t do it, made it 15 minutes in before ejecting the disc. The humor just didn’t hit us the right way. And just maybe because we were exposed to House first, and although we do know it is exactly the opposite, it seems like Mr. Laurie is an American actor who has adopted a bad British accent to play this part. This screen capture from the show is for my thousands of female and gay readers – Hugh Laurie’s Hiney.

This second screen capture is for the millions of my comic book geek readers – Iron Monger. From a little known 2008 summer film call Ironman that I watched again this afternoon while Donna took a nap on the couch. I even sat through the 10 minutes worth of credits just to see the 5 second teaser of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. It was so worth it too, because as the song credits scrolled by, I learned that either Ozzy Osbourne’s real first name is John or there was a terrific coincidence with the songwriter for Black Sabbath’s song Ironman.

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This morning was a MMC morning. First up was breakfast at a place called Just Fresh in Martinez. Donna and I picked this place early this year when we were over that way on a Saturday. I guess we should have rechecked because the place looked awfully dark we we arrived 15 minutes before the scheduled meeting time. Walking up to the door we saw why, they had adjusted their Saturday opening time to 11:00AM. Fortunately for us there was a Sonic just across the parking lot and Miata folk are very flexible.

After breakfast one of our members had planned an excursion to nearby Edgefield. Stacey grew up there so knows all the cool places to visit. First stop was a first for our Miata Club, a graveyard. This one was behind the Edgefield First Baptist Church and is the final resting place of perhaps South Carolina’s most famous citizen, Strom Thurmond. From there we visited the Discover Center of the South Carolina National Heritage Corridor which turned out to be a nice little museum and well worth the visit. After there the Club headed over to visit an antebellum home, Oakley Park and Donna and I headed back to ASCO.

Today was the annual company Fun Day where the company hosts a hamburger & hot dog lunch on the front lawn. We also had an employee talent contest, a kids Halloween costume parade and a ton of door prizes. This year Donna and I both won a door prize, an umbrella and a bathroom scale, which doesn’t sound too exciting on the surface, but in years past we have usually given away what we’ve won to someone who might use them. As icing on the cake each employee (and their dependents) were give a Mega Pass to the Western Carolina State Fair that is right across the street from the plant.

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Exodus – Part 2

Episode number 24 was the two hour Season 1 finale and we got excitement aplenty. Artz the high school science teacher blows himself up, Locke nearly gets eaten by the smoke monster, Claire’s baby gets snatched temporarily, Walt really gets snatched off the raft which then gets blown up and finally, three sticks of dynamite blows off the door of the hatch, all wrapped around images of the main cast boarding the Oceanic Airlines’ Flight 815 in Syndey.

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Up for the last time, because the Emperor is having a sleepover at Redmond’s Upholstery in Augusta where tomorrow he gets a new top after approximately 2,235 transitions. I say approximately because I didn’t keep track of the transitions for the first 13 months of ownership, so I took what it did do for the year before and the 2 years after to get an average count per day (1.03), then multiplied it by the number of missing days and added that to the counts I did know.


3 Episodes of Season 2 of Boston Legal
2 Episodes of the only Season of Firefly
6 Episodes of Season 1 of Mad Men

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Cold Ads

I am watching baseball in the cold Philadelphia rain and have seen a couple of interesting commercials (one of which is not Ryan Howard of the Phillies schilling for Subway’s Philly cheese steak sub.) First up was an ad for an internet “dating” site, it shows two people holding hands in the produce department and discussing how nice it is to have found someone so compatible. Both individuals are men. Two commercials later was one for the new Seth Rogan comedy called Zack and Miri Make a Porno. At the end of the commercial they called the movie just Zack and Miri.

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I Shall Be Both Dog & Pony

We finished watching Season 1 of Mad Men last night and returned the DVDs today. When I first started watching the shows I thought the had the period down pat, the clothing, the furniture, the attitudes towards women and the smoking, everyone lights up…, but the characters and the drama was as superficial as the advertising that they did for their living. The lead, Don Draper, is an interesting character because they have taken great pains to show it to us, but now after viewing 13 episodes I see that he is surrounded by others that are just as intriguing and I hope we start to explore them in the coming seasons. As we speak I’m downloading season two torrents.

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Currently there is one TV show that I make an effort to watch “live” and that is House. Every Tuesday at 8:00 PM I tune the TV to Fox and enjoy. This morning, approximately 12 hours after the appointed time, I realized that I forgot to watch. Damn, now I have to stay away from Polite Dissent. Hey, wait a minute, I’m downloading Mad Men torrents, what’s one more?

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A Case Of Mistaken Identity

Every Wednesday the local Firehouse Subs comes out to ASCO and sells subs. For the past month or so Donna and I have been splitting a large Italian on white with no mayo, except for yesterday, for a change we decided to try a Hook & Ladder.

This month, as he does sometimes, my boss decided to have his monthly communications meeting on a Wednesday and treat us to lunch. I got to the room about 5 minutes before the meeting and grabbed a sandwich so I could take half to Donna at her desk. When I got back to the conference room everyone was there except for one. His sandwich was sitting right there and I kidded, “How long to we have to wait for him to how before I can have his sandwich.”

When our strangler did arrive he took some hits for being late and that if he hadn’t gotten there when he did Brian was going to eat his sandwich. He unwrapped the sub, took one bite and said hey this isn’t what I ordered, “I ordered an Italian.” I said, “Me too.” “On white with no mayo?” “Yep, me too, what’s your label say?” He looked and said it reads, large, white no mayo, Hook & Ladder…and Brian.

Ooops. I was so used to getting the Italian Sub that I didn’t read the whole label on the sandwich, I just grabbed. Here I was teasing about eating this guy’s sub and all along I was eating it.

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Buy Cheap, Get Cheap

After two years, seven months and eleven days my glasses broke. For the last few days they have felt loose on my face and I needed to keep pushing them back on my nose. On Tuesday night I finally took them off and looked at them. On the right side, the part between the hinge and the lens (I’m sure there s a technical term for it, but I don’t have a clue what it might be) was bent outwards making the ear piece flare out. Hmmm, seems as if all it might need is a slight bending back. These a nice frames and they are made out of titanium or some exotic metal that bends but doesn’t break, so there should be no problem. Right?

Wrong. As soon as I applied any pressure the frame snapped right where it meets the lens, apparently that part is made out of cheap cast aluminum. Because the glasses are so light I was able to make it through the work day with the glasses on my face on Wednesday with just one earpiece no problem, nobody even noticed (or they did and didn’t ask because they were uninterested in hear my probably long winded explanation) and after work our first stop was the eyeglass place. The girl took my glasses and said, “Let me see what I can do.” Then disappeared into the back. About 5 minutes later she came back out with my glasses complete with two earpieces. They just didn’t match, so now if you look at me from the left side nothing is different, but if you look at me from the right side it looks like I have a different set of glasses. Fortunately because of the thinness of the wire frames, when looking at me head on, the difference is barely noticeable. Come January, when the new year’s medical flex spending kicks in I’ll be getting new glasses.

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