Spenser For Sale

They won’t be here in time, but my birthday present is going to be the last eight of my unread Spenser books. They are all used, mostly paperbacks and from 4 different Amazon affiliate vendors. Figured it would be a lot easier to get them this way than to keep poking our noses into used book stores in the cities we visit.

Changed the gallery style to more match my new default theme. I’m on the fence with the new Post Office Gallery, it seems like more work than I want to do. I’ve got 23 new photos to add into 3 different directories and I have manually added the files to three different ext files so they can display 3 different ways. Plus there is that whole no descriptive caption thing, even though I am sometimes at a loss for what to write, when I do, it personalizes the photos. For now all I’ve done is stick the new images into the old gallery (which I may end up going back to.)

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