Spenser’s Crime Buster Rules

I have a soft spot for Robert Parker’s Spenser books. I read one in March of 2007 and found mention of something like, Spenserís Crimestoppers Tip #X, ďBlah, blah, blahÖĒ It made me think that I had seen that term before in his books and wondered if there was a tip in every book. So I read all of the Spenser novels and kept track of any mention of crime stopper tips. Here is a list of the ones I found, in order of the books they were found in:

One of Spenser’s Rules: When in doubt cook something and eat it. – Mortal Stakes

I read in a Dick Tracy Crime Stopper that a small change in appearance can be helpful when following someone surreptitiously. – The Judas Goat

I had a full file of Dick Tracy crime-stoppers at home, but none of them that I could remember covered this. – A Savage Place

Paragraph six of the Gumshoe’s Manual said when in doubt, follow someone. Paragraph seven said when there is time on your hands, follow someone. – The Widening Gyre

Brett had parked in the early evening and taken his overnight bag and gone into a motel. According to my collection of Dick Tracy Crime Stoppers, this was a clue that he meant to sleep there. – Pale Kings and Princes

One of Spenserís Best Crime-Buster Tips: Never go unarmed on a murder case. – Paper Doll

One of Spenser’s Crime-stopper tips: You rarely get into trouble not saying stuff. – Walking Shadow

Spenser’s Rule: When in doubt, tell the truth. – Chance

Spenser’s Tips For Successful Gumshoe-ing #6: If nothing is happening and you haven’t any idea what you’re doing, go someplace and sit and look at something and await developments.
   Subparagraph A: Most good detectives bring some coffee and a few donuts with them. – Sudden Mischief

One of Spenser’s Rules of Detection: Never poke around on an empty stomach. – Potshot

#7 from the Rules of the Inner-Directed Sleuth Operating Manual When you don’t have enough proof, learn everything you can. – Back Story

Spenser Crimestopper Rule #2: If after repeated efforts you don’t succeed, quit. – Bad Business

Spenser Crime Stopper List #6: Go with the flow. – Bad Business

Spenserís Crime Buster Tip #31: If you have a name and no address, try looking in the phone book. – Cold Service

Spenserís Crime Buster Rule #8: Always look.
   #8a: Donít blunder into something while youíre looking. – School Days

Spenser’s Rule #113: As a last disparate fall back position, you find someone to follow, and follow them. – School Days

One of Spenser’s Rules For Criminal Investigation: Most things have two ends. – The Professional